A Wonderful Break Giving Thanks with Family (11/21/18-11/25/18)

Well hey there. It has been a while since I’ve made a post, and that is because I have spent Wednesday until Sunday spending time with my family on Nantucket island, celebrating Thanksgiving. I was going to write blogs each day I was there, but I ended up deciding to just spend the time I had with them, and write it up as one giant blog at the very end of the trip. Of course I put it off a little bit, and I’m writing this blog when I should be writing my Monday blog post, but let’s do this thing. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well, and were able to spend it with the ones you love!




So Emma’s Torch was gracious enough to give us from Wednesday until Sunday off of work for Thanksgiving, and since I wasn’t working Tuesday, it meant I got a little vacation, which was incredibly nice. I woke up nice and early on Wednesday, after having a great night hanging out with my friend, and finished getting ready and packed before leaving to meet up with Brian and his family, who I would be driving up to Maine with. I made it to their apartment by 8:20, and since we weren’t meeting until 8:30, I stopped by the Starbucks right around the block for a quick bite to eat- just a simple egg, bacon and cheese sandwich. Just as I finished the sandwich, Brian texted me and told me to meet him at the corner, so I grabbed my things, met up with him, and we headed to his car. As we were walking and getting in the car, we caught up, since I hadn’t seen him or his family in a good 5 or 6 years. Seriously, it has been such a long time! His son, Weston, is a few years younger than me, and is actually applying for colleges now, which made me feel so incredibly old.

We got in the car and pulled around, back to their apartment, and waited for Arden and Weston to get outside. Once they arrived and started packing everything into the car, I decided it would be best to make a quick stop to the bathroom before we hit the road, since it was a very long trip; so I headed back into the Starbucks, to find the bathroom had a lock on it, as most all bathrooms do in New York. I figured they would only give the passcode to customers, so I got back in line, bought a croissant, and asked for the passcode for the bathroom; Of course the employee told me that the code was actually on the bathroom door, but it’s fine because I love croissants. Right when she told me that, I watched a woman walk into the bathroom. It was fine though, because all I had to do was wait for her to come out, quickly use the bathroom, and then be on my way.

After 10-15 minutes of waiting, I got fed up and left. I had just received a text from Brian saying that they were pulling up, and I didn’t want to make them wait any longer. There was another guy who needed to use the bathroom as well I guess, and he even jiggled the handle; but nothing. This woman must have drank a LOT of caffeine I guess. I settle back into the car, now in the back seat with Weston, who has gotten much, much taller since the last time I saw him, and we were on our way; The family’s dog Casey, a 12 year old smaller dog, was sitting in Arden’s lap in the front. I popped in my headphones and began listening to music as we began our drive. We had a few really nice conversations as the drive began, but I quickly passed out and got some well needed rest. We took a few pit stops on our way to the ferry, even stopping at a Panera for some lunch. My favorite part of the road trip had to be the fact that Casey is a farty ol’ pupper. Like seriously, they have gotten so accustomed to this, that when he would let one rip, Brian and Arden would very nonchalantly put down their windows, and then bring the windows back up; like clockwork. I didn’t usually smell the farts, but when I did- holy moly did they stank. Like damn I didn’t know dog’s could rip something that fierce.

Finally we made it to the dock and had some time to kill before the ferry arrived, so Weston and I headed inside to the waiting area to stay warm, since it was quite cold out. Of course it was completely packed, so instead of dealing with being canned tuna, we braved the cold and stood in line with Arden and Casey. I honestly think that was the best idea because the line only got longer the longer we stood out there. It was cute and sad to watch all the tiny dogs endure the cold though, including Casey. He was wearing a sweater, but his little legs were shaking from the cold. Him and the other small dogs attempted to bark at one another and the cold, but none of them could really bark, so it sounded like an almost whine or something. It was hysterical just listening to them try one after the other, and failing.

