Slow Work with Little Pay, but a Great Night with Family over a Meal (11/3/18)

I somehow managed to get up this morning, despite getting virtually no sleep last night. When I passed out after talking to my friend Zoe on the phone for a few minutes, it was already past 3AM, so when I awoke, I had only gotten a good 4 hours of sleep. Despite this, I still managed to get myself up, get ready, and leave by 8:55, catching the next train at 8:57 and heading off towards work. Before I left, I made sure to pack my vans (shoes), a change of shirt, and my maroon button-up, so I had something to change into after work. As I headed towards work, I made sure to get a little shut eye, so I would have the energy for whatever the service had in store for me. I made it to the restaurant by 9:50, and began checking Resy, and beginning to prepare everything for today. After a few minutes, Elisa arrived with a sandwich and even offered me half, since she promised me a sandwich yesterday. I happily agreed and after getting everything done, I quickly ate the sandwich; It was a turkey bacon, egg and cheese sandwich, so nothing special, but good good all the same.

We only had 17 covers to start the day, so we made sure to prep all of the settings, as well as sweep, mop, wipe down windows, etc. Finally service began, and I start off swinging, selling a few glasses of the cider from yesterday, and some Mimosas. Honestly for a lunch service today was decent; we ended up ending with 37 covers, and I sold the remaining bottle of cider (4 or 5 glasses), and 4 Mimosas. The unfortunate part of today’s service is that even though some people bought alcohol, our sales weren’t that great. There were three of us working, and all of us were splitting about $160 in tips. Since I’m the server, I get half, and then the server assistant and our sommelier split the other half. Elisa even sent home the server assistant early because we were finished and would be alright with just the two of us. Don’t get me wrong, the people were great as per usual, it just feels bad when the tips don’t reflect the service.

Finally everyone left, we cleaned up, and sat down for family meal. Of course I was meeting my dad and his girlfriend at her step-mother’s apartment for dinner but a meal is a meal, so I made sure to grab a plate and pile it with food, before changing and heading out. I finally left and got on the train by 4:55 or so, and after transferring to the 6 and heading up the East side. I would’ve just caught the 6 right when I arrived at the station, but the one that had pulled up and was about to leave was completely packed. I figured I wasn’t going to fit so I just waited a few more minutes, and the next train arrived, much more empty, which was very surprising. I finally made it to my dad’s girlfriend’s step-mother(Theo)’s apartment, and I took the elevator up, before being greeted by Ms.Susan. (my dad’s girlfriend) I stepped inside and Theo was lounging on a chair with my dad sitting on the couch, and another gentleman sitting across from Theo and dad. We all sat down and enjoyed each other’s companies for a while, telling stories about travel, life, and so many more things.

Finally after an hour or two, we moved into the dining room for dinner. There was some chicken, couscous, tomatoes and mozzarella, and some salad. I piled my plate high and we all dug in. Now the conversation started off light enough, but soon enough it went political- all of us were liberal, so less heated- and we discussed the unjust treatment of people of color in this country. Things got dark as more stories were told, but it was still a very important to have a talk like this; to get different perspectives on the world. When we finished eating dinner, I was surprised by a cake brought in by Theo, to celebrate my 22nd birthday. Everyone sang, I blew out the candles, and we enjoyed some cake as it started to get late. After getting the cake, some couscous, and some chicken bagged up for me, I said my goodbyes and waited for the bus to arrive and take me across Central Park.

After a solid 5-10 minutes, the bus arrived and I headed home. I got on the C and headed to 125th, where I transferred to the A and took it all the way back home. Although it was past 10, the A trains were still running, which was fantastic. I made it home, called my friend up so she could tell me the story she was going to tell me last night, but was too drunk to explain; then I got on League and played a few games with Mags, before finishing up the night binging some more of The Seven Deadly Sins. I ended up watching 12 episodes tonight, so I should finish the show tomorrow. Tonight is also Daylight Savings, so I got an extra hour to watch anime. It is now 4:41 though, so I need to go to sleep. I am exhausted.

Until next time,



**Today’s family meal! Simple, easy, and delicious~

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