Starting Off The Day Bright and Early (12/8/18)

Today began the weekend, which for many means that it’s finally time to relax and party; For me, it means it’s time to get to work. Even though I was up till the late hours of the morning talking with W, I still managed to get myself up and out of bed just past 8AM, and hopped in the shower to start getting ready for the day. As I got out, still trying to wake up, I brushed my teeth, got dried off, and got dressed, before heading back into the bathroom to do up my hair for the day. I ended up using the gel that I had bought along with the putty, aiming to test to see if it would hold my hair the entire day. I was running a bit late, running to the subway and catching the 9:06AM A train towards Brooklyn, where I pretty quickly leaned against the wall in the train and fell asleep for a bit. When I woke up my eyes were aching a bit- probably confused at why I wasn’t letting myself sleep more- but I tried to ignore it as I grabbed my bag and ran across the platform to the F, which had just arrived as well. I rode that to Carroll Street and made my way through the brisk morning to get to Emma’s Torch. When I walked in, I saw Z and Yasmine, and began getting to work. Yasmine had never worked Brunch before, so I tried to answer any questions she had, as we prepped for the morning. At 10:43, I told Z that I was going to run next store to buy a sandwich, and that I needed to spend $10 in order to reach the credit card minimum in the store, because I didn’t have any cash on me. She said she actually wanted to buy a sandwich as well, and offered to buy me a sandwich if I went and got them for us. I of course graciously accepted, and headed over to get my BLT and her Egg and Cheese on a croissant, (no bacon).

After picking up the sandwiches, I headed back to Emma’s Torch, but there were still a few things left to do, so I wasn’t actually able to eat the sandwich. People began showing up fairly quickly, and we became pretty full damn fast, so the sandwich would have to wait. I began dealing with my tables and before long it was already noon and my stomach was starting to feel it. Luckily the first crowd of people had ordered all of their food, so Z told me to go in the back and eat my sandwich real quick; and I did just that. I headed to the back and scarfed down my BLT before heading back to talk to my tables again. All in all it was a pretty solid, easy service, but what warmed my heart was that one of my tables, who happened to include our head chef’s father, gave me a $50 cash tip, which felt fantastic. Now even though we technically stopped seating at 3PM, today was of course the day where we had stragglers, which included two people on table 34, who sat there talking, after paying mind you, for 40 MINUTES after we closed. When I talked to chef about it, he just said that when talking about tables we weren’t a fan of, we just use the saying “I love green jolly ranchers”. An easy code that sounds ridiculous, and helps to not offend customers.

Finally the two people got up and left, and Yasmine and I were able to clean up and set up for the next shift. Emily and Talula showed up around 4:15 or so, and helped finish up the final bits that needed to get done, before Yasmine left for the day; I stayed because of course I would never miss family meal. Today was pasta with fish, and goddamn was it good. I ate two portions before putting some in my Tupperware and heading out myself, catching the next G to Hoytt, and then catching the A uptown all the way back home. When I finally made it back, I honestly spent the rest of the day doing very little. I played League for quite a few hours, first with my friend Zach, and then Mags, before ending the night talking to W for a few hours. She was exhausted, but still made the decision to stay in the library to finish her papers. As we talked, I heard her slowly begin to creep towards madness, before finally saying goodnight, because she needed to get work done and I needed sleep. I finished up the night actually writing two blogs, because I’ve been behind on them and have been really trying to catch up. It’s actually 4:04AM on the 10th now, which shows how backed up I am, but that’s okay. I’m still happy to be writing these, and telling all of you about my day and my life. Finally, around 4AM or so, I laid in bed and immediately passed out.

Until next time,


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