At last the ferry arrived and we boarded onto the ferry. I used the ticket on my phone, which made it all so much less of a hassle. We found some seats on the ferry, and sat down to relax as we finally took off. I dozed off for most of the journey, but when I was awake, I did feel slightly sick to my stomach, since there was a steady slow rocking off the ferry. I didn’t vomit or anything, but I definitely didn’t feel too great. As we landed and got off the boat, I walked down the ramp and looked for my dad, who was filming the crowd of people getting off the ferry. He didn’t notice me waving at him and his camera, so I surprised him when I got off the ramp and patted him on the back to say hello. We hugged and went off to the side to meet up with Brian, Arden, Weston, and Arden’s dad and step-mom, before getting in the jeep and heading back to Ms. Susan’s house to relax for the evening. After having some dinner and settling in, I laid in bed watching some videos before quickly passing out at 9:30PM. I woke up to a call from Maggie, who told me that I needed to go back to sleep, since it was already past midnight, to which I told her that I would be up for a bit, since I just woke up from a few hour nap. Of course these words held no water when I promptly fell back asleep, waking up at around 10:00AM the next morning.





I woke up the next morning and relaxed in bed for a few hours, just watching a few videos on my computer, before hearing the voices of Maggie, Jake, and Devon, and promptly heading downstairs to greet them! They had just arrived and seemed very, very cold. Seriously, it was a solid 22 degrees outside in Nantucket and I was not about it at all. I ate some lunch and we discussed plans for the evening. Since it was Thanksgiving, we were all heading down to Brian and Arden’s to have dinner with them, so I hopped in the shower and got ready to go. Maggie surprised me with a birthday gift, being a scarf, socks, and a hat, which annoyed me because I got her nothing for our birthday, and now she is the better of us; I will say though, the scarf was exactly was I needed. I got dressed and we headed back into the cold to head on over to Brian and Ardens’ at last.

When we arrived, we all sat down to hang out for a little while, as the feast was served. And I gotta say, it was really cool spending Thanksgiving with so many people. There ended up being 17 of us together that evening, which was by far the largest Thanksgiving I have ever been a part of, and the food was EXCELLENT. Seriously, I piled as much as I could onto my plate, and even went back for seconds. As the meal ended the fun began, and we started playing a few Minute to Win It games, with some cool prized for the winners. These games included a cookie game, where you try to get an Oreo from your forehead and into your mouth, Suck It, where you need to move M&M’s from one plate to another using only a straw, and Turkey bowling, where we all bowled a pumpkin into a bunch of squash made up to look like turkeys. Bowling is where things got pretty messy, I have to say. It was a blood bath. with no survivors. Some of the turkeys lost their heads, some lost their feathers; a few even lost their eyes. Not even the pumpkin was safe, as it ended up cracking in half, spilling its guts along the basement floor. We attempted to use what I think was a croquet ball; but after my dad bowled it and lopped off of the turkey’s heads clean off, we ended up switching to a soccer ball, which was much less effective, to be honest.

The night ended with my dad jamming out with Arden’s father, and everyone singing some songs, before it was finally time for us to head home for the night. I had moved from my room in the attic, and was now sleeping downstairs on a loveseat couch thing. It was cozy enough, and after watching a few episodes of The Office, it was time for sleep. That night was actually the night I watched the episode where Pam and Jim get married, and I felt all of the emotions. Such happiness at seeing such a wonderful love, and this sense of sadness, because I didn’t have that. Still though, what an incredible, and wonderful episode.





Today was Black Friday, which really didn’t mean much, because I wasn’t doing any shopping on the island. I actually spent most of this day watching more of The Office, and trying to download some mods for Minecraft. My brother Jake has ALWAYS mocked me for playing Minecraft, but he has now finally peaked an interest in the game, probably mostly because of the mod Pixelmon, which is basically Pokemon, but in Minecraft. As the day went by, we were all heading into town to watch the tree lighting, as well as to do some shopping, so I got dressed, took a shower, and soon enough, we departed. In town, Maggie, Jake, Devon, and I made a few stops before Jake made his way to the bookstore. We all stopped at Sweet Sensations (I think that’s the name), which is a cute chocolate shop with some delicious treats. We were offered free samples of their famous chocolate covered cranberries, which were delicious I must say, before looking around for a bit. I ended up buying a dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate pretzel sticks, and gave Maggie, Devon, and Jake a taste of them. Honestly, pretty good, but the chocolate cranberries were better. After that we stopped by a couple shops, even stepping into a fudge shop, where I tried a few flavors, and Maggie and Devon both bought a quarter pound of their favorite flavors.

