Running Around Everywhere to Make It Back to Opening Night- Take 2 (12/6/18)

Today was going to be a busy day. I knew that going in, and worked to mentally prepare myself for everything I needed to get done. Now, it honestly shouldn’t be too crazy, but I was in NJ, having just slept on a surprisingly comfy couch in my friends’ dorm room, and needed to go back to NYC for a dental appointment, only to come back to see the show, which was officially opening tonight, (second try, let’s go), before finally heading back to my apartment at the end of the night so I could make it to work the next day. Luckily my dental appointment wasn’t until 2:30, so I was able to sleep in a bit- god bless. I woke up around 7 when Roni woke up and headed out to go teach and said goodbye to her before promptly passing back out. I woke back up around 11 and relaxed on the couch for a while before Cat texted me, asking what I wanted to do for breakfast. She popped out around 11:20 and, after realizing we had no eggs for pancakes, offered to get me into my school’s cafeteria. Well, her boyfriend Andy, what a guy, love him, would swipe me in. As she hopped in the shower, he texted me “Might I offer you a taste of Madison’s finest cuisine? Le cafeteria de fahdu?” Because FDU only has the CLASSIEST of food for it’s students. (If you can’t tell, I am dripping with sarcasm)

Unfortunately for me I was running very low on time, and by the time we were ready to head to the caf just past noon I had to head out to catch the 12:22 train back to New York. Andy met up with us and tagged along as Cat drove me to the train station, where I said my goodbyes and headed towards New York. I passed out for a bit, and soon enough arrived at Penn Station. When we arrived in New York I got a call from W and we chatted for a bit as I made my way through Penn and made it to the subway. When I got to the station, there was an A going uptown, so I quickly got on and said my goodbyes before I would get cut off by the tunnels.

I rode the A all the way up to 168th St., where I got out and took a brisk walk to the dental office. I walked through the side entrance, and after being quite confused about where to go, I called the front desk, who let me in. When I arrived, I was greeted by the same receptionist, and was given some paperwork to fill out. I sat down and spent the next 10-15 minutes putting down all of my information before finally handing it back to the receptionist and being led by a nurse to a nearby room for my appointment to begin. I sat in the dental chair- I have NO idea what they’re called, to be honest with you- and she began taking x-rays of my teeth. Now with the dentist I went to for years and years, since it was a pediatric dentist office, they only took like 2 pictures. These people took like 20 or more! I was like, damn that’s a whole lot of pictures of my teeth! After she had finished, Dr. Jones comes in and begins to talk to me about my teeth. Now it’s been about a year since I’ve been to the dentist, but overall I actually have a clean mouth! I was a bit worried coming in, but definitely relieved that I was okay. I had a two cavities that were too small and out of the way to really do anything to at the moment, which is good, and the main thing he mentioned is that I grind my teeth when I sleep, and that I might want to look into a night-guard. I already knew I grind my teeth thanks to my brother, but I definitely want to try and stop it.

After about an hour he finished up cleaning my teeth and I headed back out to set up my next appointment, which will be in six months; God I cannot imagine where I’ll be then, but I’m gonna aim not to think about that now. I picked up my stuff and headed out to quickly get some food before I needed to get home and shower. Ironically enough, the closest place to eat was actually a Wendy’s, so I rolled my eyes and went in. I quickly ordered and ate my meal, and made the brisk walk back to my apartment. Once I got back, I had just over an hour to get ready, so I hopped in the shower, got dressed, through on a new button-up, and headed back towards Penn. I made it to Penn Station and ran to somehow catch the 5:38 train to New Jersey. I made it on the train and sat down, promptly passing out until getting to my stop. Luckily I was met once again by my friend Zoe, who drove me to campus, as the show began in like 20 minutes. I had her stop by the student center so I could pick up $10 to donate to the senior class, and then we headed to Dreyfuss, where the show was being held- this time with no water! I got inside, got my ticket, and headed into the theater, where Roni and Jenn we’re chilling, saving me a seat. Roni had even brought my flowers I got for my family yesterday, and I was able to settle down as the show began.

I gotta say, though I am glad that I read the synopsis of Measure for Measure beforehand so I knew what was going on, I was still very impressed with the entire cast. The costumes and set were much more modern, but it ended up working very well, and the acting was pretty solid all around as well. I was high-key uncomfy when Angelo sexually assaults Isabella, which was done onstage, safe of course, but still completely horrifying to see from an audience’s perspective. When the show ended I headed down with the flowers to greet my fam in the show, who had all crushed it. I gave the three of them their flowers- Maddy had me take back her and Cat’s flowers to give to them again tonight- and was saying goodbye to people because I was going to go catch a The 10PM train back to NYC, when Maddy’s parents, who live in Yonkers, offered me a ride back to my apartment!

I’ve met Maddy’s parents before and they are really wonderful people, and the fact that they offered me a ride was incredible. I happily agreed and ended up riding back to New York with them and the parents of Maddy’s boyfriend, who also live in upper New York. We had a very nice car ride, and after a bit of confusion in the end, they dropped me off at my apartment and they headed home. Grateful, I made the decision to head back out to buy a frozen meal, before coming back inside, making it, and settling down for the night. I ended my evening playing League with my friend Zach, while FaceTiming W for a few hours. We talked and talked for a while, which was really nice. I can’t remember if it was tonight or another night, but we’ve been staying up and talking to each other until late in the night, and have gotten to have some really deep conversations, which I’ve loved. I think tonight was the night I told her that I don’t have a mom anymore, which is always a fun bombshell. Finally I laid down and passed out, pooped from a very long and busy day.

Until next time,


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