A Trip to FDU is Always Full of Surprises (12/5/18)

Today was the day I was heading back to FDU to see their production of Measure for Measure. I was hoping to wake up around 9AM, and have plenty of time to get ready before leaving by 11, but because I ended up passing out at 5AM, I finally woke up at 10. Wouldn’t change staying up talking to W for a little extra sleep though; talking to her last night was really nice, and I hope we’re able to do it more often.

So since I had about an hour, I quickly got up, hopped in the shower and got ready to leave. I ended up shaving, just so I was freshly clean for the day, and after I was out of the shower, I quickly got some clothes to wear for tomorrow, put them in my book bag, and got dressed. The original goal was to catch the 11:45 and get to FDU by 1PM, but I was running late, and with only 20 minutes to make it all the way to Penn, I decided the smartest move was to wait and catch the 12:43 train into Jersey.

After using that hour to make sure I had everything and finish getting ready, I was of course running a tad late, so I left the apartment in a bit of a hurry, catching the next A going downtown, and was finally on my way. As I sat on the train, I kept watch on the time, making sure i was still doing okay on time; I was definitely going to cut it close, but I knew I would make it. I had to.

When we finally arrived at Penn Station, I quickly left the train and sprinted through penn to get to New Jersey Transit. I had a solid 3 minutes or so to get there, and I just made it on the train before we were off. But I made it and that was what mattered. As I sat down on the train and was finally able to relax for a bit, I popped in my headphones and began typing yesterday’s blog, before closing my eyes and getting some much needed rest.

As the train finally pulled into Convent Station, I grabbed my stuff and made my way off the train, and to the waiting car of my friend Zoe. Once inside her car, we decided to figure out what we were going to do for lunch. As we debated our options, we made a quick stop at Target to pick up some Icy Hot, because she somehow managed to injure her shoulder blade.

As we left Target, we had a choice to make- Wendy’s it Taco Bell. We could’ve gone to a sit down restaurant, but I had flamed Wendy’s for not having great burgers, to which Zoe said “they’re known for their chicken, not their burgers.” Okay whatever. But when it was time to choose, I said- why not both? A dangerous and crazy idea I know, but it was a great one.

And that’s exactly what we did. We made our way first to Wendy’s, where I got a number 7- being a chicken sandwich, fries, and a drink- she got what she wanted, we paid for and picked up our food, and then were off to Taco Bell. There I got a steak quesadilla and again Zoe got what she wanted. As we left the two fast food joints, the car now piled high with delicious smelling food, we made our way to our final stop- a florist.

To add some backstory to explain what I’m about to say, I made a joke last year when my friend Maddy was taking our friend Dylan to her sorority’s formal. Dylan and I pulled an elaborate ruse on Maddy, in which we both created a girl named Tiff Vegan, and ended up pretending to be her. It was harmless, but when Maddy found out, she wanted to get a picture of her with both of Tiffany Vegan. So even though I wasn’t going to formal with them, she still wanted a picture with both of us. Now then, when she posted the picture of the three of us, I told her that I looked like the dad posing with his kids going to formal, and because of that, she started calling me dad. Not in any weird way, but more of a parental thing. Within that friend group, my friend Cat- her full names Cassidy, but everyone calls her Cat- is the mom of the group, with Maddy and a few others being her children. This meant that I was somehow married to Cassidy, making her my wife, Maddy my daughter, and Maddy’s eventual little in her sorority my granddaughter. Okay, a tad bit confusing, but we’re good to go.

So since my daughter and granddaughter, being Maddy and her little Chloe, were both in the show, and my wife, aka Cat, being one of the ASM’s in the show, I felt like I had to get them all flowers; Maddy’s the lead of the show, which is what started the whole idea. Now I had been talking to Cat about getting Maddy and then Maddy and Chloe flowers, but I never told her I was going to get her flowers, because obviously that wouldn’t be any fun. So Zoe and I looked up florists close by, so I could swing in, pick up some flowers, and head on back out and we could finally eat the smorgasbord of food that had been sitting at my feet this entire time.

