Just Another Early Day at Work and Another Night of The Office (12/16/18)

After a very long trip home from work last night, and finally being able to fall asleep after a late night chatting with W, I got myself up by 8AM, and took a shower to finally get ready for the day. I got out, dried off, got dressed, and made my way to the train and downtown to Brooklyn for work. Like usual, I quickly fell asleep and so the trip began, and soon enough I woke up and got off the train, in order to transfer to the F, finally making it to work 10 minutes before we opened. I of course made my usual round of heading to the Deli next store, picking up a BLT sandwich, and bringing it back to the Emma’s Torch and sitting down to quickly eat before the day began. As I finished eating, I threw away my trash and began setting up for the day. Soon enough Talula walked in, and we began prepping, wondering where Emily was. My assumption was confirmed when she walked in about 15 minutes or so later, saying that she overslept a bit, which I completely understand, if I’m being completely honest. The three of us focused on making sure everything looked as good as possible, before we opened our doors at 11. After we had gotten everything set up, I headed downstairs to use the bathroom, before heading up to start the day.

As for the shift itself, it was honestly pretty tame. Emily mentioned when she walked in that she hoped to have an easy Brunch, especially after the fiasco that was last night, and that’s luckily what we got. We didn’t have too many walk-in’s, and though we didn’t sell too much in the way of drinks besides coffee- unsurprising because it was a bit of a wet morning, people wanted coffee- it was nice! Overall we had some good customers and we managed to have everyone out just after 3! After all of our guests had left, we cleaned up the front of house, with Talula doing the mopping after what Z said to me yesterday, and we managed to get some food inside us and got out by 4 or 4:30. Seriously it was weird, yet oddly nice how calm the day was. I honestly went home and spent the rest of the day watching The Office, attempting to get through the final two seasons. I watched a few episodes, eating some leftovers and finished the night talking to W until ungodly hours of the morning. Tomorrow is the next rehearsal for TAP NYC, as well as their Acting-Career Seminar, so I wanted to get some sleep so I was up ready to take on the day! Also!! I have as I watch the British bitch become the boss for like .5 seconds- I am honestly so triggered watching this shit unfold, and it was so satisfying to watch Andy and Erin walk out. Like the fact that Nellie was the head of a failed operation and then just waltzed in and took Andy’s job because he wasn’t there?? Not okay. Also when Jim saved Dwight from being fired? Hit me right in the goddamn feels. I know the season is rough at points, and is nowhere as good as earlier seasons, but I still love the original cast so much. Like the chemistry between them is amazing. Anyways, that is all. Goodnight!

Until next time,


**Note- These blogs will begin to get longer and more detailed, but I am insanely behind and am trying to catch up on this week’s blogs. It’s the end of the 21st and I’m just now writing them all, starting from the 16th. Cheers to a busy week, and me being a lazy ass!

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