The Ups and Downs of Life (There is an End to All Things, Both Good and Bad)(11/29/18)

Today had many ups and downs, that really took my emotions through a few loops. I didn’t move out of my bed until 2PM, where I finally chose to make a move with my day, and actually order some Domino’s. For this week only, Domino’s is actually having a deal where all pizzas are 50% off, so I was like, why not treat myself? I finally ordered my usual medium pizza, (with pepperonis, green peppers, and onions), and left the apartment to pick up the pizza. I headed down to 181st, where I went inside, got my pizza, and headed back home to relax and watch The Office for a bit, while I enjoyed my much needed lunch.

Around 4:10, I began questioning what I wanted to do with the rest of the day, and decided to look at AMC theaters to see what times Ralph Breaks the Internet was playing today; I loved the first movie, and this one actually got a bunch of good reviews, so I had been waiting to see it for a while now. There was a showing at 5:05 and 10PM, so I figured the best move was to get ready and see the 5:05 showing. As I mentioned in another blog, I ordered a PS4 with the new Spider-Man game with it, and they were arriving today by 8PM, so I wanted plenty of time to set up the new console and start playing! Since I had just under an hour, I started up the shower so I could get ready to leave. Unfortunately right before I got in the shower, I got a long text message from my brother Jake in the family group chat. He had to break the news to us that our cat Luna’s condition was deteriorating at a rate so much quicker than we could have imagined. She’s been a lot worse since before Nantucket, but Jake didn’t tell any of us the news because he didn’t want to ruin our happiness. He described how the tumor had bloated her lower jaw and she lost a ton of weight. The only good news is that she isn’t in any pain. What broke my heart more than anything is the fact that he asked us to please forgive him, and to not hate him for not telling us. He has had all of this weighing him down for weeks now, but he didn’t want to make us sad so he kept it to himself. Our family has been through so much shit, but the thing that I love most about us is that we always stick together. I made sure to tell him that, as did my dad and Maggie. My brother, despite our bickering and fights, is one of the kindest individuals I know. He puts everyone above himself, and it’s one of the many reasons I love him. He said that the vet recommended that Luna get euthanized as soon as we feel comfortable doing it; but we should do it soon so Luna won’t begin feeling any discomfort.

I immediately began crying when I read the text, but I hopped in the shower anyway, tears still rolling. I was hoping to be able to see Luna one more time when I came home for Christmas, but it is not an option at this point. It also breaks my heart that my dad won’t be there to say goodbye. Jake will FaceTime us at least so we can see her one more time, but it’s not the same. Maggie asked if we could wait until dad got home, but we all knew it wasn’t an option. My dad said for them to do it this weekend, meaning Maggie will be home with Jake at least. Maggie texted me later that night, after I got out of the movie, and said that she hoped we could wait, but when Jake FaceTimed her, she knew instantly that there was not way we could wait any longer. Luna had gotten so much worse since the last time we saw her; her face is partially disfigured now because of the tumor, and she is so incredibly skinny. She was a wreck because she has never been in the room when the euthanized a pet before, (neither has Jake and neither have I), but they have to do it. We are going to get her cremated, and we hope to get her paw print; We did the same with our last cat, Percy.

Sorry to bring down the mood, but unlike last time when I wrote about this, I am not crying; mostly because I got the tears out earlier, and it is 5AM. But let’s move onto lighter topics. First off, Ralph Breaks the Internet was actually so well done. Like I was worried I would be cringing throughout the movie because the movie would try to be hip and fail miserably, but it had a very good story line and it was pretty classy with its references to pop culture, memes, and the like. I was honestly really pleasantly surprised. Also the character development was really solid, and the scenes with the Disney princesses were hysterical. Honestly such a worthwhile watch, definitely go see it. Oh! And make sure to stay until the very end, because there are scenes during the credits, and right after the credits finish rolling.

Finally the movie ended and I headed home. I gave Maggie a call and we talked about everything going on, including how she drove to Virginia today to look at a car which cost $9,500, but they were going to charge her $700 for doing business with them, and the monthly payment would be $265 a month for quite a few years, bringing the total amount she would end up paying being around $20k for an under 10k used car. Fucking ludicrous. Their excuse was because she was young, even though she has a credit card with good credit, and has proven that she pays her bills on time every month. Unfortunately I had to get off the phone and hop on the subway, where I took it back to my apartment, hoping to see a box in the living room. Amazon said that the package had been delivered, but it wasn’t in my apartment, so I went up to check our mailbox and low and behold, there it was. Excited, I quickly headed back to my room and tore open the box, to behold the beauty that was my new PS4.

I immediately plugged that puppy in, set everything up, and after a bit of downloading once I inserted the Spider-Man disc, I was finally able to start playing the game. And holy SHIT the attention to detail is amazing. It takes place in NYC, and there were so many times throughout the game so far that I would be like, “Wait, I know where that is! I know that spot!” It was so satisfying and felt really cool to experience this in a game. Again, I’m not too far into the game yet, but it is so much fun so far. I did pause the game for a bit to eat and watch The Office, and of course my dumbass self decided at 2AM to begin doing laundry. It’s now 5:11 and I’ve finally finished folding all of my laundry and putting it all away. Some of it was a little damp, because I overloaded one of the dryers I guess, but at least it’s all folded up and put away. I got work tomorrow, so I really need some sleep. And once tomorrow ends it’ll be Saturday, and on Saturday I have a date, and I cannot wait for it. Still talking to W and she doesn’t think I’m crazy or anything yet, so we’re good to go! Now then, time to get ready and go to sleep.

Until next time,



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