A Day with the Pup and a Whole Lot of Nothing (11/27/18)

So today my friend asked me to head over to her apartment to take care of her pup, along with asking how much I’d like her to pay me. Now I gave her my response last night, but it does make me a bit uncomfortable when friends are paying me, you know? But money is money, so I ended up asking for $6. I figured since I made $18 walking dogs for an hour with Rover, it made sense to charge her $6, which covers the subway fee of $5.50, along with 50¢ just for me. (I’ll try not to spend it all in one place) Now I wasn’t working today, so I was planning on heading over there when I finally got out of bed, but of course knowing me, that took quite a while.

I made it out of bed and into the shower by 3PM, and managed to leave by 3:20 or 3:30, which is not terrible in my opinion. What was I doing from the time I woke up at 12:30 until 3PM? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. But I am a lazy piece of shit, so here we are! I made it to my friend’s apartment, and was greeted by the pup immediate barking, knowing that someone had entered. I went inside my friend’s room and was greeted with him jumping up and down in his cage, very excited to see a person again. Now I haven’t seen the pup in a week, but I swear he got bigger. I’m waiting for the day where I walk into the room to find he has jumped over the cage and is waiting at the door. Won’t that be a time. Now in the week that I haven’t seen him, I guess his teeth have also gotten sharper, because holy shit did it hurt when he went after my fingers. I’m trying to teach him not to, but damn does this pup like fingers. And he even went after my wrist! Who does that?? But it’s so hard to be mad at him because he is so cute. Hopefully the nipping ends soon though; the one time he caught me with his teeth, he drew blood, (which hasn’t happened before). After playing with him for a while, I finally put the pup back in his cage and headed back to the subway. It was already almost 4:30 and I hadn’t eaten yet.

When I got to the subway station, it said that the next downtown train wouldn’t arrive for another 15 minutes, but luckily a good 2 minutes later, one pulled up, so I was a happy camper! I made it back home, heated myself up some chicken, green beans, and rice for lunch, and then spent the rest of this afternoon watching The Office and playing League. Seriously, today has not been a very productive day, which is fine, but it of course makes me antsy. I am happy though, because I’m still talking to W and she doesn’t hate me yet, which is solid. She even found me on Instagram (after I gave her my username because I have nothing to hide to be honest), and she said that I was very cute; which makes me blush, because I am not usually told that haha. Seriously though, I’m really happy this girl is into me. Hopefully Saturday goes well!

Now I had to figure something out for dinner, so I ended up deciding on Taco Bell, and headed there to pick up a Steak Quesadilla combo (a quesadilla, hard-shell taco, and a large drink), before heading back to my room to relax and watch more of The Office. There are 9 seasons and I am already on season 7, so I’m going to have to find a new series to watch. I’m thinking the second season of Stranger Things, which I started but never finished. G also reached out to me today, which was a nice surprise because I hadn’t heard from her in a bit. Things aren’t going amazing for her right now and she is beyond stressed, so I want to do whatever I can to help her out. She’s a good kid and I know she’s working her ass off at grad school, and I want her to succeed. Now then, it is 3:26AM and I got work in the morning, so I am going to get some much needed rest. I am happy to say that I am finally caught up on my blog posts as well, so I can finally relax about that. Also! When I was making lunch today, I called and set up an appointment with a local dentist, so I can move over to a NYC dentist; also I’ve been having a problem with a tooth on the right side of my mouth that I need to get looked at, so I am looking forward to that. Well, not really, but I’m glad I have that going for me now. I guess I did get things done today. Yay me! Anyways~

Until next time,


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