A Very Rough Start with a Strong Finish (11/11/18)

As you may be able to tell from the title of this blog post, today started out rough. And when I say rough, I mean like I wanted to kill myself rough- because of the MTA; Those fucks. So I woke up this morning a bit later than I wanted to- just around 8, not too terrible- but I didn’t end up showering until about 8:20. I got ready and left the apartment right at 9AM, hoping to catch the very next A downtown, not problems; I still had plenty of time. When I get into the subway station, the next downtown A doesn’t arrive until 9:12; That’s okay, I guess. I lose some time, but I should still make it to work on time. Now usually it takes about 10 minutes to get from 125th to 59th Street. That’s what I was expecting this time around. But of course, NOPE. It took a good 20 minutes, and now it was already 9:30 and I was nowhere close to work. I finally make it to Jay Street by 10AM- you know when I’m supposed to be at work?- only to find that the next F train won’t arrive for another 17 MINUTES. Like are you KIDDING me?!

I debate just for a moment what my options are, and opt to get an Uber, since I was less than 10 minutes from work. I get an Uber pool and he arrives within 4 minutes, which was great. Unfortunately he was on a narrow street, so I had to squeeze into his car, and when I went to get in, one of my earbuds fell off of my headphones; which I only noticed AFTER I had gotten in and we were driving away. Seriously, talk about obnoxious. Of course the Uber had to pick someone else up and drop them off before I got dropped off, no surprise with how the day had been going so far, but I still made it to Emma’s Torch by 10:20. I emailed Sara while waiting for the Uber to let her know that I was running late, so luckily they were sympathetic when I finally walked in, very frazzled with how the day had gone so far.

When I walk in, I am immediately offered a mimosa in a jar, which they poured for themselves, so they knew what it tasted like. I of course accepted, and I really think it helped boost my mood, and changed the whole flow and feel of the day. I quickly clocked in and got to work, trying to get everything done as fast as possible, so I could maybe get my morning BLT before we opened. Luckily we finished everything by 10:40, so I was able to do just that. I headed next store, with the guy of course knowing my order, and came back into the restaurant a much happier man, now with a sandwich to eat. I quickly chowed down as Sara showed me the South Park “tree fiddy” video, before we opened for the day. At 10:55, a gentleman walked in, right as I was almost finished stuffing my face with food, seeing if he could be seated, so I quickly headed to the back to finish the sandwich, then to the bathroom to finish getting ready for the shift. When I came back up, the restaurant was poppin, and so the Brunch shift had begun.

It was actually pretty slow for the first hour or so, but then all of a sudden it picked right on up and we were packed the entire service. We ended up having 74 covers, and made a solid amount in tips, which I am always here for. After everyone had finally left, we put on the now standard cleanup song tradition- Darude Sandstorm, and began jamming out as we made the restaurant all nice and clean. We finished up around 4:00, and we sat down to eat. Chef had made us some fried chicken, along with some rice and beans, and some veggies. It was delicious. After chowing down, we finished up anything else that was left, and recounted some of our parents college stories, before I finally headed out for the day. It was now just before 5, and I needed to get home and get changed.

After saying goodbye, I headed to the subway station, hopped on the train, and went back to my apartment to get ready for the night. I knew I was going to sleep for a bit, but holy moly did I pass out. One second I’m dozing off and the next I wake up as we’re pulling into 125th Street; Talk about an awakening. I made it back to my apartment, changed into my maroon jeans, a long sleeve shirt, and my vans, used the bathroom, made sure my hair was back up and in place, and headed out to meet up with my friend Amanda before we headed down to 44th Street to see my friend Lauren’s play she was directing- 12 Angry Women. One of my other friends, Sam, was even cast in the show, so I was excited. Of course the train took 90 years to get from 125th to 59th, and we were cutting it real close on time. I mean, the show started at 7 and we hopped off the train at 6:57, so we proceeded to run from 42nd to 44th and then over a block to get to the theater. I felt like it was a nice jog, but Amanda seemed a bit tired after the run, to say the least. We made it inside and up to the box office by 7:01, only to find out that they were running a good 15-30 minutes behind. So of course if we hadn’t run, they would be early and we wouldn’t be allowed in.

We paid for our tickets, said hello to my friend Spencer who came to see the show as well, and after a little waiting, we finally sat down in the theater, and the show began. I’m not sure if you know the premise of the story, but it is so interesting and fascinating to watch these interactions between the characters, and everyone did a really good job. I do have to give special props to the main actress though, who plays Juror #8, because she had the most lines, drove the plot, and KILLED it. Seriously, she was incredible. The show finally ended and I was left really impressed by what Lauren had managed to do, especially given the short time frame she had. Seriously, such a good production. We walked to where the actors were after the show, not only to say hello to Sam, but also so we could meet the lead- Juror #8. Really nice girl; pretty sure she’s about my age, so definitely really impressive.

We finally headed out to a bar right across the street to get some food and drinks, and to just hang out for a bit. It ended up being Spencer, Amanda, me, and Lauren and Spencer’s friend Alexis, who was also in the show. We sat down at a raised table in the bar area, and ordered some food and drinks. I went with both specials for the night, which was a burger and fries for $8, and a type of beer (I don’t remember the name) and a shot of tequila for $8. I don’t really like beer, but I ALWAYS here for some tequila shots. And it was really fun! Sam had to leave to catch a bus after an hour or so, and Lauren joined us soon after, where we all just chilled and had some nice conversations before finally heading home for the evening. A few minutes before we left, there was what I can only imagine to be a giant wedding come down to the bar, so it got insanely busy really quick. We all made our way outside and to the local A to all go back to our separate apartments. Also when we was at the bar, I went to use the bathroom, which had to gender neutral stalls, one of which was clogged and disgusting, the other of which had a lady waiting to use it. She mentions that I had an accent, and I immediately said “no I don’t”, mostly because I always say that I don’t have an accent, because I really don’t, and it’s become a gut response at this point. I backtrack a little and say that I’m from Maryland, and then the woman asked if I knew where her accent was from. I said I didn’t recognize it, she said “Really?”, so I asked where she was from. She responded- I guess you’ll never know”. Like damn fuck you bitch? Maybe she was trying to flirt, but she just came off real bitchy, but w/e.

We finally all got on the A, which was unfortunately running local, all the way to our separate stops. At long last, after a solid 20-30 minute train ride, we said goodbye to each other, as Lauren and Spencer got off first, then Alexis, then me (then Amanda). I walked back to my apartment, it now being midnight, and have been playing League for the past few hours. I also have finally posted the last few blog posts to WordPress, which has been really acting up for some reason. Anyway, it is now 3:45 and I want to get SOME sleep tonight, so I am going to pass out. Tomorrow is finally the day of the first rehearsal for the showcase, and I am super excited. Look forward to it!

Until next time,



**Forgive me for the low quality pictures. I only took videos, so I had to screenshot. Talk about a yikes.

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  1. Your style is so unique in comparison to other folks I’ve read stuff from. Thanks for posting when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess I’ll just bookmark this site.


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