Late Night Shenanigans with a Beautiful Girl (12/14/18)

Today was finally the day I was getting to see W again. She was coming into the city with a class to see a show at the Le MaMa Theater, and we planned on meeting up after the show ended, and spending the rest of the night together. Now I’ll be honest with you- I had planned to spend my day doing something productive before I met up with W; Her show didn’t end until just past 8, so I had the entire day to do something. Anything. Well, to no one’s surprise, I spent the time from when I woke up at 1, all the way till about 7, doing virtually nothing. Like I laid in bed for hours, watching videos on my phone, being a lazy sack of potatoes, before finally getting up and getting ready for the day.

Once I finally rose out of bed, I hopped in the shower and brushed my teeth, getting ready for my wonderful date. As I was getting dried off, I made sure to clean up my room in any way that I could, since W was staying over for the night. Well I mean I could send her home after our late night date, but I would never do that (partly because I’m not a terrible person, but mostly because I really like her). After feeling my stomach begin begging for some food- probably because I hadn’t eaten all day- I finally finished getting ready and headed out to catch the A train downtown. It was raining ever so slightly, so I didn’t feel like I needed to bring my umbrella with me; I just needed to quickly move from my apartment to the subway station.

I got on the A and rode it downtown, before transferring to the F at West 4th, before getting off at B’way Lafayette. Since I hadn’t eaten yet today, I decided the best option would be to go to a local Chipotle, which usually fills me up; plus Chipotle is just really, really good. I stepped in and placed my order, before looking to sit down and eat for a bit. However, when I went to get a fork for my bowl, all that was there was a bunch of forks. I inquired about the utensils to one worker who appeared to be restocking, who told me to talk to the cashier. But when I asked the cashier, she directed me back to the worker stocking on the floor. Confused, I went back to my seat, and when the worker asked me what happened, I just shrugged in confusion. Thankfully before too long that server brought me a fork, which was great because I feel like it’s a bit harder to eat Chipotle with a spoon tbh. When I was on the train, W asked if I wanted to meet at The Bean, which is pretty close to the theater, so while I was eating, I began looking up directions to where I needed to go. Originally I thought The Bean was only a 10 minute walk or so from the Chipotle, but thankfully W sent me directions to the correct coffee shop, which is just another 2 or 3 blocks down.

I finished up eating and headed back out into the wet evening, making my way through the gross weather to get to The Bean. It was about a 15 minute walk, so by the time I had arrived at the entrance, W was already there. I saw her standing right outside The Bean, looking beautiful as always- this time rocking some overalls, which she somehow managed to really pull off- and when it looked like she made we contact with me, I waved at her. I could tell almost immediately that W hadn’t noticed me when I waved, since she immediately looked at her phone, so I snuck up on her and surprised her. Now that we were reunited, I gave W a quick kiss and we were on our way back to my apartment. We had to take the L back to get to 8th Street, but I didn’t pay attention to the subway entrances, and so W and I accidentally used a swipe, only to be on the opposite side of the tracks. After a bit of deliberation, we decided to leave and go to the other side, even though we would have to wait a bit since my subway card needed some time to recharge. Luckily for us, the woman working the subway station opened the emergency door for us, even if it was quite begrudgingly. I thanked the woman for understanding and we quickly hurried through, before finally getting on the A train headed back uptown.

As we rode the train back to my apartment, we discussed what the plans were for the night, and debated what we were actually going to do. The most important thing on the list for the evening however, was to finally have W try Taco Bell, because she had somehow NEVER had Taco Bell in her life and that needed to change. We stopped by my apartment for a bit, settling in and relaxing before finally making the move back out and to Taco Bell. When we got to the holy place, W decided to order the three taco combo- she also said that she was worried she wasn’t gonna like it, so she went with the safest option- and I went with my usual steak quesadilla combo. After getting our goodies, we actually decided to up the insanity and craziness that was tonight by going to the 7-Eleven right next store and getting slushies, which neither of us had probably had in years and years. I of course got a Coke and cherry combo, which still tastes amazing, and W got a cherry and mango slushie if I remember correctly.

For our final stop, we went to the local rite aid and picked up some double dark chocolate, and mint Milano’s to finish our feast. We made it back to my apartment, and we honestly spent the rest of the night eating food, watching Daniel Sloss’s second special on Netflix, and just enjoying each other’s company. Did I mention that by the time we got back to my apartment, it was probably 1:30 in the morning? (Maybe later?) Bt the end of it the poor girl was falling asleep in my lap, exhausted from the very busy day. I did want to say that I decided that night to ask the question “Will you be my girlfriend?” W got all flustered, which was super cute, and told me she would give me a proper answer the next time I saw her in person. She said that she knows her answer, but she’s just nervous because it feels like we’re moving pretty quickly; Like we’ve only been on three dates at this point, but I really can’t help it around her. She makes me so incredibly happy, and I love being around her. I love being romantic, but I thought that part of me was pretty dead, until I met her. Now I just want to do whatever I can to make her smile and laugh, and just be able to be with her for hours and hours. After a long night, we finally passed out by 3AM, both exhausted but really happy about how great this date was. She was also staying with me that night, which made the night EVEN better and more special.

Until next time,


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