A Day Off with Thunderbolts and Lightning (Very Very Frightening; Galileo)(11/8/18)

From this title, you are either assuming that it was pretty shitty weather out today, or I am just using Queen Lyrics. And of course, it would be the latter of the two. I woke up today, debating what I should do with my day, so I lie in bed for a few hours relaxing after a good night’s rest. At first I wanted to see a show on Broadway, but when I went to buy a ticket for The Lifespan of a Fact, I was unable to get anything from TodayTix, because it was day of I guess. However, there are shows next week that are even cheaper tickets than the prices today, so I’ll hopefully go then! Since that was off the table, I decided to let it sit for a minute and make some food. I eventually got up, and headed into the kitchen to make some much needed lunch- and of course when I say lunch, I mean lunch at 4PM, because I don’t eat at normal times anymore.

I ended up making some simple pasta, mixed in with a creamy sauce, meatballs, and green beans, topped with some cheese. (Of course) Luckily I made enough for two meals, so I separated half of the pasta in some Tupperware, to save for another time. After the meal was finally made, and I had cleaned up all of the dishes, I took the food back to my room and sat down for a few games of League. You know, the usual. After a game or two, I decided that I wanted to actually do something with my day, so I checked listings for Bohemian Rhapsody and when it was playing tonight. There was a showing at 7PM, so I bought my ticket, and then played one more game before getting dressed and heading out.

I caught the train around 6:30 and made it to the theater with plenty of time before the movie started. When I entered into the theater, there was no one there yet, so I just sat down in my seat, listened to some music, and began typing responses to the ridiculousness that had become the political discussion from yesterday. It all spiraled into childish screaming. I even messaged my friend Rachel who posted the article, and apologized for what I had started; I didn’t expect things to get this out of hand. While figuring out what I was going to say, the movie had begun; so I answered Rach a few more times before putting my phone in my pocket and finally beginning to pay attention to the movie.

Now I know there were some mixed reviews about the movie, but honestly I quite enjoyed it. I’m sure there were things the movie could have done better, but it was just so much fun watching the movie, and listening to Queen. I mean of course I’ve listened to some of their music before, and I know most of their hits, but it’s still a lot of fun getting to watch the songs performed. Also the actor who plays Freddy Mercury is fantastic. Seriously he nails the performance, and sounds incredible. If you like Queen at all, or even if you don’t listen to their music that much, it’s definitely worth a watch. The main thing I learned from the movie was that, honestly? Freddy was kind of a dick. I mean he had incredible talent, and he knew it. I think the most powerful parts of the movie by far, however, were when Freddy finally admitted he was gay (or bi-sexual, rather), and at the end, where he tells the rest of Queen that he has AIDS, which leads into such a powerful final performance at Live Aid. Seriously, go and see the movie; you won’t regret it.

When the movie ended, I grabbed my stuff and hopped back on the train and headed home. When I finally made it back to my apartment, I made myself some dinner, consisting of chicken, rice, and mixed veggies, mixed together with some sauce. With that, I sat back down at my computer, and called Mags so we could play some League. We both hopped on and played a few games to end out the night. After she got off, I played one or two more games before finally deciding to get off myself. Now I was just going to write this blog and go to sleep, since I need to be up tomorrow for work, but then I got to thinking about Christmas presents. I’ve been thinking about what to get my dad, brother, and twin this year, and even though I’m not positive what to get Mags yet. I had a good idea of what to do for my dad and Jake. Jake’s started getting into DnD, so I figured I’d get him some dice, and for my dad, he watched a few episodes of Psych, one of my all time favorite TV shows, and so I want to get him the DVD set of the show. I was just going to get him season 1, but I found a complete box set for like $70 so I’ll probably do that. I went onto Etsy and ended up finding, and actually buying a dice set, along with a box with Cthulhu carved into it. My brother’s into that type of thing, so I think he’ll get a real kick out of it! Anyway, I still need to figure out what to get Mags, but that’s for another time. Now it’s time for sleep.

Until next time,



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