Back to Work with some Kind Southern Folk (11/30/18)

Today I headed back for another day of work at Emma’s Torch. I woke up around 1PM, and after telling myself over and over again that I needed to get out of bed, I finally did- at 2. Rip. Anyways, I hopped into the shower, got dressed, and tried out the two new hair products I bought a few days ago; One is a gel, and the other is a putty. After putting the gel in, I wanted to be safe and put in some of the putty as well, hoping that it would keep my hair up the entire day. The gel said to apply to a towel and then my hair? Which I really didn’t get, so I just used my hands per usual. I quickly headed out of my apartment, running a little behind schedule, at 2:52, hoping to next train would arrive very soon. Luckily just before 3 the next A train arrived and I was on my way to work.

I tried to stay awake and play some games on my phone, but as we left 59 Street I decided it was time to get a quick nap in. After dozing in and out, I finally woke up right when we pulled into Jay Street. I quickly picked up my bag and hustled across the station, since the F had also just arrived, and I made it in before the doors closed. As I walked onto the train, my ears were greeted by a gentleman singing a cover of Crazy, riffing his ass off while a woman was playing guitar behind him. Now I arrived towards the end of the song, but he honestly sounded very good. I mean, I didn’t give him any money, but I was definitely impressed. I sat down on the train and headed to Carroll Street, and finally to Emma’s Torch. Unfortunately my hair had already begun falling, partly because of the product I think, and partly because it was raining a bit today.

I walked in and began prepping for the day, getting done as much as I could before family meal was set up. Today we had spaghetti and meatballs, so I made sure to grab some for myself and chowing down. After I finished, I headed down to use the bathroom, hoping to get some leftovers for my dinner. Unfortunately I came back up to see an emptied out container, with no meatballs or pasta to be found. Shit happens, but it still breaks my heart a little bit. My hair was continuing to fall, so I headed to the back and grabbed the bobby pins I had in my bag, and headed back to the front to keep my hair up; Worked like a charm! (And you couldn’t even see the bobby pins) Finally the dinner service began, with our first table coming in around 6. We didn’t have that many reservations tonight, and only ended up with a final count of 40 people, but most of our parties were larger, which made up for the smaller number. We had two four tops, a five top, and an eight top on the books to start us out, and I was ready to rock and roll.

Unfortunately most of the tables arrived at the same time, so once we got going it took me some time to grab ahold of the reigns again. I do have to say though, the eight top I served this evening were delightful. They were all from the south, and were visiting New York for a wedding happening tomorrow. When I started talking to them, they told me that they were all family, and that they were from Mississippi,  Louisiana,  Georgia, and New Orleans, if I’m remembering correctly. Z mentioned after they had gone that I should just be given all the older ladies, because old ladies LOVE me. Seriously. I don’t know why, but it’s true! Luckily all of my tables’ food came out at a decent time, with only one issue, which came from the party of eight. One of the women ordered the lamb, but didn’t eat it because it was too tough and chewy, took it back, and had chef immediately fire some cavatelli pasta, which she wanted instead. Luckily when I checked back on her, the woman’s response was “Now this is GOOD.” (I think she liked our pasta)

Now the best part of the evening had to be, and I was told this by chef, and you cannot make these things up, when one of the gentlemen from the party of eight went to our chef- I keep calling him chef, but his name’s Alex- and said something along the lines of “Now we’re not normally complainers, but the lamb was too chewy; and I like lamb! I don’t think it was any of y’all’s faults though. I think that lamb just had a terrible childhood”. You can’t make up things like that! God I love nice southern folk. The thing I have realized, however, with some of my family being from, and living in, the south, is that there is a very fine line between southern hospitality and kindness, and racism. Like someone could be incredibly kind to you, and then the next moment say something so incredibly racist it takes you back a step. Luckily none of these people were like that, and I was all warmed up by their southern charm is hospitality. Seriously, southern people are just so kind for no reason, and it is refreshing. You go to New York or New Jersey and people don’t give a shit about you. You’re lucky if someone apologizes if they bump into you. But in the South people will just say hello to you, and wish you a wonderful day! It’s strange from an outside perspective, but heartwarming all the same.

Finally we closed up for the night and headed out of Emma’s Torch by 10:40, and I took the long train ride back home. I got some sleep on the A train, and woke up in time to get off at my stop, where I went down to the local Rite-Aid to grab some quick dinner for myself. I ended up picking up a sesame chicken and noodles frozen meal, along with some Veggies Straws and some dish soap, and headed on home. Once I got inside, I heated up my meal, and have been chowing down as I played some more Spider-Man, and watched another episode of The Office.

Tomorrow is the big day! I’m finally getting to meet W, and we’re going on our date. I’m honestly really looking forward to it! But first I need to get some sleep, wake up, and get through Brunch. No matter what, tomorrow should be interesting.

Until next time,



**This picture was taken yesterday, with my nickname at the restaurant- Michael “Mimosa” Saunders- because I am DAMN good at selling people some Mimosas~

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