Working Solo and Making Up Songs (10/27/18)

Last night I set alarms starting at 7:10, going every 10 minutes until 10AM, just to make sure I would be up today. I always set a bunch of alarms, because if I just set one, then I will inevitably turn it off and go back to sleep; Today proved my point why I am thankful I set so many alarms. I ended up waking up at 8AM, instead of at 7:10, so I didn’t have much time to get ready before I needed to hurry to work. I got up, still groggy from just waking up, hopped in the shower, got ready and got dressed, before heading out of the house by 8:50. I caught the 8:53 train, and quickly fell asleep, waking up a little before we reached Jay Street. Luckily, the F had just arrived as well, so I was able to immediately transfer and quickly head to Emma’s Torch. When I got off the train and headed out of the station, I was surprised to find that it was only 8:36 or so. Like normally it takes just under an hour to make the commute, not just over 30 minutes! Maybe we skipped a stop or something when I was asleep, but it was definitely strange.

I did my usual morning routine of heading into the Deli next store, picking up a BLT, and heading into the restaurant to begin the day. Today there was a different person working at the Deli, so I just said “BLT with mayo” and waited patiently for my sandwich, taking out the usual $3.50 to pay and go. This time however, when he rung in the sandwich, he said “$3.00”. Am I getting yanked around by these people? I am so confused. I held onto the 50¢, in case he misspoke, but nope! I only paid $3.00 for the sandwich. Now I know this isn’t that impressive or incredible, but you gotta look for the little wins in life. I took my sandwich back, greeted Sara, who was the only person working with me today, and I quickly ate before we set up for the service. On the books, we had just over 30 I believe, starting at 11AM and ending at 2PM, so I expected it to be pretty steady, but nothing insane. Especially with the fact that it was supposed to rain all day, I doubted many people would leave their houses. I know I sure wouldn’t. Also shoutout to it being reported that this storm was gonna be a “torrential downpour”, but there wasn’t much rain; it was just windy and chilly.

Today as we prepped for the service, I absentmindedly began singing whatever I was doing. “Gotta spray the mirrors and make them all clean.” “The mirrors are clean, and the door will be too.” Dumb and simple, like that. It was a good way to pass the time as I was doing simple tasks haha. We finished up, and the time came soon enough for us to open– and so the service began And honestly it was slow and steady the entire time. Time moved really quickly, more so probably because the two of us were doing everything, and I was dealing with every table, instead of half the room. The good news is that any tips I made today were mine, since no one else was working this morning to split the money with. And for a service where I was dealing with every table, there weren’t any issue that I could think of, besides at the end where I took a man’s beer, because I hadn’t thought he had touched it in a bit, and there was like 3 sips left. I quickly apologized, and just poured him about the same amount in a new glass, and it was all good. There was a really fun table who raved about the food, and the three people sitting there just seemed to be having a ton of fun. It was so great talking to them about the restaurant and everything, because they seemed genuinely interested. With a few walk in’s coming in throughout the day, we capped our seating at 41, which isn’t terrible for a Saturday. I made $175 I believe, along with a $10 bill that one table left as the tip. Aka, a pretty solid day to say the least!

We finally cleaned up after the last guests had left, and I clocked out before eating some family meal. (pictured below) As always, it was damn good. After saying goodbye to the ladies working tonight, I left Emma’s Torch, and made my way back home. The only notable thing on the train was that I guy tried to talk to me, mentioning a guy who walks up and down this particular train, and how he could improve his asking for money. I had headphones at the beginning, so I caught more towards the end of what he was saying, but that is totally alright. I was worried this random guy would aim to talk to me further, but luckily he left at the next station, and I was able to just relax and pass out until I got back home. I fell asleep listening to the Avenue Q soundtrack, which makes me feel a bunch of different things, depending on the song. More than anything, it did make me want to find a special someone though, since it is cuffing season, but more so because all of my friends are getting into relationships, and I am over here, single as all hell. When I was at FDU, Roni even told me that they (my friends) were gonna find me someone. Yeah, good luck with that…

I finally got home and headed back into my room to relax and wind down for the rest of the afternoon and evening. And honestly, I haven’t really left the room all night; I’ve just been playing League and watching Youtube. Tomorrow I have to work the Brunch service again, and then I have to go and get more frozen veggies, as well as some more hair product– I’m almost out again. It feels like I just went out and bought some, too. But yeah, tomorrow is a new day, and hopefully it is a good one. My birthday is coming in real hot, since it’s on Monday, so I guess we’ll see what happens then. But for now I’m gonna get some sleep.

Until next time,


Family Meal 10:27:18

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