It’s Been A While… (3/13/19)

Holy shit it has been a long time, hasn’t it? I mean my last blog post was all the way back in December of 2018, and now it’s the middle of March; a new year with so many things already happening.  I swear I’ve been busy though, even if that picture looks like I’ve been relaxing. Okay maybe I have, but no more I swear! The goal moving forward is probably to write one of these a week, to give a nice TLDR recap of what’s been going on. Hopefully it’ll push me to actually become more motivated then I have been as of late, since I really have been slacking a bit. Now then, let’s catch you all up to what’s been going on, shall we? Because I gotta say, there’s been a bit that’s happened.

First and foremost, 2018 ended and 2019 has begun. I ended 2018 with my family, celebrating the ball drop in my hometown back in Maryland before heading back for rehearsals with TAP NYC and work at Emma’s Torch. That girl that I mentioned a few times and went on a few dates with, W, is now my girlfriend and we’ve been going strong for nearly three months now. Seriously, I love this girl so much, and I’m still blown away every day how she hasn’t run away from how crazy I am. I got a new computer, which my sister’s boyfriend helped me build (aka he did all the work and I watched; blown away and confused), so now I’m typing all these out on a beautiful dual screen setup, with a damn nice and fast computer running everything. I got new glasses which W helped me pick out, and I feel so much more grown up now. The showcase went incredibly well, and I am beyond excited that I actually ended up signing with an Agent. I’m now represented by BMG, and am so excited for whatever is in store for the future ahead. I’m still working at Emma’s Torch, but because of a decision made by the management team, I was pushed from Server to Server Assistant, in order to help me continue improving my skills that I’ve been lacking. Because of this shift, I’ve had to take on a second job, and only work at Emma’s Torch on the weekends, and I ended up getting a job with a company called Dialogue Direct, which is a fundraising company for nonprofits. I work there three days a week, and then I’ve been working at Emma’s Torch on Saturdays, which has not been too bad yet. I would work at Dialogue Direct five days a week, but now that I have an Agent, I want to be able to go to auditions, since this new job is 9:30AM-6:30PM. I’ve gotten to know some pretty cool people already, and am trying to do my best, and work my ass off for these charities.

Now next week I am heading in to get new headshots, which a photographer recommended to me by BMG, which I am beyond excited for. Even more exciting, I get to see W’s show this Friday, and then next week we’re going to head on down to Maryland for a few days during part of her Spring Break so she can meet some of the fam! The only one she won’t meet is my dad, since he’s off in Nantucket at the moment, but she’ll meet him soon enough, so I’m happy. Also! I just saw Merrily We Roll Along on Broadway tonight, which was a fun time. I did that show my freshman year of college, which was now four long years ago, so it was nice to hear the music again.

All in all, it has been a crazy few months and the year has just begun. I’m hoping that by summer I will be going on auditions semi-regularly and becoming a working actor, because even though I love Emma’s Torch and am having fun with Dialogue Direct, they’re not what I want to do with my life. No matter what happens, I’ll make sure to keep you all in the loop. Thanks for hanging in there for these past months, and I’ll talk to you all soon enough, don’t worry.

Until next time,


Love This Girl

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