Boxes Arrive and a Rainy Closed Event at Work with JWI (11/9/18)

Today I finally got to go back to work. Even though I like relaxing, I think it’s great to be working again. Today we had a closed event with Jewish Women International, or JWI, so I needed to be to work by 5. I got up by noon, and finally took a shower by 1PM, and headed out by 2:30. However, unlike most days, I wasn’t heading downtown; I actually took the A up two stops, to 190th, to take care of my friend’s dog. Since she was working late today, she wanted me to come over for like 15-20 minutes, just so the pup would have someone to play with. (And hopefully tucker him out, so he wasn’t so energized when she got home) When she asked me a few days ago if I could stop by, I of course said yes, so I was excited to see him today. Unfortunately it was raining a bit, but a little rain doesn’t hurt anyone- besides the Wicked witch I guess?- so I quickly walked to her apartment, and went inside to play with my friend’s pup for a bit.

Of course when I walked in, he was jumping up and down, excited to see anyone; so I picked him up out of his cage and sat down to play with him for a bit. We played a bit of fetch, tug-o-war, and a bunch of petting, aiming to help him release some of that energy. He was a bit nippy, but he’s been learning not to bite hands, which is very nice. Unfortunately he has one accident, probably because he was so excited, so I set him back in his cage momentarily to clean it up. When I went outside the room where his cage was to throw away the pee soaked toilet paper, he began crying because he doesn’t realize that even though people are out of his sight, it doesn’t mean they are gone and he is alone. I kept talking to him though, so he knew I was still there, and it seemed to work to a point, which was nice. Finally the time approached 3:20, so I really needed to head out. I set him back in his cage and headed on out, making sure to give him a bit of food before I said goodbye. When he began crying again, I started to sing a bit, just some nonsensical tune, and it seemed to quiet him down somehow. Finally I left the apartment, got on the train, and headed towards Brooklyn for work.

I of course got a little shut-eye on the train, and made it to Emma’s Torch by 4:40. I was worried they would have had family meal already, so I wanted to arrive a bit early, just in case. Luckily that was not the case, so I just relaxed for a few minutes, before beginning to set up for the event. We pushed most of the tables together, to form two big tables, since all of the food would be family style, and then got to work shining all of the silverware, plates, and glasses, and making everything look really nice. Halfway through setting up, family meal was brought out, so I paused for 15 minutes or so to eat, before beginning to set up again. We were all ready by 6:30, but since the guests weren’t arriving until 7, I decided to use the bathroom.

By the time I came back up, a few of the ladies had arrived. What surprised me more than anything was the fact that everyone was quite young- like mid to late 20’s for the most part. When I heard the name, I just expected a bunch of older women, but it was really cool to see so many young women being active and doing something like this. The three of us working- myself, another server named Emily, and the manager Sara, worked throughout the night to bring the guests food, and fill and refill their wine glasses. Honestly, it was a nice and easy night. I mean, some of the guests were pretty cute, which is nice, but has nothing to do with anything, just figured I’d mention it. Apparently some of them live on the Upper West side, so I swear if I randomly run into one of them, I will be confused and a bit unsure of what to do. “Hi you were one of those women from JWI right? Hi, I was your server, Michael. Nice to see you.” Yeah no I’m good. Anyway, we got all the food out without a hitch, and everyone left by 9:30, so we put on Darude Sandstorm, and speedily cleaned up; getting out just before 10:30. I caught the G up to Hoyt, then waited a solid 15+ minutes before an A finally showed up, and so the long commute began.

I didn’t end up sleeping on the way home, but I did have a man continuously lean on me, almost falling on top of me because he was sleeping. At first I was annoyed, but then I felt bad because the dude must not have gotten any sleep if he was this tired. Like damn that sucks. I still ended up moving across the walkway to the other side of the train when a seat opened up, and I watched him for a bit, curious if he was going to do the same thing to someone else. He didn’t for a while, but ended up doing it once to a woman, who immediately pushed him off, woke him up, and told him to knock it off. That sounds a bit more aggressive than it was, but still- damn. Like I legit just went with it, not really doing anything about it. Meanwhile this woman was like what’re you doing? Get off of me. Respect to you woman.

I finally made it home by 11:30 or so, and heated up some leftovers before getting on League to play with Mags for a bit. Also! My two packages ended up coming today- one before I left for work, and the other was in the living room when I got home. So good news is that they’re both here. Bad news- I now have two big ass boxes in the middle of the floor in my room, that I need to unpack and put together tomorrow. I was going to do that tonight, but yeah fuck that shit. I am not going to try and put together a TV stand, that will probably take 2+ hours by the way, at midnight, when I have to be up at 7:30 in the morning. I am good, thanks. I am excited to see how they both look though. My room’s finally almost complete. All I’m missing now is a rug, and a picture frame. Maybe a mirror or some other small things, but I’m basically done! I am excited. Now for sleep.

Until next time,



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