Feeling Accomplished Full Day of Work and Building (11/10/18)

Today was a good, productive day, and I’m proud of what I’m managed to get done. Work was solid, but more than that I put together the TV stand and the dresser, and finally cleaned up my room to make it look really nice. Also found two pennies head side up, and I can always use good luck. Onto everything that happened today though.

Today I woke up at 7:30, and even though I was tired, I rolled out of bed and hopped in the shower just after 8, to get ready for work. I figured today was a Queen kind of day, so I put on a Queen playlist, and jammed out while showering, before drying off, getting ready, and leaving for the day. I caught the 8:57 A downtown, and made it to Emma’s Torch by 9:50; of course walking next store to the Deli to pick up my morning BLT- no man sleeping on me on the subway today, though of course I passed out for a bit on the way there. As is typical now, I walked into the Deli, and the gentleman working said- BLT with mayo?” “Yep!” It’s nice that he actually remembers my order, since I’ve been consistently coming in over the past month or two. I paid the usual $3.50 and brought it back to the restaurant to quickly eat before getting ready for another service. The server assistant working today, Talula, was already hard at work, getting everything done. Seriously, this girl is a superstar. Like she’s still in high school, but way more organized and driven than I am now, which is crazy.

We had four 3 tops on the books today, so we set everything up, went over pre-shift, and got ready to work. We were selling mulled cider today, and even though I thought we’d have enough, we actually sold out of it within the first hour of service, which is crazy. And I gotta say, it was a solid service today! We ended up with like 43 or 46 on the books, even though we started the day with 12, and we made decent tips, so I was a happy camper. Even though I don’t make as much at Brunch as I do with Dinner, I still like the pace of everything, because even when it’s a rush, the flow is still very manageable, which I really appreciate. After all of the customers finally left, we cleaned up and set up for the dinner service, and after polishing the last of the plates and silverware, we clocked out. Talula left, by I stayed for family meal, because I do not, and will not, miss a free meal. I also wanted to wait for Elisa so I could say goodbye, since it was her last day. She ended up not showing up until 4:50, but I still gave her a hug as she wished me the best of luck moving forward- “Young Jedi”. The running joke between us, as I’ve mentioned before, is that she is the Jedi Master and I am but the wee young Jedi Apprentice. I really am going to miss Elisa, but she’s moving on to bigger and better things, so I’m happy for her.

I finally headed back home, braving the chilly afternoon air to get to the subway station, getting on the F, and heading back up to Manhattan. I made it home around 6, excited to begin the hefty task of putting together the TV stand, and the dresser. The dresser took just shy of an hour, and wasn’t crazy difficult, but the TV stand was a different beast. It took a good 2.5 hours I’d say, and I even had to use glue! Wasn’t expecting that going in, but I just followed the instructions and kept going. And everything ended up turning out really well! After I put everything together, I moved things around to get the room how I wanted it to look, before heading out to Subway to grab some dinner. Even though it felt so satisfying to finally put everything together, I was exhausted and really, really hungry. After bringing my dinner back with me, braving the cold to and from my apartment once more, I took the huge empty boxes sitting about my room- one of which my TV had been sitting on top of for the past 3 months- and finally throwing them all out. I made sure to put everything away, all nice and sorted, before taking a picture of my accomplishment.

The night ended with me FaceTiming Maggie, showing her the room, and then playing two games of League with her before ending the night. It is now 1:34AM, and I gotta be up at 7:30 again tomorrow for another day of work! Tomorrow night I’m seeing a friend’s show though, so it’s gonna be a ton of fun!

Until next time,



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