Back to the Grind with a Slow Day at Work (12/7/18)

Today I finally headed back to work. I had been off since Sunday, so I was rearing to get back to the grind. I had stayed up until 5AM talking to W the night before, so I ended up getting up closer to 1, finally getting up and taking a shower just past 2PM, getting dressed, and heading out to catch the train. I caught the 2:45 A downtown, and ended up sleeping for a bit as we went towards Brooklyn. I switched to the F and finally arrived to Carroll St. and then to Emma’s Torch by 3:45. To my surprise, Emily had already arrived and was busy setting up for the day; Tonight it was just me and her working, so she wanted to make sure that we were ready and prepped, instead of stressing.

I walked in, dropped my stuff off in the back, and got to work, setting everything up for the night. It’s a Friday, so even though we didn’t have too many on the books, we still wanted to prepare for the worst. Finally the shift started, and we were ready to go. Unfortunately, even though we were ready to go, we didn’t really have that many customers, ending the night with only 36 on the books. It’s fine, and we did very well, especially when it was just the two of us, but that meant that our tips suffered a bit because of it. Luckily the tips at the end of the night ended being pretty decent, and after cleaning up everything, we actually made t out of the restaurant just before 10:30.

I ended up catching the G train and switching to the uptown A at Hoyt St., which I was happy to see was going Express this evening. This meant that I was able to make it home a good 15 minutes earlier than usual, which felt amazing. Now when I left the subway and headed towards the outside, (when we finally made it to my stop), a gentleman approached me asking for money so he could take the bus back to New Jersey. I listened to his soul, and even though I don’t normally give money to anyone, I decided to give him the money he needed. Pass kindness on, you know? I really hope that he wasn’t scamming me, and if not, that he made it home safe.

I ended the night playing some League with Maggie, and then FaceTiming W again for a while. And when I say a while, I mean from 12:30 or 1-4AM. Mind you, I have to open the restaurant tomorrow morning, but if it meant talking to W for a while longer in exchange for sleep, I’d choose to talk to her every time. Just past 4AM I said goodnight to her, and I fell into a much needed slumber.

Until next time,


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