The Day of the NYC Marathon with a Wedding at the Conservatory Garden

Since I fell asleep close to 5 last night, I ended up not waking up until 1PM today, making sure to get eight hours of sleep before starting the day. I woke up to a text from my dad, asking me to call him so we could discuss plans for the day. After relaxing for a moment, I gave him a call, where he told me to meet him and Ms.Susan at the Conservatory Garden in Central Park at 3PM. They were heading out soon to cheer on Ms.Susan’s friend who was running in the race, and then would head over to the garden for a bit. Since I had some time on my hands, I decided to watch an episode of two of The Seven Deadly Sins, before quickly getting ready and leaving. I just brushed my teeth, threw on some black jeans and a t-shirt, put on my jacket, and headed out.

I took the A down to 125th, and transferred to the C, before getting off at 103rd Street and making my way into the park. Thank goodness for Maps, which showed me the correct paths to take through the park to get to the garden. It was such a nice day today, and with the trees turning to yellow, orange, and red, it was such a sight to behold. I walked through the park, listening to some tunes, and as I glanced around I saw so many couples walking around the park; enjoying the beautiful day. I guess it’s a good place to take a loved one.. Pushing lonely thoughts aside, I kept on walking, finally coming upon the Conservatory Garden after 10 minutes or so.

As I came upon the garden, I noticed what looked to be a wedding going on. Even though Maps told me to follow the path right outside the garden to get in, I decided to cut into the garden, curious about this wedding going on. As I walked into the center of the garden, I noticed my dad standing there. I walked over and greeted him, hugging him. He asked if I had greeted Ms.Susan, and I noticed I had walked right by her and neither of us noticed the other. As the three of us stood and talked, the wedding seemed to finally be beginning, as the bridesmaids started walking out, one by one. Each was wearing a different shade of pink, and each of their dresses had a different design, which was cool. We began to head out as the bride walked out, so we paused for a minute to take a few pictures before moving on. After walking around the garden a bit more and taking a few more pictures, we made our way out of the park to grab a quick bite to eat.

We had to cross 5th Ave, which was one of the roads where the runners were passing through. It was kind of like playing Frogger on easy mode in all honesty. It was close to 4PM at this point, so the people moving were a bit slower. We crossed the street, people on both sides cheering the runners on, some even holding signs. My favorite two were probably “Pain is just the french word for bread” and “Pain is temporary, Pride is Eternal” (or something along those lines. I don’t remember the second sign perfectly) The three of us headed to a deli close by their hotel and Ms. Susan and I picked up some sandwiches, since we were hungry but my dad wasn’t, as well as a few sweets, before heading back to their room. I got a Three Musketeers sandwich, which is just chicken, lettuce, tomato, and onion, along with a cake bar.(It’s like a small rainbow cake with chocolate frosting) We sat around a little table in their room and ate our food, talking about the day and some of the pictures we took. Before too long, I mentioned I needed to get back before it got too dark. I could take the bus across the Park, but since a decent amount of roads were blocked off for the marathon, I’d rather just walk. Since daylight savings went into affect today, it really threw me off with how early it got late, but that’s besides the point. I hugged them both, suggested we could meet up tomorrow morning for some breakfast before they left, and then headed out towards home.

Luckily since the main road going through Central Park was closed from cars for the Marathon, it made it so easy cutting through to the other side. It was a kind of cool sight, just seeing some people walking on the road through Central Park as dusk approached. I know it’s not a big deal or anything, but seeing a part of New York City, which is always bustling with cars and people, virtually empty was pretty cool. After about 10 minutes, I made it to 96th Street West, and realized it was the same station and street where Emily lives. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned Emily, at least not by name, in my blogs, but she was my Stage Manager in The Nuclear Plays, and we had hooked up a few times over the course of a month or two. She was the one who helped find me a job and a place to live in the city, and I will always be grateful to her for that. However, even though I always considered us to be friends, she never did, which she reminded me of in a drunken snap a few weeks ago. It sucks, but there isn’t much I can do to change her mind, so I began letting go. Anyway, I was half expecting to run into her for some reason, but I did not, and headed into the Subway to catch the C and head home.

After a few minutes of waiting, I caught the C, headed to 125th, transferred to the A, and made it back home safe and sound. I spent the next few hours finishing up The Seven Deadly Sins, meaning that I binged the entire show in just three days. (There were 52 episodes, if my math is correct) After I finished the show, I had the same feeling that everyone does after they finish a show- What do I do now? After contemplating what to do with my life for a few minutes, I decided to make myself some dinner. I cut up some chicken and was going to heat it up in the microwave, before deciding I might as well make some rice to combine with the chicken, so I started making the rice, and had 20 minutes to kill before it would be done. I flipped a coin to decide what to do next, and even though the flip said for me to just use the bathroom and hang around the apartment doing nothing, right when I opened the door one of my roommates went into the bathroom, so I decided it was a sign to just go out and buy what I needed. So I put some socks and shoes on, as well as my jacket, and headed to the Rite Aid down the street; I wanted to find a healthy snack, but I also needed to buy some bobby pins, and some triple A batteries. After finding the bobby pins and asking an employee to unlock the lock on the batteries so I could get some, I walked up and down a few aisles to decide what I wanted to munch on. After a bunch of thought, I ended up deciding on veggie straws, since they are healthier and overall better for me than junk food like cookies and chocolate.

After I paid for everything, I headed home, put some of the rice in a Tupperware container, and combined the rest of it with the chicken and some sauce (and a sprinkle or two of spices) before plating it with the couscous from yesterday. I brought it back to my room and chowed down, opening my computer to play League. Honestly, I haven’t played a ranked game in a bit so I was rusty, but I did spend the night playing a few games, munching down on some Veggie Straws, so I’m happy about it. Tomorrow I have off, so I will spend the day hopefully doing something. Maybe I’ll meet up with my dad for breakfast, but I definitely will mail in my ballot to vote. The midterms are on Tuesday, so be ready; Hopefully we’ll see a blue wave- finally.

Until next time,



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