Just Another Day at Work (So is it Fall or Winter? I don’t even know anymore)(11/16/18)

So after I wrote the blog post last night and was about to go to bed, the time was striking 5AM at this point, I realized something incredibly unpleasant- my headphones were missing. I knew I had them on earlier that evening, because I was listening to music on my way to the Rite Aid down the street to grab some snacks, but I couldn’t for the life of me recall what happened to them. Then I realized, I had taken them off and put them around my neck when I was searching for my keys after they had fallen out of my pocket, and I could only assume that they had fallen off my neck when I slipped on the snow and almost fell, after I had found my keys and was heading back. Seriously, I was frantically searching my room for a solid 15 minutes, when I really should’ve just been trying to get some sleep, and even retracing my steps to the laundry room, hoping that I set them in there for some reason. Of course, I knew I hadn’t, and I had to conclude that they were gone. I woke up today determined to at least retrace my steps back to where I had dropped my keys- maybe they were still there! (Highly unlikely, but weirder things have happened)

I finally got up and began moving around 1:30, and took a nice hot shower before getting ready and leaving by 2:45. I didn’t have too much extra time, but I still wanted to at least look, so I retraced my steps and came up empty handed. Of course I wasn’t surprised- if they were out there last night, they could’ve easily been picked up and taken, washed away when the snow melted, or cleared with the snow by shovels or trucks. Any number of things could have happened, but the bottom line is that I am without headphones for the time being. Luckily, I looked up the price on Amazon and I could order them for just $25, but it still was awful that I lost them. Seriously, I am the worst when it comes to small things like headphones; I cannot keep track of them. My memory is pretty rough, even though I am not old at all; like my memory is that of a goldfish- I can’t seem to retain simple things like what I did with headphones, or anything small like that, and it is infuriating. I can’t tell if I just can’t remember, or I wasn’t paying attention in the first place, so there would be no way for me to remember it. Saddened at the acceptance that my headphones were gone, I made my way down to the subway station, and caught the 3PM train down to Brooklyn.

I made it to work by 3:50 or so, and began setting up for the day. I wish I had more of an eventful day to report, but it was pretty boring. The most exciting part of the day, was that I decided to text my friend to see how she was doing. I saw on Snapchat that she was heading home yesterday, and I could not imagine driving in New Jersey through that snow. She told me it took her 10 hours to get home, which normally takes 5 hours. Seriously, that is insane. I also continued my conversation with a girl I matched with on OkCupid, named W, which has been nice. The conversations aren’t crazy, mostly because I do not know how to flirt for the life of me, but it’s been nice to talk with and get to know someone new. Having friends, especially now when I’m transitioning into being an adult, which has been one hell of a ride, is really important I feel. When I was trying to figure out how the hell I was going to move to New York over the summer, the stage manager of the show I was in said that the first year she moved to the city was the hardest for her, because it was when she felt the most lonely. I’m happy that I do have friends in the city and close by so I’m not alone, but it can be tough sometimes. I don’t want to fall into this rut of the same old same old; but it’s hard.

I also ended up ordering the headphones at work, just so they would arrive by Sunday, which means I wouldn’t have to survive too long without being able to listen to music on the subway. As for the Dinner shift tonight, it was pretty steady and slow tonight. We had around 30 people on the books by the end of it, and made decent money, so I was okay about it. We cleaned up and got out by 10:30, and I actually got lucky enough to catch the Express A on my way home. I don’t know why it was still running this late at night, but I’m not gonna go punch a gift horse in the mouth. I made it home by 11:30, heated up some Mac’n’Cheese from work today, and mixed some rice and green beans together, and had that pile of carbs for my dinner. I ended the night playing some League with Mags, and of course watching more of The Office. Finally got to watch Jim propose to Pam, which warms my damn heart so much. Seriously, I live for those two in the show. I hope and wish with all my heart that I can find my Pam someday, (Hopefully someday soon). I have work tomorrow at 4:30PM, and then I have work again on Sunday at 10AM, so I guess we’ll see how things go! Oh!! I also bought tickets for The Lifespan of a Fact- not sure if I mentioned that yesterday, but it’s on Sunday at 7PM and I cannot wait. It should be a lot of fun! Now then, it is 4PM, so I am going to get some sleep! Hopefully things pick up soon- I really need something to happen in my life.

Until next time,


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