Oh MTA, Why Do You Forsake Me So? (11/17/18)

Today I had to be at work by 4:30, since for once on a Saturday, I was actually working Dinner instead of Brunch. Of course being me, I ended up moving and taking a shower around 2:30 or so, and made it out the door by 3:34. I mean, normally this wouldn’t be a problem! I usually leave the apartment 10 minutes earlier, and make it to work in 45-50 minutes. I figured I would be perfectly okay. The A train even arrived by 3:40, so I had a solid 50 minutes to get to work! Of course when the train pulled up, it was a different car than usual. I hoped it didn’t mean anything, but was quickly proven wrong when the train began running local until 125th Street. This meant that my commute had an additional 10-20 minutes added onto it. By the time I made it to 59th Street, it was past 4PM already, and I still needed to go all the way to Brooklyn. I sent out an email to my manager, Sara, letting her I would probably arrive around 4:40 and 4:45, and just dealt with the hand I was given. The train was also completely packed the entire ride, so I wasn’t even able to sit; and of course I still didn’t have headphones, so I just had to deal with what was going on around me instead of being able to be in my own little bubble.

I finally arrived at Jay Street at 4:32, which was about as I had predicted it, because since I couldn’t listen to music, I made the hypothesis that it takes about 2.5 minutes between stops. Seriously, this is not how I usually spend my time, but desperate time call for desperate measures to cut through the boredom and stress I guess. Luckily an F train was 2 minutes away, so I was able to quickly get to work from there. I actually made it to Emma’s Torch by 4:42- pretty accurate, right?- and began getting ready for the shift. Well, not really. Everything was basically done, since the other server Emily just set everything back up after Brunch. I made sure to quickly grab some food from family meal, (and put some aside in my Tupperware for my dinner tonight), before Sara and I had pre-shift before Dinner started. And honestly? It was a pretty slow evening. We were supposed to have 40 on the books, but we had a decent amount of no shows, which is no fun. We had another server, Alexis, come in at 6, but tonight was definitely pretty boring. We had mostly four tops, who took up most of the restaurant, and then a few two tops who trickled in as the night progressed. We finally managed to close and get out, after jamming out to the best song for cleaning up- Darude Sandstorm, and I headed home by 11PM.

Luckily the A train ran local from 125th onward for some reason, so I made it home just past midnight. I took out my Tupperware and heated up my leftovers from earlier on, and spent the rest of my night eating and watching some Youtube videos in my bed. Seriously I wish work days were a bit more eventful, but work is work I guess. I’ve been jamming out to a Pentatonix radio as I’m typing this, so it’s a good time. Also when I got home, there was what sounded like a party going on a block or so away. Music has been blasting from there for a while now. It’s 2:22 and music’s still going, so I guess people are still having a good time. As for me, I am going to get ready and get some sleep, because of course tomorrow is Sunday, which means I gotta be at work by 10AM. The good news is tomorrow after work I’m heading home for a brief moment before heading back out to see The Lifespan of a Fact, which should be a lot of fun!

Until next time,


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