An End to an Amazing Date (Time to Pass Out)(12/11/18)

I woke up today, so incredibly happy and grateful for the craziness that has been the past day. As I rolled over, it again verified that fact that my second date with W was still going on, as she slowly rose next to me. I couldn’t help but smile, seeing such a kind and beautiful person next to me. Somehow she hadn’t gotten sick of me yet, and allowed me to stay with her last night. We finally decided to roll out of bed and get ready for the day, as I got dressed and W hopped in the shower. As we were almost ready to leave, W’s roommate came back to the room, giving W her birthday present, (which was a calendar with cats and books I believe; Aka a perfect gift), and another one of W’s friends came over to deliver some baked goodies for W. They were chocolate cookies with mint frosting and holy fuck were they good.

After talking with the two of them for a hot minute, the time had finally come that we had to leave. W had class today at 12:30, so we decided to get some food before I had to head back to my apartment. We took a quick stroll to a local bagel shop, and both got one. I don’t remember the exact bagel she got- I think it was a bagel with grains, like the everything bagel- with strawberry cream cheese- or was it raspberry? It was bright pink- and I got a BLT on a plain bagel. Wow I’m terrible, can’t believe I forgot her order. To be honest with you though, I was much more focused on her than her order, so I think I have a pretty great excuse. I bought our sandwiches and picked myself up a fruit cup, before we sat down and chatted for a while, before it was finally time for me to go.

It was almost noon and the next train to Grand Central was arriving at 12:03, so we finally headed out and make the walk to the Bronxville train station. It was sad to finally say goodbye, but it had been an incredible date. I think the thing that baffles me is just how long this date was. Now, we started talking on OkCupid over a month ago now, but we’ve now only been on two dates. The first date lasted about 4 hours, while our second date lasted 21 HOURS. Our SECOND date! We both must be crazy, but that’s alright, because the last 21 hours had been so incredibly wonderful. We joked that we could’ve been on 5 or 6 different dates with everything we did, from the Natural History Museum to watching Coraline to visiting her school and me even staying the night. But I wouldn’t change any of it for the world. I seriously can’t wait till we go on our next date, because I keep having so much fun with W. Seriously, I keep expecting her to get sick of me at some point, and it hasn’t happened yet somehow.

After waiting for a few minutes in the lobby, the train finally arrived and we had to say our goodbyes. I gave her a kiss and told her I couldn’t wait to see her again, before finally getting on the train and heading back to Grand Central. I left her a small text, but I figured W might not respond for a while because her phone died overnight and wouldn’t hold a charge. As the train moved away, I finally relaxed and closed my eyes for a bit; I needed some sleep. These past 21 hours had been amazing and fun, but I really didn’t get much sleep. It was absolutely worth it though.

I was awoken sometime later to a worker on the train, saying “Sleeper!” to get me up. I laughed and said thank you, and as I got off the train, he asked if I had remembered my phone. After a quick check, I said “Got it!” and made my way off the train, and towards home. I caught the D up to 59th St., before transferring to the A, traveling all the way up to 175th. As I got back to my room, I set my stuff down, changed into some new clothes, and proceeded to instantly pass it for a solid 3.5-4 hours. Guess I really needed some sleep. As I groggily arose from my nap, the day now turned into night, I debated what I wanted to do for the rest of the evening. I finally decided to play some League for a while, before ordering some dinner at Pick&Eat. It was Taco Tuesday and you best believe I’m taking advantage of that deal.

I spent the rest of the night just playing League, finishing up fixing my resume and correcting its format, and finally getting down and writing about the first part of W and my date. There was a moment earlier on in the date when W referred to us as a couple. Now I teased her about it and she got all flustered, but I really liked where her head was at. I mean we’ve only been on two dates, but if things keep going this positively…. But that’s for me to know and you all to find out. I finally laid back down in my bed, after a crazy two days, to get some much needed rest.

Seriously though, these past 2 days have been so incredibly wonderful. I’m sure it sounds cheesy and dumb, but I honestly had such an amazing time with W. She’s such a kind and sweet person, and I really loved spending time with her. But enough with all the gooey emotions.

Until next time,


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