A Little Rain Can’t Stop My Smile Now (A Busy Day with a Wonderful Date)(12/1/18)

Today was finally the day. I was finally getting to meet W for the first time, and I was honestly really excited. But before our date, I had to get through work. I got up out of bed around 8AM, took a nice hot shower, brushed my teeth, shaved, got my hair looking good, and headed to work. Before I went to bed last night, I made sure to have my outfit already in my bag for the date, since I wasn’t going to have time to go back to my apartment, so all I needed to do was zip everything up and head on out. I caught the 8:58 train and made it to work by 9:55, and quickly headed in to begin the day. One of the sous chefs was kind enough to make all of the staff some biscuits with jam and butter for breakfast, which was amazing, so as I began sweeping and getting everything looking all nice, I munched on a few buttered (and jammed) biscuits, so I wouldn’t need to head next store to get a BLT.

Time flew by and we opened at 11AM, and it was one busy day at work. We had a solid amount of covers by the end of it, but the big part of it was the fact that we had quite a few big tables tonight, who all seemed to come in at the same time, which kept me running around. Once my section was full, which happened pretty quickly, I was continuously getting table after table until we finally closed. We even had a seven top walk in, (that we were luckily able to accommodate), and we had a woman come in five minutes before we closed, who ended up leaving by 3:20 or 3:30. Finally once she had left we cleaned up the tables and set everything up for Dinner service, before Emily and Z began experimenting with combining one of our lesser sold beers- The Checkpoint Charlie (it tastes like a lemon cider)- and our bubbly wine with some compotes and syrups we make in house, to see what kind of creations we can make. Honestly I was surprised that they all tasted very very good! Oh, I also forgot to mention that I sold 9 Mimosas today, which is pretty crazy if you ask me. Michael “Mimosa” Saunders is back, baby!

Finally we sat down to eat, and family meal was brought out to us right as we finished up. Today it was an asian style rice, (I believe),  with veggies and short rib. It was delicious. Of course, I couldn’t hang out for to long because I was supposed to meet up with W around 6PM, and it was already reaching past 4:30, so I grabbed my bag from the back and headed into the bathroom to get changed. Now the floor in the bathroom was wet because I had just mopped it, so I had to very carefully balance on top of some paper towels I put on the ground, so my socks didn’t get soaked. Somehow I managed to pull it off, and I eventually emerged, changed and ready for my date. Everyone seemed to approve of the outfit, which is good, and I said goodbye to everyone and headed out.

Before I got on the subway, I made a quick pit stop at the local Rite-Aid to pick up some Ice-Breaker Ice Cubes (mint gum); I didn’t want my breath smelling bad! After picking up the gum and popping some in my mouth, I hopped on the subway and was on my way. I took the F train to Broadway Lafayette and then headed to transfer to the 7, and take that to Grand Central Station. A few minutes after I arrived a 7 train arrived, but it was so packed with people I decided to wait for the next one. As I was waiting, W asked if she could call me because there could be an issue, but then said that everything was okay. I asked her what happened, only to get a call from her, where when I answered, she squeeked “You’re real!” Which I thought was pretty funny. She said everything was okay, and she just got mixed up. Now from the phone call, all I got was that she was quieter, and spoke pretty softly, which is cute, to be honest. I wasn’t sure what type of voice I was picturing her having, but I was pleasantly surprised. After a little more waiting another 7 train arrived and I was on my way to Grand Central Station.

Once I arrived, I made my way down to the center of Grand Central, so I could see where all the arriving trains were going to pull in, and assumed that her train would be pulling in at around 6:04. Her train number was 110, so I made my way down to the dining area to wait. It was 5:40, so I headed to the bathroom since I had time, and then waited for her by the Information booth. Around 6:06, W texted me, saying she was getting off the train and was headed my way. After looking around for her, she finally caught my eye and I walked over to her to say hello. We hugged and began walking and talking. I let her know I was taking her to a pizza place called Uncle Paul’s Pizza and Cafe. As we stepped outside Grand Central, we felt some rain coming down, so she pulled out her umbrella. It wasn’t terrible, so I went without mine for a bit, which by the way, I borrowed from the restaurant. I left mine at home because it was so big, and the one I borrowed is known as the “Oh shit!” umbrella, in case you forget your umbrella at home and it begins pouring. We make it into Uncle Paul’s, only to find that the place is packed with people. After some deliberating, I make the move to get to the counter so we can order some food, and after I paid, we spotted a larger table, where two ladies just sat down. After more debate, I decided that we should just go for it, and we got ourselves a table, (thank god). After a bit of waiting, our food came up- two slices of pizza for me, and a veggie wrap for her- and we began talking and eating. The date had begun at last!

After a while of talking and eating, we finished up and made our way out and back into the rain; this time I had my umbrella out as well. I said that we were gonna make the trek to Insomnia Cookies, since I promised her we would go, and we walked a solid 10 blocks up, and then a couple streets over before finally arriving. Small detail, as we were walking, we started holding hands, which was really nice, if I’m being completely honest. We made it to Insomnia Cookies, where I ordered the six pack, with two M&M and a chocolate chip for me, and a sugar, peanut butter, and I think a snickerdoodle for her. We hung out in the store for a bit, talking some more, until we had finished our cookies, and made our exit. It was still raining, so after wandering around the streets a bit more, we made our way back to Grand Central to explore for a bit before W finally needed to head home.

We ended up walking around a more deserted area of Grand Central, walking around in a circle, for a solid hour or more, just talking about whatever we wanted. Spoiler alert- I did kiss her, which did make her speechless, which is cute af so I was happy, and we just kind of hung out for a while, which was really nice. When the clock struck 10:10 it was finally time for me to walk her to her train back home, so we made the trek to track 109, where I kissed her goodnight and we parted ways. After the date, I am happy to sat there will most definitely be a second date, and I cannot wait. Finally, I made my way back home, where I’ve been relaxing and playing Spider-Man for the past two hours, and now am typing out this blog post before I get some sleep. It’s already 3AM, and I need to be up by 7:40 in the morning, so I definitely should get some sleep. Tonight was seriously a ton of fun though, and I’m really glad that it went well.

Until next time,



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