A Day of Finding Christmas Gifts for a Cutie (12/18/18)

So today I was hoping to be able to buy W gifts, and then head up to her school to see her, give her her Christmas gifts, and finally ask her to be my girlfriend. Unfortunately I woke up to a text from her, saying that she was completely swamped with work at the moment, and was definitely not going to be able to see me today. Even though I was bummed, I knew just how hard she’s been working, and just how much she’s been stressing, on these papers, so I promised her that it was definitely okay, and I wanted her to spend the day kicking those papers ASSES. I decided to give her a call, knowing she’d be in class, so I left her a voicemail telling her how much I liked her, and telling her how well she’s doing, and that I’m proud of her. I wanted to make sure W knew that even though I was bummed that I couldn’t see her, it didn’t matter because I really liked her, and I would find a way to see her soon enough.

I finally headed out around 2:30, after taking a shower and getting ready for the day, and made my way down to 59th Street, where I stopped in the Papyrus store to pick out a Christmas card for W. After looking around for a bit, I finally decided on a cute card that had two cats on it, saying “Let’s Get Tangled Up Together”; Super cute, and super fun, which I thought was perfect. I then transferred to the D, where I went from 59th Street down to 47-50 Sts/ Rockefeller Center. Once I got off the train, I walked a block or two to get to Barnes & Noble to get W’s Christmas gift. So we had a conversation the night before, (or two nights before?), where she asked me what my favorite childhood book was. My answer was The Phantom Tollbooth, which even though is an easy read and is for young adults, is still such a fun book and one that I hold near and dear to my heart. W said she hadn’t heard of the book, so I decided then and there to get it for her. After looking around for a bit and finally asking for some help from an employee to find the book, I got it and made my way to the register to pay for it. When I was standing in what I thought to be the checkout line, (turns out it was just an information desk), I spotted that they were selling socks. Now W doesn’t have almost any interesting socks, while I collect them religiously, and even though my original plan was to buy her some chocolate, when I spotted a pair of socks with books and bookworms on them, I knew I had to get them for her. I quickly grabbed the socks, and headed over to what was actually the checkout line to pay and leave. I even grabbed some lunch after getting everything, before finally heading home, happy with what I managed to accomplish with my day.

I spent the night just hanging out and talking with W as per usual, but then before the night ended, I got a text from G, asking when I would be free this week; she was heading out on a trip soon, but wanted to see Rachel and I before she left. I told her that I was meeting Rachel in the city earlier in the day before we met up with Amanda to celebrate her birthday, and asked G if she wanted to come. To my surprise, G said she was definitely down to go, which made me happy because I was glad to see her again. Honestly it’s been a while and I think we’re finally getting to a point where we can just be friends, which is really nice. Tomorrow I’m supposed to meet Rach and G in the city around noon, so I really need to get some sleep; It’s like 4AM and I’m getting up at 10:30.

Until next time,


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