A Long Day of Goodbyes,Traveling, and Work (10/26/18)

Today began fairly early, as I began waking up at around 8:30AM after passing out on my friends’ couch the night before. We had planned to go and grab bagels for breakfast at 1o before I had to leave, but Cat was passed out and Maddy was not feeling great. I messaged Andy, who was planning on coming as well, and he suggested we just grab bagels and bring some back for us and the ladies. I got dressed, said my goodbyes (not understanding we were bringing bagels back to the suite), and headed outside to Andy’s car, as we headed to a local bagel shop in Madison.

I got my usual, BLT on a toasted bagel with mayo, and grabbed Maddy a toasted bagel with cream cheese; meanwhile Andy picked himself up a bagel, and got Cat what he swore to be what she liked- a bagel with cream cheese. He thought she made fun of him last time for eating a bagel with butter on it. He also got a coffee for himself, which was probably closer to the temperature of the sun than it was to boiling. (It was pretty damn hot) We got our bagels and headed out, but not before Andy watched a little kid just straight up flip a little bowl of lucky charms over, spilling the cereal all over the table in the bagel shop. All I saw was the aftermath, and the defeated looks from the parents.

We got back in his car, and headed back to FDU to have a little family meal before I had to go back to New York. Maddy came out to fetch her bagel, and said she was going to eat it in bed, but I told her she had to eat with us, because it was our family meal. She reluctantly agreed, and sat with us, curled up in a blanket. Luckily she was feeling better now, than earlier this morning. Cat arose and crept out of her room, and Andy told her he had bought her a bagel. Unfortunately he mixed up what she liked and hated, but she was still thankful that he thought to buy her food. Luckily her roommate (Jenn) likes cream cheese on bagels, and was more than happy to eat the bagel when she came out of the room. Andy ended up pouring some milk into his coffee, just to make it palpable, and as to not permanently scorch his tongue.

Unfortunately the time arrived when I had to head back to New York– I had to be an adult and go to work. Luckily Andy offered to drive me to the train station so I didn’t have to walk, but it was still hard saying goodbye to everyone. These are some of my closest friends, and it is still so surreal to me that I don’t go to college anymore. As I got on the train and headed back towards Penn Station, I tweeted out “Leaving FDU to go back to NYC is still so surreal to me. Like how did I graduate 5 months ago? Didn’t I just start college? The fuck?” Seriously though, it’s gotten me both times I visited FDU, just how strange of a feeling it is to be an alumni. I keep expecting to say goodbye to everyone and just head to my dorm room, and just got to class; or rehearsal. Don’t get me wrong, I am beyond grateful that I am working in NYC, trying to follow my dream, but it still freaks me out that I’m actually sort of adulting. Avenue Q describes it best in their song, “I Wish I Could Go Back to College”. For everyone who hasn’t listened to that song and have graduated from college, seriously listen to it; it really fucks with you.

I sat on the train, feeling so grateful for the people in my life, and ended up passing out. I ended up waking up a few stops before Penn, and just relaxed until we finally arrived in New York, where I quickly got out and headed towards the subway. I hopped on the A and headed back towards my room. I ended up giving up my seat on the train t0 an older woman, just because I don’t mind standing, and I had a feeling she might’ve needed to sit more. I made it to my stop, and had two hours to get ready for work. I took a long, hot shower, got dressed, and headed back to the subway and hopped on the train to work. I made it to Emma’s Torch by 3:45PM, and so the shift began. It was a pretty steady, but slow evening. The biggest group we had was an 8 top, which ended up being a 7 top. There were three of us working tonight, so it never felt insanely busy. I ended up leaving early though, after our sommelier got an email from our manager saying that the server assistant for tomorrow called in sick, so it would just be me and her working in the morning. She wanted me to go home, get some rest, and be prepared for Brunch tomorrow. I wasn’t really worried about it, since it’s supposed to torrentially pour tomorrow, so I’m not sure if many people will actually want to go out to eat, but I guess we’ll see.

I left the restaurant by 9:20, hopped on the train, and headed home. When I made it to my stop, I went to the local Rite Aid, and picked up a frozen meal and some double stuffed Oreos, because I wasn’t really in the mood to actually make myself a meal tonight. I ended the evening with playing some League with Mags, and now I’m typing up this blog post, and posting it on my blog, and my new website! (that is still under construction, but I’m still super excited about). One thing I am going to be changing going forward, however, is that since my blogs are going to be going on my professional website, I’m going to mostly be using my own photos, and if not, I will cite where I got them from. Please don’t sue me people. I’m gonna be going back through my old blog posts and either deleting some pics, or citing where I got them. Again, don’t sue me. Forgive me for this photo not being the best quality, but I will be taking one picture a day from here on out, so my blogs feel more “me”, you know? Anyway, I’m gonna get some sleep. I’m just jamming out to Avenue Q now, but I seriously need some sleep. Tomorrow could be an interesting day.

Until next time,


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