The Path to Mending a Broken Heart: Day 7- Finding Peace Through the Stress (5/9/19)

Today was just another day at work. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I came in today, but what I do know is that that text from my team leader the day prior stressed me out to the point where I woke up a good hour earlier than I wanted to. I mean I went back to sleep, but it’s still annoying to wake up at around 6 when you want to be getting up just before 8. As I finally rose from my stressed slumber, I showered, got ready for work, wearing a long sleeve shirt because this weather REALLY can’t make up its mind, put on my jacket, and headed out. When I got to work, I watched my team leader Ray walk the new start who had been struggling out, and didn’t acknowledge me, which I guess I kind of expected. When I eventually ran into Edwin, he told me that he got my BLT sitting on the table in the big room, so I gleefully retrieved my well earned lunch and was content enough. Finally we headed out for the day, this time going to 33rd and Park, and my day truly began.

Honestly the beginning of the day was rough, I’m not gonna lie. I had multiple interactions with the public that just kind of rubbed me the wrong way, and I could not find a hold on the day. About an hour in, however, I greeted an older Asian lady, who recognized me by name, as the guy who tried to stop her about a week ago or so. After chatting for a minute, she gave me a card with a Buddhist chant on it, which is “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo”. As I am doing research about it now, it’s known as the Lotus Sutra. It’s supposed to “bring forth the pure and fundamental energy of life, honoring the dignity and possibility of our ordinary lives”. I didn’t really get all of that when I was talking to her, but as we parted ways, I decided to use the chant as a way to center myself, and hopefully bring good luck into my life. And surprisingly, it worked. I mean, I didn’t get two donors by the end of the day, but I felt like I was able to better protect my attitude, and keep in high spirits. Also Ray and I talked out what was bothering him, and we settled it on good terms, which I am definitely grateful for. Now I don’t gotta stress about that shit anymore. I hate losing sleep over work.

The first half of the day came and went, and I was still sitting at zero. We went as a group to Lenwich for lunch, since we had to be together for a group call, where another team leader was going to talk about his experiences when he traveled abroad with Edwin and other heads of our team of Dialogue Direct; I think if I remember correctly they went to Uganda to see what Save the Children is doing there to impact the community. Finally once the phone call ended, we headed back to site for the final three hours. As the day progressed and I kept getting no one, I began to lose hope; but then I stopped this one woman- Brenda. Now Brenda was rushing to a meeting, but I gave her a breakdown of what the charity was about. Now she said that she really needed to go to the meeting, but she would come back to see me at 5, and I held her to her word. Now we call these types of people “unicorns” because they are mythical creatures that really don’t seem to exist, or are at least very rare. I’ve had multiple times now where someone has told me that would meet me back at my location at a specific time and never do.

As the time struck just past five, I began to believe that Brenda was just another one of those people, lying to get out of talking with me any longer. But then she appeared, walking towards me and saying “I’m back!” Overjoyed I greeted her again, and after answering a few of her questions and going through an objection response, she signed up. Thank god. It felt like finally something went right, and I was content. Now I didn’t get another donor by 6:30, but the fact that I managed to get a unicorn made me happy enough. I feel like with this job, you have to be very skeptical, but unfortunately, or fortunately I guess, double edged sword and all, I am a very trusting person. If someone says they are busy or have to go, don’t push them as other fundraisers do. It’s something I’m working to get better at; being more assertive and calling people on their bullshit, not being more skeptical, but I’m not there yet. Finally the day ended and we all headed home. I walked with Adriis to Grand Central Station, and after she met up with her mom to pick something up, we hopped on the 7, made it to 42nd Time Square, followed the long path to the A, and made our way to 175.

As for the rest of the day? Well honestly you know the drill. I played League and watched Youtube videos, and ended the night by heading to Rite-Aid, picking up a frozen meal and some deodorant, and heading back home. Tomorrow should be interesting I think; not only because I have that class to prep for the Food Handler’s License test, but also because Dialogue Direct members are doing their normal Friday celebration, but this time it’s at a Karaoke bar, and I can’t pass up an opportunity like that, so obviously I’m gonna go. Tomorrow is a new day, and I pray it’s a good one. As the Buddhists say “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo”. (I know that doesn’t actually make sense in this context, but it’s still a good chant lmao)

Until next time,


1 thought on “The Path to Mending a Broken Heart: Day 7- Finding Peace Through the Stress (5/9/19)

  1. You’ll get there, bud. Stay in New York long enough and you’ll be completely assertive. Also, I love Lenwich, excellent choice.

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