It’s Never Easy to Say Goodbye (12/2/18)

So I’m actually writing this blog post on Monday, mostly because I was working on redoing my resume for a while last night and needed sleep. Anyways~

Today began very early for me, just like yesterday, except this morning I was running on even less sleep, because my dumbass went to bed at an ungodly hour last night. Anyways, I got out of bed, hopped in the shower around 8:10, got ready and left for work just before 9AM, making it to work at 9:55. I keep having slight anxiety when I get off the train, because I almost always sleep on the train; so when my station arrives, and I wake up and quickly get off the train, I keep thinking I left something on the train. Luckily this wasn’t the case today, and I made it to work without worry. I was carrying my umbrella, because like yesterday evening, today’s forecast rain, rain, and more rain.

I walk inside, said hello to the other server working today, Emily, and got to work. Today we were experimenting a bit, selling to new drinks that Emily had made earlier in the week. They were the Beerjito and the Plumbellini. The Beerjito basically was the same as our Mimosa, but instead of using Orange Juice, we used a Plumb syrup. As for the Beerjito, we mix our more sour beer, which is our Checkpoint Charlie, (think the taste of a Lemon Cider), and we mix is with our Fauxjito syrup, (which is like a more natural sprite), to create this surprisingly sweet and citrusy cocktail. When I tried both of the drinks, I was surprised by how good they both actually were.

Our server assistant Talula arrived at 9, and the three of us set up for the day. Now today by the numbers seemed like a pretty easy day. We ended with 57 covers, which was quite a bit less than our largest day of covers, which hit just above 80. However, it was honestly such a hectic day, because we had so many larger tables throughout the service. Seriously, we had like 2 four tops coming in at the same time, and then we had a good amount of threes, and everyone came in around the same time. After that, we had other tables waiting- only for 10 minutes or so, but still- for their tables, because the tables who were sitting down decided not to move for a while. I will say though that we were selling the drinks today like crazy. If I remember correctly, we ended up selling 11 Plumbellinis, along with 7 Mimosas and 4 or 5 Beerjitos. However, this meant that the drinks had to be made, so there was a point where I just told Emily to make all the drinks, and I would handle all of the tables.

It was definitely a crazy service, but we got through it together, and we worked really well as a team. Also the fact that it was our real first test run of these new drinks, and it was a really big success, felt really good. Everyone finally left and we closed up by just past 3 and we got to cleaning up for the day. Soon enough family meal was brought out, and we sat down and relaxed as we enjoyed some much needed food. Don’t get me wrong, I had a BLT this morning which I bought after we had finished prepping for the service, but I was famished by this point. After we had eaten and cleaned up the last of the dishes, I finally made my way back home.

Of course on the subway ride back home, I passed right out on the train, and got some much needed rest. When I made t back to my apartment, I spent most of the rest of the day playing more of Spider-Man. Seriously, the game is so much fun, and the details to all of the locations in New York are damn impressive. However, at 10PM, I finally FaceTimed my brother Jake to say goodbye to Luna. I haven’t seen her in months, and even though I was warned that she had gotten much skinnier, and the tumor on her jaw had deformed her face a bit, when Jake showed her to me, I couldn’t help but start crying. Luckily she didn’t seem uncomfortable or anything, and by the end of the call she was just sitting in Jake’s lap, chilling, but it still broke my heart not being able to be there to say goodbye. Jake and I ended up just talking for a while, helping me to get my mind off of everything and stop crying. I asked if he was okay, and Jake responded “I’m either going through an extended period of shock or I’m turning into a full blown sociopath”. Of course I knew it was the first one, but I’m really amazed how well he’s been able to hold it together this entire time. I’m sure there comes a point, seeing her every day, you just sort of become numb to it, but it’s still hard. I’m thankful that he’s so strong though.

After a while we finally said goodbye, and I said my last goodbyes to Luna, telling her how much I loved her, attempting to hold back my tears and trying to smile instead. I’m really going to miss her. She’s such a beautiful and kind hearted cat, and the house won’t be the same without her.

Once we were off the call, I continued playing Spider-Man before getting a FaceTime from my friend Zoe, and we caught up for a bit, and talked about what we were going to do on Wednesday, when I head to FDU. The night ended with me Snapchatting W for a while, and fixing up my acting resume so it was in the correct format for TAPNYC. After a while of editing, when I finally thought it was ready to go, I printed the new resume out and promptly passed out.

Goodbye Luna. I love you with all my heart. Say hi to mom for me, will you?


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