Playing with the Pup and Back to Work with a Feast of Emotion (12/13/18)

I finally was going back to work today; it’s always so strange, because I’ve been not working Monday through Thursday, and then working all weekend Friday-Sunday. By today was a special day at work, because it was our monthly graduation dinner. To explain a bit, every month we have a class of students who graduate from out 8 week program, and those students get to choose a dish or two that really means something to them, and it’s usually something from their home. The food is always different from graduation dinner to graduation dinner, but it’s always really good and so well done.

Now then, before I headed off to work, I needed to take care of my friend’s pup for the last time before the year ended. Since I passed out so late last night, I ended up waking up just after 1PM, and after waking up and realizing I needed to take care of him, I quickly got up, hopped in the shower, and got ready to go. I finally managed to leave and hop on the A going uptown by 2:20, making it to my friend’s apartment just before 2:30, and let the pup out to play for a bit. He’s gotten so much quieter when you’re not entering into the room, which is so strange, especially thinking back to what he was a month or two ago even. He ran out of his cage and we played for a little while; playing fetch with his toy keys and a Santa ball that had now appeared in his cage. Unfortunately I had to put him back before too long, since it was already 2:50 and I had to start making my way to work, so I said my goodbyes and quickly headed to the train station, and caught the 2:56 A heading downtown towards Brooklyn.

I made it to Emma’s Torch by 3:50, and began setting up for tonight. Since the event didn’t start until 6:30, we all just hung around for a little while after we had finished setting up, until the guests finally arrived. My job for the evening was just bringing all the food out to the guests; there were 25 people dining with us this evening, and everyone was sitting at two large tables in the center of the restaurant, for a family style meal. As guests arrived and got seated- after standing around and munching on some delicious finger food for a bit- I started bringing out course after course of food, each looking just as incredible as the last. Dispersed within the courses, first after the first two courses had gone out, and then again before the final course (the dessert) went out, were little talks from our founder Kerry, who introduced the students who made all of the food tonight. The students came out to talk about the dishes they made that the guests got to try, and it was really wonderful hearing them all talk.

Something that one of the students said that hit me to my core was when she thanked all of the staff for making Emma’s Torch feel like a family. “They don’t treat us like students, they treat us like brothers and sisters.” It was such a kind sentiment, which I think is such an important atmosphere we strive to always have with our students, because we are a family. All of the students said kind words which I wishes I remembered better, but I do distinctly remember another students words, who said “Before Emma’s Torch, I liked cooking, but when I’m here, I love cooking.” Seriously all of these kind words made me tear up they were so kind.

As the night came to a close and the guests finally left, we began cleaning up the restaurant and finally left around 10 or 10:30. I left, feeling warm inside, and headed back home to enjoy a much needed night to myself. I made it home by 11:30, having just caught the last Express A train, warmed up the food I took with me from family meal, and spent the night playing League. As I played absentmindedly, I of course chatted with W for a while, always happy to see her kind face. Tomorrow is finally the day I get to see W again and I’m so excited; but sleep comes first.

Until next time,


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