A New Look and a Word to Remember (11/19/18)

After a long night of talking with Zoe last night, it was nice to sleep in for a bit and relax before starting my day. I made the decision last night, after Zoe made the comment, like my dad and like my twin, that I need a haircut, to go and get it done. I had just shaved what little had grown over the past 20+ days, and it was time to finally cut some of my hair off. I haven’t gotten a haircut since the end of July, and it has gotten quite long. I found a place called Made Man Barbershop, which had a location on 38th and Broadway, that had good reviews, so I made up my mind to get it done today. Of course I didn’t leave my bed until 2:30, but as I got up and took a shower, I made an appointment for 4:30; I wasn’t sure if they were going to be busy or not, so I just wanted to be able to be seen fairly quickly, instead of waiting for hours. It cost my $35 when I made my payment online, and after showering and putting a little bit of gel in my hair, I headed out.

As I got down to the subway station, the downtown A was just pulling away, so I had to wait another 10 minutes before I could begin my trip. Luckily I made it to 42nd Street just after 4, and quickly made my way across to 38th and Broadway, where I stopped in at a Pret for a quick bite to eat. I mean, I hadn’t eaten yet today, and I really wanted to get something in my system. My friend Amanda wanted my help with a self-audition tape at 6PM and we were going to grab a bite to eat afterwards, but I didn’t want that to be my only meal of the day. After buying a sandwich and quickly eating it, I walked down to Made Man Barbershop. I passed by it once, unsure if it really was the place, since there was no sign, and then entered. I was greeted by an empty barbershop with a four people relaxing about the store. I was greeted and told to take off my coat, and sit down in the nearest chair- I would have my hair cut by the lady barber there; again I don’t really care who cuts my hair, as long as it looks good. The woman was very nice, and was very understanding when I explained sort of what I wanted- short on the sides and back, and trim the top, leaving it a bit longer.

As you can see at the picture at the bottom of this blog, I think the haircut turned out very nice! The woman worked meticulously and I think it came out really well. When I walked out, I actually felt a bit chilly, since there was so much less weight on my head; the woman said that I was going to feel like a new person, which is true to a point, but new hair, still the same ol’ me. I made my way out of the barbershop, happy with the final product, and since it was 5PM already, I quickly made my way down to the Vans store on 34th Street; I realized after 6 months of wearing my shoes that they are actually a size too small. Like I am normally a 9 1/2, but apparently with Vans, their sizes are slightly smaller. Like when I put those shoes on, there is no room between my toe and the edge of the shoe. I just assumed it was the make of the shoe that made my feet hurt after wearing them for a while. I walked inside and met with a sales clerk, and explained that I wanted the same shoes, just in a 10 instead of a 9 1/2. The woman came back a few minutes later with a size 10, and it fit so much nicer. I paid for my new shoes- $50, not bad!- put on the new shoes, and headed off back to my apartment.

Unfortunately by the time I got on the train, it was already 5:45, so I didn’t make it back to my apartment until 6:15 or so; I let Amanda know I was running a little late before I got on the train, but I still wanted to get there as soon as I could. I made it back in my room, dropped off my old shoes, and headed back out towards her apartment. It was a quick walk, so I made it by 6:30, and headed on up to her apartment. She had a little tripod set up on the dresser or something in her room, and was sitting on her bed to film the quick self tape. I was reading the part of either her friend or sister, and it went smoothly! After we had finished, we headed off to the bar right down the street for some drinks and food- she offered to buy me a drink in exchange for helping her with the self-tape.

We sat down at the bar, ordered ourselves drinks, and then ordered some food. I got steak fajitas, and she ended up getting fries, since they were out of quite a few things. (She’s also vegan, which makes finding food a bit more difficult) We had a really good chat and talked for a good while before I walked her back to her apartment and headed home for the night. I of course spent some of the rest of tonight playing League with Mags, but I also have spent the past 3 hours or so- it’s 4:34 now- watching episode after episode of The Office. Seriously this show is so good, but the more I watch it, and the more I see Jim and Pam’s relationship, the more my heart breaks; little by little. I live for their relationship, but it hurts because I want that, and I think I had it at one point, and now it’s gone and there’s nothing I can do about it. But something has kept playing in my head- When I was walking to the Vans store, I realized they were setting up for the Macy’s Day parade, and when I looked up across the street, all that was up there were glowing letters that said “Believe”. So that’s what I’m gonna do; no matter how much I get down on myself, I’m not going to give up. I’m sure that’s not what that sign is for, but it’s good enough for me. Just believe and keep moving forward. Things will work out.

Until next time,



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