The Day of the Marketing Workshop, and a Night of a Late Night Talk (12/12/18)

Man I really need to start writing these on the light of, because I just keep pushing these things back, and that doesn’t work out well. So starting tonight-hopefully- we’ll be back on track. Anyways, time for the post.

So today was the day of the Marketing Workshop with TAPNYC, so I kind of just waited around my apartment until I had to leave. The workshop began at 5PM, which meant I had some time to kill, so I ended up getting up by 1, but really just not moving until like 2 or 3. I hopped in the shower, got ready, and finally left by 4:15- much later than I wanted to; but what’re you gonna do. The goal was to get to the area early, and then grab a very late lunch before heading over to the workshop. However, by the time I made it to 59th Street, it was already 4:35. The next C train wasn’t arriving for another 10 minutes, so I decided to just walk from 57th to 48th, where the building is.

Now I don’t mind walking in New York, but without headphones, life is definitely much more interesting, to be honest with you. It kind of forces me to listen to the lives around me, which is fine, but I dunno, I like being in my own world sometimes. I walked over to 49th Street, stopping by the local Pret by 4:45, aiming to get some food in my system before I needed to be at the workshop. I grabbed a Mac ‘n’ Cheese, with tomato and spinach, before stepping into the line. Now normally there isn’t much of a line, or if there is one, it goes pretty quickly. Of course today was the one day where they had one woman working, who also was making drinks, and was also helping a guy who was buying a shit ton of food. Luckily another worker, who looked like she was getting ready to leave for the day, stepped up and started helping customers. I continuously checked my phone yet, as the time chipped away- 10 minutes, 8 minutes, 6 minutes.

I finally got to pay for my food, and I rushed to a corner to sit down and eat for 3 minutes. After finishing my Mac ‘n’ Cheese and shoving the chips I bought into my bag, I quickly began walking to the workshop, and when I was on the street heading towards the building, I saw a woman going in the same direction, jogging. I assumed she was on her way to the workshop as well, so I quickly jogged behind her, and we both made it to the building, where I saw another people or two about to enter. We all headed in and down to the basement, and made it just in time for the workshop. I signed in and sat down, as it began.

As for the workshop, it was pretty insightful, with me learning some things that I hadn’t really thought about before. Now I went to a marketing workshop with my university, but it was helpful to get another opinion about my headshot, and resume and the like. As for my headshot, which I figured I’d just put at the bottom of this post, is pretty good, and looks like me, but the dark background is starting to fall it of style, which is no good, but what can I do? Also when I talked to Bobby, who runs TAPNYC, as well as being a manager, said that I should get a headshot with my glasses, which means I’ll need to get non-reflective glasses… great. Hey mean I’ve been needing to get a new pair of glasses, but still talk about rough.

They did a bit at the end where Bobby ran two mock interviews with Agents, before doing one himself. He had a guy with him who he had playing his assistant for the first two mock interviews, but when he was playing the “bad actor”, the other guy needed an assistant. Of course my hand shot up at that opportunity, and I even got picked, which was fun; I didn’t do anything, but it was still fun to just sit up there, basically getting shit on by the bad actor. Before we left I finally get my resume signed off, and I left to get some much needed food. I headed over to the local BareBurger to relax and eat some much needed food; I mean I did just eat 2 hours ago, but I would like to sit down and relax, not just shovel food in my mouth and run.

By the time I had gotten to the restaurant it was just past 7, so they were pretty packed with people. Luckily since it was just me, I was able to get a seat in 10 minutes, and immediately sat down and ordered. It was weird not having headphones, so I couldn’t just pass the time jamming out to tunes or watching videos, but it is what it is. I got by food and chowed down, finishing up the burger and fries fairly quickly, before paying and heading home. On the way back there was this- he might’ve been homeless homeless but I have no idea- man on the subway, who recited some of his poetry. Like normal, most people, including myself, didn’t really acknowledge him, but then another man said “God bless you for that brother.” And began going into a huge rant about us ignoring out fellow man. What was kind of crazy was that- to preface this, both these gentlemen were black- he blamed black people even more, saying how disgusting it was for them to not acknowledge one of there one. “That’s why I hate black people”, or something along those lines. I wish I could make that up, but it’s the truth. Now I understand what he was saying, but even though he was right, no matter how correct you are, if you solely spew hate, then those you wish most to turn their ears and listen to your words, will turn away, blind and deaf to your wisdom.

This man’s words, and how he chose to express his emotions, really made me think, as he got off the train and we continued moving. But life continues and I rode the A all the way back to my apartment, where I headed inside for the night. I spent the rest of the night just playing League, until I ended up calling W, and FaceTiming her for quite a few hours. We talked late into the night, until we were both delusional from exhaustion, and we ended up on the conversation of what we are. We are two people who have been on dates, so we are technically dating, and since neither of us are seeing other people, technically we are exclusive. But we have only been on two dates, so it would feel a bit rushed to consider us an official couple. However we both do like each other quite a bit, so we will have to see. Late night delusion talks can be a blast, though extremely dangerous. We finally said goodnight and I promptly past out, close to 5AM, ready to go back to work tomorrow for work.

Until next time,


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