A Small Mouse in a Big City (“We’ve Been On Two Dates”)(12/10/18)

So I was trying to figure out what to call this blog post, and Elle loved the name “A Small Mouse in a Big City”, so of course I had to go with it. And I have to admit, it’s a cute name. I think the name spawned from the fact that two times in that date, within the span of like 5 hours, I somehow managed to notice two different rodents- a rat running on the tracks of the subway, and a small mouse hustling through a portion of Grand Central. Still a damn cute name though.I’m writing this blog on at 3:40 in the morning on December 12th, after an incredible and wild last 48 hours. Let’s paint the story, shall we?

So today was Elle and my second date. We had agreed to meet at Grand Central, like we did last time, and I was expecting to meet her around 2:30. I ended up getting out of bed closer to 1, and after a long shower, I knew I was already running late. My plan was to go to 59th Street, buy a birthday card for Elle, head to a local chocolate shop, get her a little treat, and then meet up with her for our date, but of course my dumb-ass spent way too much time getting ready, which meant I ended up leaving my apartment and getting to the subway by 2:18. As the A train pulled in at 2:20, I got a text from Elle saying that she had already arrived at Grand Central! Fuck. I texted her letting her know that I was running late, but was on my way, and hopped on the train for the trek to Grand Central. When I finally arrived at 59th Street around 2:40, I quickly hopped off and headed to the Papyrus shop in the Underground Market, attempting to find a cute Birthday card.

When I got in the store, I immediately went to the Birthday card section, and began looking around for a card that had books on it, hoping to find something. I wanted to use books because Elle is literally always in the library, but I just couldn’t find anything. I asked the woman working there, and she said that they didn’t really have any cards with books- mostly just alcohol- which makes sense, but is hard when the person you’re getting the card for is 20, not 21. I ended up finding a simple but cute card and bought it, before hurring out of the store and heading back to the subway. I managed to catch the next D train and was on my way to Grand Central, getting out of the station and making it there just after 3PM. I hurried to our meeting spot, which was at the info booth where we met last time, where I saw Elle standing there. We made eye contact and said hello, before beginning to walk back out, holding hands. As we headed out of Grand Central, we discussed our plans and what we were going to do today; now we had already decided on three things to do: 1. Go to the Natural History Museum, 2. Come to my apartment and watch Coraline, and 3. Visit her college, Sarah Lawrence. Since our first stop was going to be the Natural History Museum, we hopped on the train, after she got her subway ticket, and made our way up to 80th Street.

When we finally made it out of the subway station, we looked around, attempting to find where the museum was. Confused at why we couldn’t find this giant building, we pulled up Maps, only to realize it was literally right across the street, and we were seeing the side view of it. Laughing at ourselves, we made our way to the museum and headed inside. Now I looked up prices for the Natural History Museum on line, and they ask you to pay $27 for general admission into the museum. Luckily it is a donation, and you can actually choose to pay whatever you’d like, which is good because all I had on me was one singular dollar. Elle had a $5 on her, so we agreed to combine our money, and get two tickets for a whopping $6. I know, don’t spend it all in one place, am I right? Tickets now in hand, we headed inside, ready to check out this museum. Now, Elle mentioned that she hadn’t been in this museum since she was a baby, and I’m pretty sure if I’ve ever been in this museum, the only time would probably had been when I was really little, so it was cool to explore it together. We had no idea where we were going, and soon enough found ourselves looking at the space section. Now listen, I like space alright, but that’s not why I came to this museum, and Elle and I were not having it. After wandering around for a bit, we found an exit and headed to the mammal exhibit, looking at a bunch of different animals. As we walked through the entire exhibit, we followed the exit out only to find that we were back in space?? I swear, we could not escape. We tried going a different route, and went through another section with instects and other animals, only to find ourselves in a section talking about the Moon and the Earth. Now as I said, space is interesting I guess, but I learned about this stuff in high school; I really don’t need to have those memories that I’ve repressed come back to the surface. Rough times.

After walking aorund for a bit, we decided to stop by the cafe so I could get some food; Elle had already eaten before she left, but I had not, because of course I didn’t. When the cafe didn’t really have anything, we decided to try the cafeteria. And I gotta say, the cafeteria felt like it was from a horror movie, or it just felt depressing; not sure which one it was, to be honest with you. There was almost no one there, and all of the kitchen workers were just hanging around, watching us; probably because they had nothing to do because no one was there at this time on a Monday. I checked the time and saw it was already 5:30, so I suggested that instead of buying their overpriced food in the cafeteria, we could just head out and go to my apartment, and get sandwiches from the local Subway. Elle liked the idea, so we finally made our way out of the Natural History Museum and towards my apartment.

