Rehearsal #3 and a Night of Spider-Man (12/3/18)

So today was a long day. Successful, but long. Before I woke up today, Luna was euthanized, but I’m not sure if it will truly hit me until I go home for Christmas break, to be honest. I’m more worried about Jake and Dad honestly, since Jake had to be there, and Dad is really affected by Luna’s passing. I feel like all I can do is be there for them, and for us all to be together as a family, to get through this. It’s painful and it sucks, but there’s nothing more to be done. Sorry to go dark, but onto today. So I woke up around 12:30 and finally moved out of my bed just past 2, hopping in the shower and getting ready for rehearsal with TAPNYC. I ran my monologue over a few times, to make sure it was down pat, before heading out the door. I ran to the subway station, and as I entered I heard the 3:05PM downtown A train pulling in. I rush to the turn-stop to swipe my card and get in, but then it tells me to swipe again, then repeats the message, then repeats the message again, and then says “Card just used”. Annoyed, I went over to the person working, as the train pulled away. When I explained what had happened, he opened the door for me and I was allowed into the station.

Finally the next train arrived by 3:15, and I was on my way to rehearsal. I wanted food, since I hadn’t eaten yet today, but I was running late so I accepted the fact that I was probably going to go hungry until after rehearsal. I made it to 59th Street by 3:38 and saw that the next C wouldn’t arrive for another 10 minutes, so I made up my mind, left the station, and started walking the 10 blocks I needed to go to get to the building.Luckily I made it to the Pret by the building by 3:44, so I quickly bought a sandwich, ate what I could in like two or three minutes, and headed to rehearsal. I ended up arriving at the building by 3:56, and headed to the elevator to go up to the second floor, when I saw another actor heading to the rehearsal, who was going down. She said that she checked the second floor and no one was there, (which meant that rehearsal today would be in the basement), so I hopped in the elevator with her and we headed down.

When I walked inside the room, I picked up the form we do every rehearsal, filled it out, and then brought the Director my resume to get his notes. Luckily I hadn’t totally fucked it all up, and besides some minor tweaks, it was actually well done, which made me relieved. After I sat back down, rehearsal began and it was time to do my monologue again. Like last time I was picked pretty early, like fourth or fifth, so I was able to get it over with pretty quickly. I was going over the monologue over and over, and kept screwing up little words, so I was a bit nervous when I got up there, but honestly my monologue went really smoothly! There were a few notes, like taking out the pauses I have in there, maybe changing the pauses to something else. but the director called me endearing, so I was happy with that. I sat back down, jotted the notes down, and relaxed for the rest of rehearsal, as I watched the other actors perform their pieces.

We ended up getting out of rehearsal by 5:45, and I decided to make my way to the Melt Shop for some dinner. The food was good, as per last time, but when I was texting Jake about everything, he almost made me cry after he told me that he had asked to get all four paw prints from Luna, so each of us could have a unique print. Now this didn’t make me cry, but when he said that he wanted her right front paw print and I inquired why that specific print, he replied “Cause it was the one she’d pat my arm with when she wanted attention”, I very nearly lost it in the restaurant. I held back my tears and finished my dinner, before heading back home for the evening. I’ve spent the rest of the night playing Spider-Man, and actually ended up completing the story mode, which was spectacular and emotional and got me feeling all sorts of ways; My goal now is to try and 100% the game, but we will see. I even talked to W on the phone for a bit, which was really nice. Found out her birthday is on the 11th, and our next date is on the 10th, so I told her that we would be celebrating her birthday on Monday. I’m honestly really looking forward to our date, and I can’t wait to share what happens next week, so stay tuned! For now I’m going to go to sleep. It’s already 4:43, and I desperately need some sleep. My only plan for tomorrow is to take care of my friend’s pup for a bit, so I guess we’ll see what happens.

Until next time,



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