A Slow Day at Work on “Birthday-Eve” (10/28/18)


Today I woke up to my first alarm at 7:15, and decided to lay back down for a few more minutes of sleep. Unfortunately for me, a few more minutes turned into more than that, and I woke up at 8:30, shocked at how late it was. I quickly got up and got ready for work; luckily my hair didn’t look atrocious, so I was able to skip the shower and just brush my teeth and get dressed. (Honestly it saved me a bunch of time) I quickly left the apartment at 8:55, and caught the 9AM train towards Brooklyn. I made it to Emma’s Torch by 9:50, and of course grabbed a BLT- this time costing $3.50- and walked in to Emma’s Torch to begin the day.

When I walked in, Elisa- our sommelier- was setting up, and I brought up to her how I was sad she was leaving. She told me that she was going be here for another week and then she would be gone, and asked me how I learned she was leaving. I told her Sara told me, leaving out the fact that Sara more or less said that she was kind of glad Elisa was leaving, because she started shit. I am just a server here, and I am not trying to start shit. I just want things to be peaceful during my time at Emma’s Torch. Elisa did offer me a host position at the new restaurant she’d be working at, which would be closer to be. I thanked her but declined, mostly because of how much Emma’s Torch works around my schedule at the moment. I am going to miss Elisa though. Even though Sara and her butt heads pretty frequently, I get along with both of them. Elisa’s taught me a lot these past two (almost three) months I’ve been here at Emma’s Torch; especially about wine. She started calling me “young Jedi”, and said that she was the “master”, since I had a lot to learn. It was pretty endearing in its own way. She said she’ll come back to visit, but it I really think there will be a hole in the Emma’s Torch family when she goes.

But as I said, she’s still here for another week or so, so I don’t have to say my goodbyes just yet haha. The other server Emily also came in with a sandwich she bought from a shop close by. Unfortunately when she walked in, she immediately dropped the sandwich, and she had to go back out and get a new one. Talk about a rough start to the day. After finishing up setting up front of house, the shift began. To start today we had 31 covers, so it was probably gonna be pretty slow. It ended up being nice and steady, but the main issue of the service was that no one was buying alcohol, NO one, so our tip count was starting to feel pretty low; especially split between the three of us. The first wine I actually sold came at around 2PM- the service began at 11 mind you- and it was to two ladies. Luckily they both had two glasses, and a lady at another table ordered a glass as well, but still… it was rough. I think the lesson of the service was just to slow down a bit though honestly. There were little mistakes we all did, solely because we were trying to move so quickly. But the service itself was fine. The people were nice, and the food looked good.

The final tip count at the end of the day ended up being just over $250, which is not the best for three people, but it is what it is. We cleaned up and set up for family meal, where chef had saved me and Elisa a fillet of salmon, since he knew the students would devour them in two seconds and we would get nothing. He prepared them medium rare and holy FUCK was it good. Like seriously this was some good cuts of fish. The outside was nice and crunchy, but when you took a bite, the fish melted in your mouth. So fantastic. After gobbling down that food, I said my goodbyes and headed back home. I wasn’t able to sleep on the train, but I ended up seeing a solo dance performer on the A; he was alright, but definitely not the best I’ve seen.

Finally I got home, and have just been playing League tonight. I won some hard fought games, and then trolled and lost two games, so things sort of evened out. I heated up some leftovers, but ended up tossing some chicken I had in the fridge because it did NOT taste good. It’s possible it went bad, in all honesty. I called Mags- my twin- as the time ran closer to midnight, just so I could be the first person to wish her a happy birthday. Made sure to text her Happy Birthday as well, because I am extra. Being 21 has been great, but I guess I might as well turn 22 and see where this year leads me. As for tomorrow, my birthday, I’m not sure if I’m going to be doing anything. I may meet up with my friend Andrew, who’s in the city rehearsing for a show for the next two weeks, and then who knows. I guess I’ll just go with the flow and see where it takes me.

Until next time,



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