Finally Back and Working (11/28/18)

Today was finally the day I headed back to Emma’s Torch. It has been over a week since I was last there, since the last time I worked was Sunday the 18th, so it felt kind of weird getting back into the old grind of it all. I got up at noon, after having a very strange dream, which I do want to talk about, just for a moment. So I had a dream, right before I woke up, that I got to see my mom again. It wasn’t like she was still alive or anything, like I knew she had died in the dream, but we spent the time talking about what’s been going on in the past 10 years. Sometimes I can’t imagine my mom’s voice exactly, because it’s been so long, but in the dream, she was crystal clear. I don’t remember much of it, but I do remember telling her where Jake, Maggie, and I are now- Maggie’s working at a vet hospital and has moved in with her boyfriend, Jake’s going to college as an English major, and I’m living in New York as an actor. When I told her I was an actor, she seemed surprised at first, and we laughed about it. I talked to Maggie about it when I got off of work, and she said that she likes to believe that that really did happen. I mean we had a lot of catching up to do; it has been over 10 years. I dunno, when I woke up, I felt this sense of happiness and sadness, because I know it was a dream, but it was still really nice to see my mom again, even if it was only while I was sleeping. She seemed so proud of us though, and that is all I could ever wish for. All I want is to pursue my dream and make my mom and dad proud. That’s all I could ever wish for.

Now then, once I got up, I told myself that I would actually get up and get ready ASAP. Of course, this was not the case, and I ended up moving at 2PM, after watching an episode of The Office. I finally hopped in the shower, got ready, and left by 2:48, catching the 2:51 train downtown to Brooklyn. Of course before I left, I made sure to grab some Tupperware, because you never know when there might be leftovers. When I got on the A, the car I was in immediately reeked of something unspeakable; I wasn’t sure who or what caused the smell, but it was almost unbearable to breathe. After one stop I quickly switched cars, because I was not dealing with that for the hour train ride ahead of me. Once I was in a new car, and was able to breathe in some decent air, I sat down and relaxed for the long commute. I played some games on my phone before deciding to take my usual subway nap, and passed out for a good 20 minutes or so.

I made it to Jay Street by 3:35 or so, right when the F train was pulling up, so I quickly changed cars and headed towards Emma’s Torch. I made it out of the subway on Carroll Street and to the restaurant by 3:40, where some of our new students were actually finishing up their first day! They were going over some basic english vocabulary with an English instructor, while Z and everyone else sat around, prepping for the day. I said hello to everyone and walked into the back to set my stuff down, only to open the door to find our head chef Alex doing a podcast with a gentleman. Surprised, I mouthed “Sorry”, quickly set my stuff down, and began prepping for the day. We got everything mostly prepared by 4:30, and I took a quick break to grab some food, before finishing up the final touches. Once everyone had taken what they wanted, I grabbed my Tupperware, filled it up with some of the leftovers, and brought the rest to the kitchen to be tossed and cleaned. I finished up wiping down the tables and we were at last ready to start the day.

W messaged me right around when service began, which was a nice distraction because most of the night was pretty boring and relaxed, to be honest with you. We started the night with 14 tables, so it wasn’t like we were extremely busy. Luckily we did have a few walk-ins, ending the night with 23 tables, and it was nice. It was honestly a really good way to get back into the grind, after being gone for a week and a half. The only annoying part of the night was that our final table just sat around for a good 20 minutes after we closed, just talking, even after they paid their bill. Luckily we still cleaned up and closed by 10:35, but still. Also! When we were setting up for the day, we had our sign sitting outside in front of the door, when all of a sudden this woman bangs on our window, holding our sign mind you, screaming “HEY. YOUR SIGN GOT BLOWN OVER. IT COULD’VE GONE INTO TRAFFIC. YOUR WELCOME.” and ran off! Like what the actual fuck? Weird and pretty rude, but kind of funny if I’m being completely honest.

So I make it to the subway station by 10:40 and catch the next F to Jay Street. I gave Maggie a call, telling her about my dream, and then suggest that we play some League tonight. She seemed down for it, and we ended the call, since I was on the train and was about to lose signal. After transferring to the A, I had the long trek back home, which took a solid hour, before I finally made it back into my apartment, heated up my leftovers from earlier in the day, and ended the night eating my late night dinner at 12:30AM, and then playing some League, first with Maggie, and then with some of my friends who I’ve known for a solid 3 or 4 years now, and who I met on League. It’s now 4:27 in the morning and I need to get some sleep. Tomorrow is a new day, and I have no idea what I am going to do. I’m hoping my PS4 arrives early, even though it’s supposed to arrive on Friday, but who knows. For now though, my bed awaits.

Until next time,



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