Happy Midterms! (11/6/18)

Happy midterms everyone! I am half a bottle of wine in, and it is now 4:11AM, so I definitely should get some sleep, but I have not skipped a day of blog posts and I am not starting now. Today began like every work day does, except not really. I woke up at 8AM to one of the weirdest dreams I have had in a very, very long time. I would describe it for you, but I actually wrote it out when I was half asleep, so I figured I’d just paste it here, to show you what goes on in my mind when I’m asleep.

“I just woke up from a dream where, for some reason, I broke into Kanye’s house to get Kylie Jenner’s opinion on politics. I fell down quite a few floors, after being seen by Kim and Kanye, and almost fretting caught, and hid in some water before finally coming up to confront Kylie, who was sitting right there. She immediately called the cops, and as she walked away can have a bullshit statement about the political environment as a whole. As I waited for the police to arrive and arrest me, suddenly the walk near me breaks open and Jake, Maggie, and Sammy Haps are there; telling me to get in. As we drive away, Kylie chases us, and ends up stabbing and killing Sam and I think Keagan Thomson from SNL. I think I got stabbed in the leg as well, and then I woke up.”
As you can tell, definitely a weird fucking dream. Anyway, after having this wacky ass dream, I fell back asleep, woke up around noon, and ended up taking a shower around 1:30, before getting ready and heading out close to 3. I made it to work by 3:45, clocked in, and began prepping for the day. Family meal today was also 10/10- pasta with veggies along with some meatballs? Yes please. I chowed down, put some in a Tupperware container, and then finished getting ready to go before we opened. And honestly today was a pretty solid day here at Emma’s Torch. We had some potential investors coming for dinner, along with a few other reservations, so it wasn’t a very busy night, but every table that came in bought some wine, so we made some solid money tonight. I really don’t remember much of what was going on during the shift, because I don’t think when I’m working- I just kind 0f go. It was a very good service though, and every guest seemed happy with their meals, so I was very happy with tonight.
     I finally headed home just at 10:45, and to my surprise, the train was running Express for part of the way, so I wasn’t on the train as long as normal. I made it home by 11, heated up the leftovers from family meal from my Tupperware, and ate all of it, while watching Youtube videos for the rest of the night. I’ve
been really interested in Binging With Babbish, a Youtube channel that I highly recommend if you like cooking shows. At the very end of the night, I ended up talking to my friend Zoe for a solid 2 or 3 hours, all the while drinking the good half bottle of Tzakoli I had left from 10 days ago that I needed to get through. My mind has not started functioning properly again, so my sentences are a tad less coherent than usual, but that’s besides the point.
     Also something that I have been paying attention to since I left work was what has been going on in the midterms. Now, nothing will have been totally decided for another month or so, but the projections are looking pretty good for the Democrats. Although Republicans are still in control of the Senate, and have gained a seat or two, the Democrats are projected to win over the House for the first time in eight years, which is so crazy. I also read an article that said that we have elected the most women in the House in history, which is so exciting and crazy, and it makes me so thankful to be living in this time period. Now I’m sure things will continue to be released throughout the coming weeks, but I am still so proud of what we’ve been able to do, and the turnouts for the midterms; which is amazing.
      For now I am going to pass out and actually get some sleep. Tomorrow and Thursday are my days off, so I’m gonna be doing who knows what, but I definitely need some sleep. And to everyone who voted today, or submitted an Absentee ballot like I did- thank you.
Until next time,

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