A Busy Day of Work, a Wonderful Meal, and a Night Learning the Lifespan of a Fact (11/18/18)

Today was a day filled with so many emotions; happy, frustrated, sad, and all in between. I woke up just before 8AM, and ended up hopping in the shower at 8:20, and getting ready and making it out the door by 8:55. I managed to catch the 8:57 train heading downtown towards Brooklyn, and I thought I was in the clear! Yesterday I was running late, but today I was on schedule and good to go! But of course I came to find out very quickly that there is construction going on with the C train, so downtown A’s were still running local until 125th. Of course, this added extra time to my route, but I still had hopes I would make it on time today. I didn’t have headphones, but I did manage to sleep just a little bit today before arriving at Jay Street. Of course today, unlike yesterday, the F decided to fuck me as well, and made it so the next F wouldn’t arrive for another 12 minutes, which made me late to work again. Not as late as yesterday, but still 6 or 7 minutes, which I am not happy about by any means.

I headed on in and quickly began setting up for the day with the other server, and the manager Z, and we were ready to go by 9:45. This meant I had time to run next store and buy myself a BLT for breakfast! (Always makes the beginning of the day better!) Z even gave me her yogurt, so I scarfed that down as well and finished getting ready before we began the shift. Now, we had been open for a solid 6 or 7 minutes as we noticed a solid 5 or 10 people just chilling outside our door, looking like they were just waiting for us to open. Z poked her head out and let them know we were open, and so we began the shift in a run. Seriously, this shift was pretty fast paced the entire Brunch, with us ending with 79 covers overall, which is pretty damn solid. Overall the customers were pretty nice, barring one or two tables, and the hours passed by like a blur. Luckily no plates or glassware was dropped, and service went off without a hitch. All of our guests finally cycled out of the restaurant just after 3, and as we cleaned up the front, the chefs put out a smorgasbord of food, containing rice, fried chicken, coleslaw, cookies, bread pudding, and so much more. Seriously, it was beautiful. After we finished up, we celebrated a job well done with some wine, and of course plates piled high with food. I was so happy to be able to fill myself up with so much delicious food, though I have been putting a ton of carbs into my system recently…

I finally put some food in my Tupperware, packed up the wine I was taking home, and headed out to catch the train home; I needed to get ready for the show tonight! I caught the next train home, and on my way back, I ended up deciding to give a man on the subway asking for money the extra dollar I had in my pocket; I don’t normally give anyone money, but today? I don’t know, today I just felt like I should. Now, I made it home by 5:40, and used the bathroom and put on a dress-shirt before heading back out to go to 52nd Street. I had to take the A down to 145th, and then transfer to the D, and even though I was cutting it a bit close, I still made it to the theater by 6:45 (the show began at 7). I talked to the TodayTix people standing outside- great service, definitely will always recommend- got my ticket and headed inside, prepped for the show to start. I made my way all the way up to my seat, which I have to say was a bit cramped in the leg room department, but that’s okay, and sat down, ready for the show to begin. As the show neared its start time, a group of three sitting front of me got up to talk to an usher, to see if they could move seats. The show was about to begin, and there were still some empty seats to be had. The usher seemed to say it was okay, since they all got up and made their way to better seats. The woman sitting next to me noted that that seemed to be a good idea, and we both decided that right when the show was about to start, we would make a move to seats across from us, which were more center stage. As music began playing, we made our move, followed by a few others; I guess it is pretty normal practice in shows, but I don’t really go see that many broadway plays or musicals, so I don’t really know all the ins, outs, and tricks of it all.

And so the play began, and I have to say- how interesting and very well done it was! The acting was terrific, and the storyline was captivating. The show lasted about 85 minutes straight through with no intermission, and I really believe that was the correct call, since any time away from the plot would have taken away from the feeling of urgency you got watching these three discuss the literary work that was going to be published. Some spoilers of course, but I found it fascinating to watch the discussion between truth and facts, and how you feel something should be, sometimes taking a few liberties to make things sound better, versus the cold hard facts. I think all three actors did an absolutely excellent job, and really managed to drive the story, pushing each of their narratives beautifully. It was a pleasure to watch their objectives clash, as they each fought for their ideals. If you’re able to get to see this play, I would highly recommend it. It is so potent in today’s society, so I think it is a very important story to tell.

As the show finally finished, the three actors came out to speak to the audience members about donating to the actor’s fund to help stop AIDS. The actors would be holding buckets outside the theater in the lobby, and we were all of course encouraged to donate whatever we could. Before we all left however, there was a quick auction for one of the props in the show, which happened to be Daniel Radcliffe’s notebook he uses in the beginning of the play. All three actors had signed it with a thank you, and of course there was some scribbling done by Daniel while he was using it onstage. The bidding started at $100, and I was extremely surprised, but very happy, that a woman ended up buying the notebook for $1000. Like seriously, that is insane. Amazing, because it is going to help fight AIDS, but damn I could not imagine just dropping $1000 like that. Seriously. On my way out, I dropped in the extra change I had with me, wishing I could’ve donated more, and headed out on the street on foot towards 59th Street.

As I walked towards 59th Street, I ended up getting a text from G, after I had messaged her last night about meeting me in the city to hang out either Monday or Tuesday. She told me that she was too busy to do it this week, since she was already doing so much driving, so I just said “That’s absolutely okay; Another time then.” Now I was expecting this to be her answer, but I had hoped to be wrong for once. I was just hoping to get the chance to see her again, not in any romantic way or anything, but just as a friend who hasn’t seen her in a good long while. As I caught the A home, I began lamenting about how God is truly looking to just spite me my entire life, and all that really positive thinking. I’m not sure why that set me off; I thought I had prepared myself well enough, but I guess not. I wrote down how I felt and ended up passing out for a few minutes on the train, before finally making it to my stop and heading inside. I’ve honestly spent the rest of tonight relaxing, eating leftovers from family meal, and then talking with Zoe for a solid 4 hours. We had a nice heart to heart for a bit, and I was able to talk about how I felt today, which has really helped my mindset. I know G saying for us to hang out some other time is probably an empty promise, and sometimes I wish she would just say she wants nothing to do with me- that would be SO much easier- but for now all I can do is keep the faith somehow I guess, and keep moving on. Tomorrow is a new day, and I think I’m actually gonna get my hair cut! I was holding off for a while, but it’s damn long now, and I just shaved my would-be barely a thing mustache this morning, so why not! Fun times ahead, hopefully.

Until next time,



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