When we got off the subway, we made a pitstop at the local Subway- only slightly confusing with the names side by side- where Elle got a 9-grain wheat  sandwich with all of the vegetables except spicy peppers, and then a vinaigrette dressing, while I got my usual turkey, bacon, cheddar and provolone sandwich on italian herb and cheese bread, with lettuce, tomato and onion, as well as mayo and chipolte sauce. As you can tell, I am obviously the more healthy of the two of us. I decided to make mine a meal while she decided against it, and I bought both our sandwiches before we headed back to my apartment. When we got in I showed her around, and got her some water, before we headed into my room to eat and talk for a bit before starting the movie. We had a bit of a fiasco when Elle spilled the entirety of her water on my floor, but we cleaned it up no problem… even though she really wanted to spill some more water I guess, because she knocked over the glass a solid two more times. That’s okay though, she’s cute so I forgave her. Another fiasco was the fact that even though I asked for two M&M cookies, the guy gave me two cookies with nuts in them. Now listen, nuts are okay, but that definitely bummed me out when I took a bite, ready for chocolate, only to get Macademia.

After dawdling around, just enjoying each others company for a bit, we finally started Coraline, which Elle has seen numerous times. Like this is her favorite movie, and she knows all the little intricacies of the story, which was fun to hear about. I’ve only seen it once before, and it creeped the hell out of me as a child. I mean, now that I’m an adult it wasn’t scary in any way, but it is definitely a creepy movie. Also, the parents are high key assholes, Coraline’s a brat, and why was there basically some straight nudity in this movie? Who knows. When the movie finally ended, we looked at the time only to realize it was already 10PM! Now normal, sane people would say “Okay, let’s just take you back to Grand Central and part ways for the night. Instead I said “Oh it’s 10PM, let’s go visit your school”, and surprisingly enough, Elle said “Yes definitely lets”. Like we must both be insane. But I will say that we were both just kind of playing the date by ear, so this was kind of par for the course, to be honest with you.

So we get our stuff and head out back to Grand Central. Also a side note, somehow throughout the day I managed to lose my headphones. You know, the ones I just got about a month ago because I lost the previous pair when it snowed? Yeah, I am TERRIBLE at not losing headphones. Like holy fuck. Anways, we got on the A and rode it down to 59th, and then transferred to the D, where we then had to walk a block or two to get to Grand Central. When we got there, we checked the next train, which would arrive at 11:04. Now, others would say, “Wow that’s late. Maybe we should do this another time”, but not us. We said “Alright, we have 30 minutes to kill”, and then proceeded to walk in a circle around the food court in Grand Central, just chatting about life, until the train arrived. We finally got on the train, and when we sat down, I began to actually start thinking about what we were doing. The running joke of the entire date was “This is our SECOND date!” Because I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it’s a bit strange to do this on a second date. Also another note that I forgot to mention earlier, I somehow managed to write a barely legible message in that card for Elle on the trainride down to Grand Central, but she somehow still really enjoyed it and thought the card was sweet. Honestly this girl’s incredible.

So we take the train to Bronxville, and then have to walk about 15 minutes to get to Sarah Lawrence College. By the time we get to the gates of the campus, the time just turns midnight, which meant it was time for me to immediately, and obnoxiously, sing Happy Birthday to Elle. We then made our way across her campus to her dorm room, which is in an actual house???? Which is damn cool, I gotta say. We set our stuff down, before Elle says that her friends want to see her, to wish her a happy birthday. I say that I’m definitely down to visit her friends, because why the fuck not at this point, and she gets a call from her friends, who sing her Happy Birthday, and says “I’m bringing the boy over”. Immediately I hear multiple excited screams from over the phone, and become slightly frightened. But that’s okay, it should be fun. After a few minutes of chilling in Elle’s room- also her roommate wasn’t there because she said “I’ll stay at my boyfriend’s, since you’re bringing a boy over”- we headed back out into the night and across more of the campus, to visit her friends. By this point it was already 1AM, but the night was still young. We walk a good 10 minutes before making it to Elle’s friends’ building, which seemed to have a bunch of aparments inside. We walk up the stairs and enter their open door, and are immediately met with her friend group. They all wished her a Happy Birthday, and warmly welcomed me. We ended up hanging out with them for a good hour or so, just chatting, (and holding one of the girl’s two guinea pigs, which is amazing because I love animals), before it was finally time to go.

We walked back to Elle dorm, and I honestly felt relieved- her friends seemed to genuinly like me, at least as far as I could tell, and Elle had somehow not been sick of me, even after this long-ass date, which had now spanned over 11 hours, and still going. We got back to Elle’s little house-dorm and decided to make food… at 2AM. We ended up making some pasta, which Elle’s roommate graciously allowed us to eat, and chowed down before finally moving back up to Elle’s dorm, where we promptly passed out. I mean we were exhausted; it had been a very, very long day.

I was expecting to enjoy this date, since Elle and I had been talking for a good month now, but I was pleasantly surprised JUST how much I enjoyed the date. And I mean it hadn’t even finished yet; The date ends when you part ways, but I somehow managed to follow Elle to her school, and was now passed out with her in her bed. But all joking aside, it was such an incredibly fun day. I never felt like we were rushed by time, or that time was dragging for any reason. I genuinely had an incredible day with an even more incredible girl. Best second date I’ve ever been on, tbh.

Until next time,



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