Finally, it was time to make our way to the tree, but when we got there, no one had arrived yet, so we went into the clothing store right across the street to get warm and wait inside for everyone else to show up. It was only Maggie, Devon, and I in the shop, since Jake was on his own checking out some book stores. Everything in this store was so EXPENSIVE though, like holy moly. I think my favorite one though, was a shirt that said Ho Ho Ho, and cost like $126 or something. Like Ho ho holy SHIT no thank you. After wasting some time in there, we made our way back outside to meet up with my dad and the rest of the gang. Jake was still MIA, so we went to go and fetch him, since it was starting to get real crowded. He was at the bookstore right across the street, so we quickly fetched him and the four of us met back up with everyone and stood around waiting for the tree lighting to begin.

After a good while of waiting and my toes beginning to lose all feeling, a gentleman came on the microphone to give his spiel. 20 years later when he finally finished, he introduced the next gentleman, who was going to give a speech and then the countdown for the tree lighting. Right when he got on the microphone, all of a sudden all the trees lit up; I guess someone got a little too excited! Of course, they turned back off the lights and he gave a long winded spiel himself before finally giving a countdown and the trees lit up once more. Then the choir standing behind him began singing. I of course sang with them, just like my dad, and quickly bounced around, trying to stay warm. It was very, very cold out, and I was not having it. After a good 30 or more minutes, the choir ended and we headed back home. Everyone was actually meeting us back at Ms.Susan’s tonight for some leftover Thanksgiving food, and breakfast for dinner!

Everyone arrived and dinner was served. We all sat around, passing around food and having a grand ol’ time. After dinner finished and we had some dessert, Maggie, Devon, Jake, and I played a game with Ms. Susan’s sister’s husband, Brad. Seriously, Brad is such a great guy, who is always down for a good game and an even better joke. The game he pulled out this evening was called Cosmic Wimpout. It is a simple dice game all about rolling and trying to rack up points. I go into how the game is played, but I absolutely recommend buying it and playing. It is so much fun, and is a great way to waste time. Before we could finish the game, Brad had to take his exit because his kids were getting tired, so we waited around for them to leave and helped clean up the dining room, since Ms. Susan wanted to play. She took Brad’s place, and quickly cleaned our clocks, and just like that the game was over.

Ms. Susan and my dad went to bed, while Jake, Devon, Maggie, and I sat around the living room and watched Rampage, which was a movie that Jake loved. (Seriously, a movie right up his alley) Not a bad movie, and we all seemed to enjoy it, even though Maggie and I didn’t think it was going to be very good. Finally we all went to bed, and ended the night.





Today we actually met back up with Brian and him, my dad, Jake, Maggie, Devon, and I all made our way onto a local beach in Nantucket. I woke up that morning to Ms. Susan’s cat, Sylvester, sniffing my face, which I think meant he was testing me, since this cat is known to bite. He bit me on the leg a while back, which is why I will never wear shorts around him.I am not taking that risk. I finally got up, made some lunch, hopped in the shower, and the Saunders clan finally all piled up in one car and headed out to meet Brian. Since we were in jeeps, all we needed to do was let some of the air out of the tires and we were good to drive right on the sand! It was a bit of a bumpy ride of course, since it is a beach, but no one cracked their heads of the ceiling of the keep and we made it out there alright. When we finally arrived at the lighthouse, we ended up taking a family photo, a candidate for the Saunders yearly family Christmas picture; we actually took one by the tree yesterday before it was lit, when we were all freezing our butts off. This time we were all sitting on the jeep, which seemed kind of like a new single album cover we were about to release. We then made our way past the lighthouse and onto the beach to explore and hopefully see some seals, which we actually saw poking their heads out of the water on our way to the lighthouse.

Not only did we see more seals poking their heads out of the water, we stumbled upon a bunch of them relaxing in a giant group; from far away they all looked like a large pile of rocks! As we got closer, quite a few of them turned and stared at us, ready to run if we got closer. We kept our distance so they wouldn’t run away, and got some pictures of the mound of seals. After enjoying the beautiful sunset, we decided to head on back. Maggie, Devon, and I hopped in Brian’s jeep this time along to keep him company, and we drove back through the beach to get to road once more. Once we filled back up the tires and the three of us were back in the jeep with Jake and dad, we agreed to meet Brian at a local bar that was playing some live music. Once we got there, we found out just how packed this place was, given that it was Thanksgiving weekend. We hung outside for a while enjoying the decent band who was playing and devouring the dumplings made at a stand at the bar. Since it was the winter, the bar was actually in a giant tent, with the band playing inside; normally in the summer the band and bar are outside, but it’s a bit too cold for that. Now this band wasn’t terrible or anything, but I think I got a little whiplash from their changes in song selection. Like the first thing I hear them play is Shake It Off, and then they switch to a much different song that I do not remember, but definitely much different then T. Swift, and then they played Jackson Five; like what? I will say though, one of the guys whipped out an electric ukulele and rocked it. I was really impressed, to be honest.