Well we pull into the first place in Madison, which is the town right next to FDU, only to find- after much searching I might add, that the shop doesn’t exist, at least not yet. There was another florist in Madison, so we drove by there next, only to find that that shop, too, does not EXIST. Feeling very hungry, we made the decision to stop in a parking lot to eat before heading to a florist shop that would hopefully be open. Now our food was a tad cold, since it had been sitting there for a good 30+ minutes now, but it was still very good. I gave Wendy’s a lot of shit for their burgers, but their chicken sandwiches are solid.

As we were eating, I made sure to call the next florist, and I got an answer from a woman who works there, saying that they would be open until 6. Excited that I would actually be able to get some flowers and surprise my friends. We made our way to the florist shop, where we were greeted and promptly helped by the woman I talked to on the phone. I told her I was buying flowers for friends in a show, and she asked how much I was willing to pay. I was expecting to be paying out the ass for flowers, but I ended up only paying $38 for all three, which was amazing. I put a little extra money into Maddy’s bouquet, because she was the lead, but I love all three of them equally.

After paying and thanking the woman, we headed out as Zoe mocked me, because I was apparently talking differently than usual. I just assume it’s my server voice, which is a lot preppier than normal; has more energy in it. We finally headed to FDU to relax for a while before I needed to head to see the show. After hanging out for a bit in Zoe’s room, I took her key and headed over to Maddy and Cat’s suite to drop off my bag, since I was staying on their couch tonight. Only Maddy was in there, so she let me in and we chatted for a bit before she had to go and get ready; her little Chloe was picking her up, so I was even able to say hello to my granddaughter, which is always a nice surprise.

I made my way back to Zoe’s for a while, and since we had about an hour and a half before I needed to head to watch the show, Zoe recommended we watch a movie. A horror movie. Now I don’t do horror, but I agreed to watch whatever she wanted to show me, because… well I dunno because I figured fuck it, why not. She chose a movie called The Boy, which is about a woman taking care of an older couple’s son, who is a puppet. A very interesting movie with a damn creepy twist, but besides a few jump scares it wasn’t too scary, thank goodness.

As the movie played on, I got a text from Cat with some very unfortunate news- the show would most likely be canceled tonight. The reasoning, as I found out later in the night, was because one of the toilets in Dreyfuss, where the theater was, had exploded- yes, exploded- and water had begun flooding the building, including the theater. Luckily the water didn’t reach the stage, but there was no way they could let people into the auditorium now. Even though I was sad that I wouldn’t be able to see the show, I made up my mind to stay for the evening anyways, and just hang out with my friends. I had tomorrow off, so even though it would be tight, I would just come back to see the show.

With this extra time I now had, Zoe and I were able to finish the movie and relax for a bit, as I waited for my friends to come back to their suite. I would’ve been in a Rutherford, the residence building where Zoe’s dorm room was, for longer, but of course their fire alarm went off and the whole building had to evacuate. I texted my friend Roni, who was also in Maddy and Cat’s suite, and who was the only one in the suite at the moment, to see if she could let me in, and made my way over. After waiting a minute or two, I was let inside and the two of us headed on up to their suite. We hung out for a while and chatted, drinking a bit of the wine I had decided to bring from my apartment, before Jenn, the final person in the suite, arrived. The three of us sat around watching Spongebob and drinking Tequila Sunrises before, surprise surprise, THEIR FIRE ALARM WENT OFF. At this point I was pretty sure FDU just wanted me to leave, but that wasn’t happening.

After a while of waiting, and being told by Maddy Fields, who’s in the show, what actually happened to cancel the show, we finally headed back inside and relaxed. After a while Cat and Maddy came back to the room with two freshman in the room, all carrying Fatty’s, which is actually what I was going to order for dinner that night. We all spent the rest of the night playing a game on our phones called Psych and drinking; I even ordered Fatty’s! God it was such a refreshing and fun night. Everyone ended up leaving just before 1, and I fell asleep on their couch, happy to be with friends.

Until next time,


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