Happy Damn Birthday to Me God Bless (10/29/18)

Somehow I’ve survived 22 years today. Not sure how it’s happened, but I’d like to thank the Academy, as well as my friends and family who have put up with me to this point. I know I can be a lot sometimes, and I love you all. Now then, today was my (and my twin’s) birthday, which meaaaanss… nothing. Honestly. For everyone else it was just a normal day, but for me, it just so happened to be the day I was born. I dunno, not really having friends around to celebrate my birthday like when I was at school makes the day feel less exciting, you know? Now don’t get me wrong, it was a fine day. I just stayed at home for most of the day, before grabbing dinner with my friend Andrew, but I do wish I did more with it. I think that’s where I’m kind of stuck at, at the moment. Like, I feel like I’m wasting so much of my time doing nothing, when I could be doing…. something. That’s the issue! What should I be doing?

Like in school, I knew what I had to do. I either needed to procrastinate doing homework for class, or I needed to procrastinate learning my lines for a show; instead choosing to hang out with friends and drinking- watching movies and playing games. I might’ve mentioned this in an earlier blog, but after I went out with my friends to celebrate our friend Sam’s birthday, I was on the train back with my friend Brant and he said how his view of living in New York was so skewed because of Friends and How I Met Your Mother. He asked when things would start being like that, and I really wonder that too. When will I start hanging out with my friends every day at a coffee shop, or at one of their apartments? I feel like all I do every day is go to work, go home, play League, eat, sleep, and repeat. Over, and over, and over again in this never ending cycle of monotony.  I just get frustrated because I want to be doing more with my life, but I kind of feel lost at the moment. Like I see the goal I want to achieve, but all I’m doing right now is waiting, instead of just doing. I mentioned tonight when I had dinner with Andrew that I want to start taking dance classes, and acting classes; just things to stretch my muscles. He told me that I HAVE to start auditioning again for things- and he’s right.

Rant aside, today was nice though. I woke up today to a some nice “Happy Birthday!” texts and messages, which always feels good. I lazed around for most of the day, playing League, having a phone call with my dad, and just kind of waiting around until tonight, when I was getting dinner with Andrew. Luckily for lunch I was able to just heat up some leftovers I had, so I didn’t have to buy food or do any cooking. Andrew and I discussed what we wanted to do in the way of restaurants, and decided on a place called The Supply House. I didn’t really pay attention to where exactly this place was, and just chose to look it up right before I left. I hopped in the shower, which began to get less and less cold, before rocketing back to scalding temperatures, which is fun, and then put on my maroon pants and a button up, before heading out. I was hoping to meet him there by 6:30, but of course I left late- 6:15PM- but I was still on my way. To my slight dismay, this place was on the East side, on 85th Street. This meant I had to take the A down to 59th, and then transfer to the Q; aka I wasn’t gonna get there for a bit.

I ended up arriving at 6:55, and found Andrew sitting at the bar. We said hello, I sat down, and got a drink as the conversation began. I got the cider they had on tap, which was really good, which was great. This was more of a beer bar, which Andrew loves, but I’m a bit more iffy on. I don’t do beer. We started talking, and I mentioned that since it was my birthday, I was glad I wasn’t doing much today, and Andrew thought I was fucking with him! He quickly checked Facebook, and was surprised to see that I was, in fact, not lying, and then wished me a Happy Birthday and said he was gonna buy me a drink. We started talking about life and working and everything, and ordered some burgers. He got their breakfast burger, while I stuck with their classic- you can’t go wrong with a classic burger. We even got a free cheap beer with our burgers, and even though I don’t drink beer, I figured I might as well get one, since it’s on the house. We both got Bud Light, and honestly it wasn’t terrible; It tasted more like water than anything else, to be honest. As we continued eating, he bought us both a shot, which was raspberry vodka- highly recommended for shots and mixing- and we finished our burgers and chatted as we drank our beers.

It was honestly nice to catch up with him- he’s in the city for two weeks, rehearsing for a Christmas show going on tour, and he just quit his job at Six Flags, which he’s been at for 6 years now. It was great just listening to his stories and chatting about life. Honestly I miss my friends. I mean, a few of us are still close by, but then we have one friend in Florida, one in England, and one in South Korea, so we’ve kinda spread ourselves around the globe. I’m really grateful everyone’s living their best lives and having the best time, but I do miss everyone. Anyway, we paid for the meals, and headed on over, on Andrew’s recommendation, to an Insomnia Cookies, which was a few blocks down. Now I have been trying to hold off on buying cookies, but this was his first time ever trying Insomnia Cookies, so I was gonna splurge a little. I bought us 6 cookies, three chocolate chip and three M&M, and god DAMN were they good. I mean I was slightly tipsy after a few drinks, but I love Insomnia Cookies when I’m sober and when I’m drunk, so I was a happy camper.

We finally parted ways, and I actually headed up to my friend’s apartment, so I could pick up keys to take care of her puppy during the day. She just wants me to check in to say hi to the little guy, and play with him for a bit, and I was happy to oblige. Now I got off at 190th Street, and from Maps, it appeared that the way that most people were walking was in the wrong direction, so I went the opposite way, and ended up in a dark overlook on a hill. I had to walk down so many stairs, in the darkness because the lamps weren’t working, passing by people just standing in the dark. Like why. Why are you just standing in the darkness. Go home. I was definitely nervous and was worried that someone was gonna grab my shoulder or something, but luckily I made it to the bottom without any issues, and hurried to her apartment. I got inside and was greeted by my friend holding the tiny pup, with her roommate behind them, doing some dishes. They both wished me a happy birthday, and my friend gave me a breakdown of what I needed to do, gave me a key, and I quickly used their bathroom before heading back out. My phone was resting at 1% at this point, so I quickly looked at directions on where to go to get to the A, and started moving. Luckily there was a tunnel which was a lot less sketchy than the path down the hill- mountain? probably mountain- which just so happened to be the path I thought was going in the wrong direction. Of course. I hopped on the A and made my way back home.

I made sure to answer people’s Happy Birthday’s as the day went on, and finished up getting everyone when I was in my room, finally able to relax for the night. I ended the night talking to Mags, who was at home celebrating our birthday with the fam, and I even got to see Luna, who looked alright given the circumstances, aside from a cone around her head, because of the stitches. She was still as loving as ever though, which is wonderful to see. I finally played some League, dealing with my computer lagging all the time because it’s over 4 years old, which is so damn old for a computer, and definitely not good to game on, but here we are. It’s already 2AM and I need to be up at 9:30, since I’m meeting a professor from FDU, as well as Spencer and Lauren (and maybe Brant) for some coffee. Should be fun, but I need to get some sleep. Goodnight!

Until next time,


**Because sometimes you just gotta take a selfie in the reflection of a subway door

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