After a little while, we all decided to leave, and Ms. Susan, (who actually joined all of us at the bar), dad, Jake, Maggie, Devon, and I all went down to a restaurant called Brotherhood of Thieves for dinner. Now I got a burger with chilies, house made cheese, and the works, and it was- not good. I mean the toppings were fine and tasted good, but the patty itself was so bland. Like cmon, it is not hard to add a little seasoning to your meat before you cook it! I still finished my burger, but Mags who also got a burger, couldn’t. She got a burger with bbq sauce on it, and it did not save the burger. I will say the funniest part of the dinner was the fact that my dad ordered scallops and when they brought it out, they asked who ordered the cod. This became a running gag for the rest of our time at Nantucket, constantly asking my dad how his cod was, even though he clearly was eating scallops. I did feel bad though because my dad paid for the entire meal and it was PRICEY. Love you dad.

Finally we all headed home and settled in for the night. After some debate, Jake, Maggie, Devon and I ended up watching Hail, Caesar, which was a Coen Brothers movie, and definitely one of the strangest movies I have ever watched. The main thing I got from the film was that it was about Communism? Other than that, no clue. The good news of the night was that I was now back in a bedroom, which was the one that Ms. Susan’s step-mother, Theo, had been staying in. She left in the morning, but didn’t even say goodbye to anyone before she peace’d out. I settled into bed, watched some more episodes of The Office, and went to bed.





Today was finally the day I left Nantucket and made the long trip back home to New York with Brian and his family. I spent the first part of the day packing up all my things, getting the sheets off my bed, and making some lunch, before all of us headed back into town for one final shopping trip before we all left. Before heading into town however, we made a stop at a local town where there is a really nice path through houses that gives you an amazing view of the beach and the sea. There was a steady rain when we got there, but the five of us braved the rain and walked along the path for a little while, getting to see some insane waves. We even drove down right to the beach, where Jake, Dad, and I stepped out of the jeep to get a good look at the monstrous waves in front of us. Afterwards, we headed into town for the final little shopping trip. Maggie and Devon were looking for a gift for Devon’s parents, so I of course tagged along, even managing to find a little gift for my dad! It’s this cute little box that’s meant to hold guitar picks. I’m already getting him something else, but I dunno, I figured he might like it.

After a bit of shopping, it was finally time for me to get on the ferry, so we headed to the dock and met up with Brian, Arden, and Weston, before I said my goodbyes to everyone. We made it on the ferry and after a little while of waiting, we left the island of Nantucket. I managed to get some sleep this time around as well, and the ride was much less bumpy then our trip up, which was a pleasant surprise. Even though it was raining all last night and this morning, it had cleared up into a beautiful afternoon and evening. When we landed back on Maine, we all got off the ferry, climbed into Brian’s car, and took off back towards home. Well, we of course made a quick stop for some food, and we went to the Wendy’s nearby. Now I don’t hate Wendy’s, but it always throws me off when it’s people’s first choice to stop. It was one of my exes favorites, but to each his own I guess.

Now the rest of the trip was fairly calm honestly. I slept most of the way back home, and listened to some music, with a conversation or two dispersed throughout the trip. We finally made it back to NYC around 10:30, where they were gracious enough to drop me off at my apartment, where I unloaded, said my goodbyes, and finally headed inside. I spent the rest of the night actually playing some League and watching The Office, which was really nice! I finally laid down and got some much needed rest, since I actually had my next rehearsal tomorrow. I even went through my monologue over and over again, throughout the trip of course, to make sure I had it down.

I also wanted to update you all on what’s been going on with my love life. Not much to be fair, but I have actually been talking to the girl, W, from OkCupid for a bit now. I even asked her out on a date, which we will be having this Saturday, which should be a lot of fun. She seems super sweet and is definitely cute, so I am honestly looking forward to Saturday. I will of course keep you all updated when Saturday comes along, but I just wanted to put out the update that it’s been going very well so far. Now then, it is 4:54 on Tuesday the 27th, and I have got to get some rest. I’ll write the 26th’s blog tomorrow when I wake up, but I really need some sleep. Hope you enjoyed my novel of Thanksgiving!

Until next time,



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