You Gotta Keep the Sock Game on Point (11/20/18)

Today I began the day late, just like yesterday, waking up at 1PM to finally begin the day. After relaxing in my bed for a while, I hopped in the shower and got myself ready, before heading to Subway for some lunch at 3:30. I would’ve made some food, but since I’m leaving for a few days to celebrate Thanksgiving with family, I didn’t think it would’ve made any sense to have leftovers sitting in the fridge while I’m gone. So once I got dressed, I made my way out of the apartment and to the local Subway. I ordered my sandwich and sat down to eat for a few minutes, before I made my way out and to the subway station, catching the next A train downtown.

A few days ago I searched Google for places in New York to buy fun socks, and ended up finding a place called Happy Socks. It’s located off of Spring Street, so I transferred to the C train and made my way downtown, and began walking to the store. I cannot believe how dark it gets so early now! Like seriously, it wasn’t even 5PM and it’s already dark out. I will say though, when I made it to Happy Socks, I felt at home. Seriously, I have been collecting interesting and fun socks for the past few years, and as my socks become more and more worn, I have had to begin throwing away some of my favorite pairs of socks because holes. I got a pair of socks for Christmas either last year or the year before, which had llamas on them with top hats, monocles, and other items, and their time has just expired. So I was on a quest to at least find a few new good pairs of socks. I know this doesn’t sound like that big of a deal, but I think having interesting socks, and having your sock game be strong, is very important. As a kid, you expressed yourself with different interesting shirts, some with funny sayings, or some with cool logos or pictures on them. As I’ve grown up, I wanted dress better, with tighter, more form fitting clothing, and wear things that made me look good, not younger than I already look. My twin Mags has been collecting socks for a long time now, and I finally decided to join suit.

So when I walked into Happy Socks, I really felt at home. It was a small shop, but there were some really great designs on the socks in the store, and I began looking for my favorite pairs. Immediately I spotted Beatles’ socks, and I had the idea to buy Mags these socks for Christmas; She got me limited edition Beatles socks last year, which has The Dreadful Flying Glove on it, from the Yellow Submarine movie; Seriously, they are such cool socks, and I treasure them. So in return, I ended up buying her yellow submarine socks, as well as a pair which had all four Beatles’ on them. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete unless I bought her a pair of cat socks, since she has two, so I picked up a pair for her as well. As for me, after searching and searching, I decided on a pair of socks with little birds on them- I think they’re sparrows, but I’m not sure, as well as another pair with plus signs, and two really nicely designed dress socks, and a pair of wool socks for winter. I put a picture of all of them at the bottom of the blog, because I really think they are some damn good looking socks.

After making my purchase and spending just shy of $90 on socks, I headed back home. I was heading over to my friend’s house to hang out with her and her pup for a bit later in the night, and was bringing over wine that I wanted to finish before heading out for Thanksgiving. She was still at work for a little while longer, so I sat down and watched a few episodes of The Office, before finally hopping on the A train uptown and heading to her apartment. When I arrived, she was just doing some laundry, and then we started the night taking the pup on a walk to the nearby park. He was so excited, running as fast as he could around; so excited to meet everyone and see all he could see. I don’t really notice how small he is when I’m watching him, but around other people and bigger dogs, he is the tiniest little thing! The three of us arrived in the park, and we had him run around for a bit, with my friend walking away from him, and then she would say “Come!” and I would let go of his leash and he would sprint into her arms; this dog is seriously cute. The pup still had plenty of energy, which was perfect because that was the moment when more dogs came walking into the park. We had a wonderful chat with the owners as the pup greeted the other dogs- sniffing and jumping up to say hi, before we finally made our leave back to the apartment. We honestly spent the rest of the night talking and drinking wine- discussing movies, and life, and everything in between. It was really great actually. It sucks not being able to see my friends all the time, but getting to spend some time with a friend every once in a while over a bottle of wine is amazing, and is such a blessing. As the time struck past midnight, I finally made my leave, and headed back home on the subway.

Once it hit my stop, I headed to the local Rite-Aid to pick up some soap so I could bring some with me on the trip, as well as some Milano’s because I’m addicted, and a frozen meal for dinner. I got back to my apartment, heated up the frozen meal- which was sesame chicken, veggies, and pasta- and have spent the rest of the night watching more of The Office. I actually had it playing while I was writing this blog post, but Netflix stopped to ask me if I was still watching, so I decided that I should be done for the night. It’s already 3:35AM and I need to be up at 6 to get ready and leave for the road-trip up to Nantucket, so I am going to pass out in the next few minutes. Tomorrow should be a fun day, and I have a feeling I am going to get some nice rest on the trip up.

Until next time,



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