It’s Always Great to See Family (11/1/18)

Today I finally was going to be able to see my dad again. Even though we talk on the phone sometimes, I haven’t seen him since he moved me in to my apartment at the beginning of August, so I was definitely excited to see him. He was coming down with his girlfriend, Susan, to see Bruce Springsteen in concert this Friday, as well as visit some friends- and to visit me of course. We weren’t meeting until tonight at 7:30PM for dinner though, so I still had the day to myself. I got up around 1:30, and after relaxing in bed for a bit, I got up and decided to start the day. Also, since today is November 1st, it means Halloween is over and Christmas has begun. I know not everyone celebrates Christmas the holiday, but I think most people can appreciate Christmas music. As I opened up Spotify and started blasting a Christmas playlist, I headed into the kitchen and began prepping two pieces of frozen chicken so I could have some food to eat, brining the chicken for 15 minutes or so- Is that how you actually brine chicken? I have no idea- and then seasoning it was some butter, as well as a combination of spices, placing the chicken on a tin foiled tray, covering everything in more tin foil, and putting it in the oven. As I waited for the timer to go off, I began sorting my clothes so I could do some laundry; I was in dire need of some clean clothes.

When I was finished sorting everything, I was about to head out when I saw that the timer was set to go off in two minutes. I decided to just wait to do laundry after I had retrieved the chicken from the oven; so when the timer went off, I swiftly took the chicken out, took off the tin foil, wiped the pieces of chicken with some sauce, flipped them, repeated the process, and back into the oven they went for another 13 minutes. During that time, I took my clothes into laundry room, and put the two loads in separate washers; one for whites and lights, and the other for darks. (You gotta separate your clothes people) I came back, just in time for the chicken to be basically done, so when the timer went off, I removed the chicken from the oven, sliced one of the pieces in half, cut one half into smaller pieces, plated it, and put the rest of the cooked chicken in some Tupperware, setting that in the fridge. I took out some leftover rice and veggies I got from a family meal a few days ago, and enjoyed the food while watching some more episodes of The Seven Deadly Sins. I changed off between the show, and moving my laundry to the dryer, then back to the show, and then back to taking my clothes out of the laundry, sorting them, and coming back to my room to watch another episode or two.

As the time hit 6PM, I figured it was about time to get ready, so I hopped in the shower and quickly got clean, brushed my teeth, got dressed, and headed out. I caught the A down to West 4th, and walked over to the restaurant, called GMT Tavern. I was a little later than I would’ve liked, arriving at 7:45, which was only made worse by the fact that the two of them had been there for a while, since they arrived early. Nevertheless I hugged my dad and we sat down to talk. Ms.Susan came back to the table a minute or so later, and I hugged her as well, before we all sat back down to order food. I ended up getting a BBQ Chicken Sandwich, which was delicious, and I even got to eat one of my dad’s fish tacos, which was very good as well! After we finished, we headed over to The Bitter End, a bar that features a bunch of different musicians every night (I think it’s every night). Tonight, Ms. Susan’s cousin’s band, The Thingama Jigs, was one of the bands playing, so we stopped in to listen to some music. We got there early, and got to listen to another two bands first, and the first band we listened to went hard. I mean they were fantastic. They were called Nalani and Sarina, whom I assume are the leads of the band and are sisters, and damn could they sing. I managed to get a few quick recordings, and I was honestly really impressed. The next person to come on was pretty good, but honestly couldn’t hold up after that last performance.

Finally it was time for The Thingama Jigs to perform. And honestly? They were good! Just like Nalani and Sarina, this band went hard, but in a different way. It seemed lighter and less aggressive, and everyone looked like they were having a ton of fun. But to be fair, Nalani and Sarina, (the entire band, that is, not just the two leads), looked like they were having the time of their lives up there, so it was just an incredible time to watch. My dad asked if I wanted anything to drink, so I had him get me a cider, which I know must’ve been weird for him. We haven’t ever drank together before, but he acknowledged that it was going to happen sooner or later. All in all, it was a really fun night. The Thingama Jigs finally finished their set and it was time to go home. I said goodbye to everyone and grabbed the A back home. It was already passed 11, so the A was running local; aka it’s a bitch to get all the way back to my apartment, but it is what it is. I finally made it back home, and have been binging The Seven Deadly Sins for the rest of the night. It’s now 2:59AM, and I’ve finally finished season 1 of the show; 24 episodes in two days, not too shabby. I’m going to be getting up at a decent time in the morning to get some lunch with my dad, so I should probably get some sleep.

Until next time,

– Michael


**This picture is of the band Nalani and Sarina

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