Back to the Grind with Day 2 of Rehearsal (11/26/18)

I’m actually writing this blog post, as well as the one for Tuesday at 2:34 in the morning, because I have been procrastinating all day, but let’s get to this post, shall we!

So today was the day I finally had my second rehearsal with TAP NYC at 4PM. Unlike last time where we all just received our monologues, we needed to be fully memorized by this rehearsal, so I had been going over my monologue, making sure I was ready to go. I woke up around 12:30, and lazed around in bed, because of course I did, until I finally needed to get up and shower. After finally getting ready, I left the apartment by 3PM, aiming to make it with enough time to grab a quick bite to eat before rehearsal began. As I left the apartment and got on the subway, umbrella in hand working to stay dry from this rainy, dreary day, I was talking with my sister about some Cyber Monday deals; I’m actually going to be building a new computer, guided by her boyfriend Devon, for Christmas, since I game quite a bit, and my mac laptop is hitting five years now; It still works well enough, but not for gaming or anything like that. Even though my original plan was to look for parts or accessories for the computer, I ended up eyeing the PS4 or the Nintendo Switch, which I had been wanting to buy for a bit now. I have a Wii U, but I would like to play other games as well. The PS4 wasn’t on sale, but there was a bundle with the new Spider-Man game for only $350, which is not terrible. Also my dad’s Christmas gift was on sale for like 40% off or more, so I was hyped.

Anyways, I made it to 50th Street by 3:35, and quickly headed to the local Pret to grab a sandwich to eat before rehearsal. There wasn’t my usual, so I picked up a bbq pork wrap and a bag of chips, and sat down for a few minutes to eat in peace. As I was sitting down, I was continuously going over my monologue, making sure that my wording was accurate and it was all in my body, before quickly heading off to rehearsal, since it was getting close to 4PM. I made it there with a solid 10-15 minutes to spare, and after a quick bathroom break I sat down and the rehearsal began.

Honestly the rehearsals are pretty relaxed, and not too much happens, since everyone is just doing their monologue, getting notes, and sitting back down. The important note about today’s rehearsal, (and all subsequent rehearsals moving forward), was that if you messed up your monologue and called for a line or needed to stop or anything along those lines, you would need to “hop” to another rehearsal, since this one would not count; you were not prepared, so why should you get credit? This gave me a bit of anxiety, since sometimes in the heat of the moment I blank on lines, but I just kept going over my lines and tried to breathe. There was one woman who went before me, who was a bit older, who actually didn’t know her lines, and needed to hop to another rehearsal, and I have to say there were a few others who got through, but definitely needed to look over their lines. Unfortunately I was one of those people. Now it wasn’t through the entire monologue, but at the beginning I was tripping over my words and stumbled through a bit of the words, but I got through it which I think is the most important part, since that meant I didn’t need to hop to another rehearsal. And don’t get me wrong, I know the monologue, I just got a little shaky when I got up in front of everyone.

There was also another gentleman, definitely quite a bit older, who began his monologue but needed to stop because he felt like he was going to faint. I have no idea what happened, but I really hope he’s okay. I also have to say that I am grateful for everything I learned throughout my time at FDU, because it’s really given me a leg up on the beginning of prepping for this monologue; with who I’m talking to, and points of views and things along those lines. Because even though all of these people are talented, there were some things that it felt like they were missing. And I’m not trying to say this to sound like a pretentious prick, even though I definitely do, but that’s not my intention at all. I honestly know that feeling, because I was like that during college, and am still like that at times. I am really excited to see where everyone goes, and how everyone progressed with their monologues by the time the showcase begins!

Finally the rehearsal ended and I headed back. I debated at first if I wanted to grab some dinner, since it was already 6, but I decided I would finish the chicken I had in the freezer when I got home. I did however need to make a quick stop at the local TJ Maxx to pick up some acne medicine that Mags gave me a bit back. It’s called “Glow” and it’s a solution meant to even out your skin, and get rid of all the red marks and scars. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but Maggie says it’s really been working, and my face definitely looks less red for the most part, which I am really happy about. I also picked up two different products to style my hair; One was a putty, and the other was a gel. I figured I’d test both and see which one works better with my hair; cost more, but should be worth it in the end. After buying everything I needed and heading back outside, I opened back up my umbrella and headed back to the subway station and towards home once more.

Once I made it back home, I watched some episodes of The Office and played some League before finally deciding it was time to cook this last piece of frozen chicken. Again, there’s not much to do besides season the chicken, so I put my favorite seasonings on the chicken, stuck it in the oven, and played some more League. As the time went on and I needed to flip the chicken, I went back and forth between League and checking on the chicken, as well as boiling some water and heating some mixed veggies. I took the chicken out of the oven, cut it in half, (and then cut one half into smaller portions of course), and plated the chicken and veggies before taking it back in my room and relaxing for the rest of the night. Unfortunately for me I was still quite peckish after my meal, so I headed down to the local Rite Aid and ended up picking up a bag of Reese’s bites, Kit-Kats, and a bag of veggie straws, (only cost me $10.50!) before heading back to my room and relaxing in bed, binging The Office for the rest of the night.

Throughout the entire day I talked with W which was really great, to be honest with you. She seems great and I’m getting excited for Saturday. Should be a lot of fun! Oh and I ended up ordering the PS4, which will arrive on Friday. Man I can’t wait! I will literally have no life.

Until next time,



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