A Day with the Pup, and Another Great Late Night Talk (12/4/18)

Today was another day off, with the only thing on the agenda being to take care of my friend’s pup. This meant that I didn’t end up moving out of my bed until 2:30 or later, before brushing my teeth, throwing on a hat, and heading to my friend’s apartment to take care of her dog. I got there by 3:40, and entered into the apartment to hear a quieter space. Don’t get me wrong, I heard some barking from him, but the space was definitely much quieter.

When I entered into my friend’s room, I found that the pup had received two upgrades- a top to his cage, and a larger walled litter pan. He likes to hop up when people come in, so the taller walls to his litter pan is to hopefully teach him not to jump in there, because that’s gross, and the top to the cage is because there’s going to be a point real soon where he can jump out of his cage. Seriously, up to this point I kept expecting to walk in and find him out of his cage and waiting for me at the door, so this was definitely for the best. When I walked in he began barking and jumping up inside his cage, and when I let him out, the pup began sprinting around the room, so full of energy. The main difference today was that he has totally give up interest on the poop plushie. He always used to go after it incessantly, but when I brought it out for him today, he showed zero interest! I mean, he still showed quite a large interest in biting my fingers and hands, but that’s no different then usual I guess. This time around, he was really into this pair of large toy keys though. Apparently my friend’s mom gave them to him as a gift recently, and they are definitely his new favorite I think.

We played for a little while, with times where he would just lay in my lap as I gave him a good pet, before he would get bored and go back to trying to bite my fingers, and other times where we played fetch and tug of war with the keys. At 4:20, it was finally time for me to go, since there was an A train arriving at 4:30, so I put him back in his cage and headed out. I just rushed back to the subway station, sprinting part of the way so I wouldn’t miss the train, and made it with one or two minutes to spare. I really needed food, so I got on the Pick&Eat app to figure out what I wanted. Now normally I would just get a sandwich or something, but because I was so unhealthy yesterday, I decided I had to go for a healthier option. When I made it back to 175th Street, I was finally able to put in my order, which was actually a vegan bowl, with quinoa, tofu, tomatoes, chickpeas and a few other things, and a side salad, with Light Balsamic Agave Vinaigrette, aka I have no idea but I thought it was healthy.

I got to Pick&Eat and relaxed for a few minutes while my order was being made, and when it was finally ready I headed back home. When I got back to my room I sat down on my bed and began watching The Office. I ended up finishing up season 7, where Michael leaves and the show goes downhill, and I gotta say, when Michael leaves, the show feels like it gets a lot more serious. Like there are still some funny bits, and I still love the Jim pranks on Dwight, but other than that the show has definitely lost some of its charm. But I will finish the show. I started it, and I will finish it.

After hours of watching The Office, I decided to turn the TV off and head to Subway for some much needed dinner. When I got back with my sandwich- and be proud, I actually held off and only bought the six inch sandwich with no cookie or drink combo- I turned on my computer and opened up League for the first time in a few days. My friend ended up being on, so we played a few games before he was logged off because his cat stepped on his computer’s power chord, as he told me afterwards. With him being off, I decided to let that be it for me for the night as well, and I ended up FaceTiming W as I was trying to figure out my student loans situation.

To attempt to simplify the bullshit I had to go through, I had to go to the IRS website to figure out how much I made last year, but when I went to make an account, they needed a phone number to send a passcode to, but when I put in my phone number, it didn’t think the number belonged to me, which meant the only other solution was for them to send me a PHYSICAL COPY of the passcode, which would arrive via SNAIL MAIL in 10 DAYS. As you can see, I am not pleased. Right now, they want me to pay $285 a MONTH to pay off my loans, but yeah no fucking thank you.

Once I gave up on that for the night, I turned my focus to W, who had been listening to my frustration for the last 30 minutes or so. I was expecting us to talk for a bit and pass out, but actually ended up talking for a solid 4+ hours. Because we were both pretty tired, and she was definitely fading a bit, we really opened up about our past relationships, and just had a really nice, good deep talk. It’s weird because we’ve only gone on one date, but we’re already opening up about ourselves. I mean don’t get me wrong, I do that all the time, which is high key obnoxious I’m sure, but she mentioned how surprised she was at how easy it was to talk to me, which felt really nice.

Finally we hung up for the night, and I got ready and passed out. I want to be up at 9AM, but I know that didn’t happen because I’m writing this blog post on my way to FDU, and I ended up waking up at 10AM, but that’s okay- it is what it is. My stations about to come up, so I’m gonna finish for now.

Until next time,


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