Surviving On Fumes and Perseverance (12/9/18)

Today I woke up, exhausted like the night before, but this time not having the day before as a bit of a buffer in the way of sleep. Even though that was true, I still needed to get to work, so I got up out of bed at 8:20, brushed my teeth, got dressed, gelled up my hair, and headed to work. I caught the 9AM train to Brooklyn today, and per usual, managed to take a decent nap on the way. I finally ended up at Emma’s Torch at 8:45, but I headed next store to pick up my BLT, before heading back and chowing down. Emily was kind enough to bring in apple cider donuts for everyone working today, which Chef was kind enough to heat up for us. They were the bomb dot com. Like seriously, so damn good. Today it was Emily, myself, and Talula working, so we all worked together to get the dining room looking all nice, before going over our pre-shift and starting the day. It looked to be a pretty steady day with some decent sized tables coming in; low stress with the one team dream team. And honestly, it wasn’t bad at all! I mean we did get busy for a bit and had a full dining room, and we even ended with 59 covers, but it didn’t feel bad at all. We all kept a good, steady pace, and no one really got stressed the entire service. I even ended up selling three Plumbellini’s, which I was very proud of, because they are one of the new items on the menu, and I want to try and sell as many as I can, because I’m competitive.

I do have a really great story though, which actually came from a gentleman at my table 23. I think he was here with his son for Brunch, but since he had never been here, I welcomed him and gave him my spiel I always give when people come to Emma’s Torch for the first time. About halfway through my spiel, this man stops me and goes “I get it. I’m Italian. You help immigrants. It’s wonderful. I’m hungry.” I don’t think he meant it maliciously or anything, but you know, it is what it is. I happily agreed to take his order, and him and his son both got our waffles. Later, when the waffles came out and they were eating, I stopped back by to see how they were doing, and this man said something so iconic, I cannot make it up. “It’s really good. I hope it’s a good immigrant. Keep training.” I assume what he meant was “These pancakes are really good. The student who made them did a very good job. They should keep up the good work.” But what came out was, well… that. I told Chef about it and he immediately burst out laughing, probably because of just how ridiculous it sounded. The rest of the tables were fine though, and we ended up closing up just after 3, and began breaking everything down, closing down, and cleaning up. Today for family meal, chef and the students decided to make a huge pancake cake monstrosity, where they made huge rectangular pancakes, stacked them on top of one another, and then Chef finished with some icing made of our whipped cream, all around the pancakes. That, along with the fried chicken, made for one hell of a family meal. We all sat down and chatted for a while, before Talula left and Emily and I finished up the final bits left to get done- taking out trash and recycling, putting in new trash bags, etc. etc. Emily and I ended up chatting with Chef for a good while before, the three of us closed shop at Emma’s Torch and headed our separate ways for the evening.

Even though I debated heading home and relaxing, I made the choice to stop off at 59th Street, hoping to get a card from a shop in the Underground Market. I know W and I have gone on one date, but it’s her birthday, and I want to do something, you know? Unfortunately the card shop was closed for the day, so I headed back onto the subway and was off to my apartment. I was being careful with my bag because I had some wine sitting in there, along with a container of salad, and my dinner for the night- more leftover pasta from work. I played some Spider-Man for a bit, before passing out and napping for a good 30 minutes to an hour. After that I hopped on League for a while, while chatting with W and catching up with G, who I haven’t talked to in a bit. I actually ended the night by doing some laundry at 1AM, which consisted of me washing my sheets, since W is coming over tomorrow probably, and I want my room to look good. My goal is to wake up tomorrow, and head out to buy her a card, and maybe some chocolate, but I will need to get up first. It’s already 4:30, so I’m probably gonna wake up just before noon to start the day.

Ayee look at that, I’m finally all caught up! Damn that actually took a few days, but it’s okay! Tomorrow I go on my second date with W, and I think that it’s gonna be real fun. It’s gonna be a jam packed day, so I definitely need to get some sleep now. So that’s what I’m gonna do. Goodnight everyone!

Until next time,


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