A Day Of Thrift Shopping and a Night of Binging a New Show (10/31/18)

Today began with no plans, in all honesty. I had messaged some friends the night before, to see if any of them wanted to go out for Halloween, but other than that, I really didn’t need to do anything today. I ended up lounging around in bed until 2 or 2:30, until finally deciding I should do something with the day. Although no one had confirmed if tonight was going to happen, I still decided to go ahead and go out to some thrift stores to try and make a costume. I was hoping to find the clothes so I could be Milo for Halloween. This meant that I needed a sweater that went up just above my neck with two buttons, kakis, and some circular glasses.I was kind of basing my outfit off of Cole Sprouse’s Halloween costume of Milo, which he put on Twitter a little bit ago now. So I got dressed and headed out; I figured I might as well not waste any more time.

I made it to 59th Street and headed to a glasses store, which supposedly had cheap glasses. However, upon entering, the glasses all ranged $90 and over, so I quickly left. Since it was a nice day out, I walked down a few blocks, checking out a thrift store on the way, which didn’t have anything I could use. I even walked by a $1 pizza place, so I stopped in to get two slices for lunch. There were a bunch of kids hanging around- maybe from a local school?- so I waited in line for a few minutes before stepping up and ordering some pizza. Even though the sign outside says $1 pizza, inside it said it was $1.25 a slice, which is a bit annoying, but nothing major. I bought two slices and got a small water, all of which was supposed to total $3.50, but when I went to pay, the guy asked me if I was from the school; I wasn’t sure exactly what he said at first, so I just agreed and went along with it. It turns out that I guess those students were getting a discount, because I only paid $3 for the two slices and a water, instead of $3.50. Interesting, the little white lies we tell in everyday life…. Seriously though, I decided not to question it, and just walked away, eating the two slices as I went.

As I headed back to the Subway, I debated going home, since I didn’t think it was worth going all the way downtown to do some Thrift Store shopping. There’s a place in lower Manhattan called Angel Street Thrift Shop, which apparently has really great selections, but it was a bit of a commute down. I ended up swiping into the Subway on 50th Street headed uptown, before changing my mind and looking for a way to go downtown. Unfortunately for this stop, the only way to get to the Downtown train was to leave the Subway and cross the street. The issue with that is that since I had just swiped my card, I had to wait 18 minutes before being able to get in that station. So since I had a time restriction on this subway station, I decided to just walk to 42nd Street and catch the train from there! As I said before, it was a really nice day, so I was happy to do it.

I got on the train, and made my way to 14th Street, where I walked about a block to where the Thrift store was supposed to be. However when I got there, the store was empty except for a few paintings inside, and there was a sign that said “Space for Rent”. Discouraged, I checked back on Maps to see if there were any Thrift Stores nearby. Luckily there was one right across the street, so I went to check it out instead. Luckily, this one was still open, so I walked inside. It was a fairly large store, with a wide variety of clothes and other items. Now, though I originally was looking around for a Halloween costume, I ended up finding a pair of brown dress shoes that fit me perfectly, so I decided to get them, and I even found a very stylish winter jacket, which is perfect because the only winter jacket I have is very puffy and not fashionable in the slightest. Now my fashion isn’t the most impeccable, but even I know that my winter jacket is a bit rough. (Keeps me warm though!)

I ended up buying both the shoes and the jacket- after a quick consulting with Mags- and headed on back out. I spent about $87, which is not too terrible I guess. I decided to go back home, since I didn’t want to spend any more money, and caught the A all the way back to my apartment. Once I got home, I ended up relaxing for the rest of the day, just watching shows. I ended up finishing the final episodes of Parasyte, and decided to get ready to go out for the evening. My friend Spencer said she couldn’t go out tonight, and my friend Brant also couldn’t go, so I figured if Andrew wanted to do something, I would still be down. However, after showering and putting on a button-up- I went with a maroon button-up and black jeans this time around- I get a text from him, saying that he was just gonna stay in for the evening. Well that’s no fun. Hungry, I headed to Subway to pick up a sandwich, but when I stepped outside, the street right by my apartment was blocked off with flares. I assumed they were doing construction, but when I walked closer, I saw that there had been an accident. I didn’t see a car, but there was a motorcycle laying on the ground, with an ambulance right by, as well as caution tape and police everywhere. I decided to hurry and get my food, so I quickly went to Subway, bought my sandwich (along with two cookies and a a bottled tea), and headed back home. When I walked back by the accident, I decided to ask an officer what happened. All he told me was that it was an accident between a car and a motorcycle. Please be safe out there everyone.

Worried but knowing there was nothing I could do, I just headed back home to eat some food and relax for the rest of the night. I decided to start watching the Netflix anime The Seven Deadly Sins, and have been binging the series for the rest of tonight. (It’s now 4:43AM) Honestly I was skeptical at first, but it definitely a very good anime. Tomorrow is a new day and I get to see my dad, which will be really nice. I should also do some laundry I guess. Also side note, there’s a channel on Youtube called Binging With Babbish- if you like movies and food, check it out; It’s so damn good and the food looks incredible.

Until next time,




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