A Walk in the Park with Dad and a Blindingly Fast Day of Work (11/2/18)

Just like yesterday, I got the chance to spend some time with my dad again like last night, since I haven’t seen him since the beginning of August. I got a call from him this morning at 10:30AM, suggesting we meet up at the entrance of Central Park at 96th Street, since it’s so beautiful out today. He suggested we meet up around 11:45-12:00, but of course, me being me, I was running late, per usual. However, I needed to get everything ready for work, since I was going to be heading straight from being with my dad to work. So I took a shower, got dressed, put my hair up, packed up my work shoes and apron, and headed on out. I was wearing my black shirt and jeans, so I was set to go otherwise.

I headed to the Subway, hopped on the A train, and took it to 125th Street, before transferring to the C so I could make it straight to 96th Street. I headed right to Central Park, and since my dad was on his way and said he’d be back soon, I sat down on a bench right by the entrance and relaxed for a bit, jamming out to some music. After 10-15 minutes or so, my dad arrived and I walked over to him. I asked him why he took a bit longer, and of course he was taking some pictures. My dad is an incredible photographer and has been taking pictures for years and years, but I always appreciate watching him go. We proceeded to walk through the park, heading towards a restaurant called The Boathouse. Thank goodness I got Maps, because I would never be able to find my way through Central Park otherwise. Seriously, Central Park can be pretty damn confusing.

As we walked through the park, we passed what I could only assume to be a photography class for a college. I joked to my dad he should go up the professor and ask him to look at my dad’s pictures. After a nice walk, because seriously it was gorgeous day outside today, we made it to The Boathouse, and headed inside to get a table. Luckily we were able to get a table immediately, and it just so happened to be right by the lake. Talk about a view. I got the pork tenderloin, while my dad got a crab cake; aka I helped him finish it after I ate all of my lunch. Unfortunately our time was soon enough up and we headed out so I could start the trek to work. Luckily we’re meeting tomorrow for dinner, so today isn’t goodbye, but more like “See you tomorrow!” We said goodbye and I put my headphones in, jamming out as I headed to the Subway.

I hopped on the B train and took it to 59th Street, before transferring to the A train, taking that train to Jay Street, and then switching to the F train, before finally arriving at Carroll Street and heading to work. I made it to work by 3:40, so I used the bathroom before setting up for the day. And BOY was it going to be a busy night. I mean normally we start out the night with like, 20-30 reservations, but tonight we had 59; which is CRAZY. And not only that, but it was a bunch of larger tables- a five top, a six top, even a seven top, etc., etc. But hey, I’m here to make some money, so I was prepped. What was really exciting though is that we got in six bottles of a French cider called Nectar Cidre. We opened the first bottle to take a taste and it was fantastic. I mean I literally took a sip and it felt like I had just taken a bite out of an apple. Like it was seriously good. We also made a competition between the three of us working tonight, to see who could sell the most glasses of cider. 1 glass= 1 point, and 1 bottle= 5 points. After prepping for the service, the night began.

And after all of that- honestly? I don’t remember much of tonight. Like I legitimately felt like I didn’t have a single thought for a good 2-3 hours. I did however, sell 8 glasses of wine (3 glasses and 1 bottle), and ended up winning the bet. The other server, Emily, got 7 points, and our sommelier Elisa got 6 points. We all sold a bottle though! So I would count tonight a win. We even got some cash tips, which I am always grateful for- you can never go wrong with a little extra cash. After everyone finally left, with two tables just sitting and chilling for a good 15 minutes after we closed, (as we cleared everything up around them), we finally got to clean up and go home. Towards the end of the shift, we also “lost” a cavatelli pasta, and took turns eating it in the back. (So damn good. Seriously) Also there was a large husky that was just left outside in the rain for a good hour or more, before its owner finally got it. It didn’t seem to mind the rain, but it was whining as huskies do. I felt really bad though, but thankfully the owner came back and they left.

I finally made it to the subway and got on the F train at just past 11, transferred to the A, and passed out for a bit of the ride home. I got home around 12:15, heated up some chicken, and sat down to watch some more of The Seven Deadly Sins to end out the night. It’s now 2:26 and I need to be at work tomorrow by 10AM, so I need to get some sleep. Since I won the bet, Elisa told me she would buy me my usual (BLT), which I happily accepted. Tomorrow I also get to have dinner with my dad, his girlfriend, and her step-mom, so it should be a really fun evening.

Until next time,



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