Back at School for a Fun Show with Amazing Friends (10/25/18)

Today was finally the day I got to head back to FDU to see friends and see my college’s production of Avenue Q. I hoped to leave my room by 12:10PM, but of course I slept in late and didn’t make it out my door until 12:30. I was rocking my new maroon pants with a button-up today, so I was feeling good. After the sadness that was last night, it was nice to have some positivity in my life. I told my friends and them sending their love and support was really nice.

After getting ready, and packing a bag with some clothes for tomorrow, I headed out, making it to Penn just before 1. I waited at Pret for a solid 30 minutes, buying a fruit bowl to hold my hunger until I got to Jersey. As the train was announced, I headed to platform 3, and found a seat by myself on the train, and settled in for a long ride. I ended up sleeping for a good 30 minutes, and finally made it to Convent station by 2:50. Waiting for me in the parking lot was my friend Zoe, who picked me up and we headed off to Friendly’s for some lunch.

Now I have never been to Friendly’s, much to her surprise, but the food was really good! I got a barbecue chicken sandwich and fries, with a cookie dough sundae with kit-kat bars, and goddamn was it filling. I went to pay, but she told me that it was my birthday present from her, and paid for our meals. She also got me a card, so I was pretty speechless. Listen, I’m used to sarcasm in my family, so I’m not used to just pure and utter kindness; Honestly I am still to this day very weird about when people complimenting me. I just kind of stutter and get flustered.

She drove us back to FDU, and dropped me off at Park Ave, which is one of the dorm buildings, before we said our goodbyes; It was really nice seeing her again- – love that girl. I then met up with my friend Roni and we headed back to her suite for a few hours and talked. About an hour after I arrived, my friend Maddy, also known as my daughter, (long story, but to sum it up, it was decided that my friend Cassidy, aka Cat, was the mother of their friend group, and I ended up being the father somehow. Maddy is one of my children) arrived, and after. talking for a bit I walked her to her rehearsal for the play coming up in a month or so.

As I walked her into Dreyfus, (our theater building), I ended up running into quite a few friends, and got to say hello to so many people. One person summed it up perfectly when they saw me, because she thought “Oh it’s just Maddy and Saunders… wait he doesn’t go here anymore”, which is basically how I feel. It is still so surreal that I don’t go to school anymore, and damn is the real world stressful. After I dropped Maddy off, I picked up Roni and headed back to Dreyfus to see Avenue Q.

After buying our tickets and getting our seats, I ended up running into Alberto, who directed the show I was in over the summer, as well as Cindy, one of the heads of the FDU Theatre Department. It was great to talk to them and catch up for a bit, before heading inside and sitting down. Finally the lights dimmed and the show began. And I gotta say, it was really good! Beyond one or two critiques, I was actually very impressed by the entire cast. I haven’t actually seen the show before, and it was such a delight. I will say that it makes me itch to start taking classes in the city so I can start honing my craft again though. I want to become a triple threat, but to do that, I need to continue to train and work on my acting, singing, and definitely my dancing. I’m so glad I was able to see the show though. It was so much fun, and I loved seeing all of my friends do so well.

When the show ended, I headed downstairs to congratulate the cast on an amazing show, before heading back to the suite. From the suite, Maddy, our friend Jenn who also saw the show, my granddaughter Chloe (she is Maddy’s greek little, so she is automatically my granddaughter), and Chloe’s friend from work, also Chloe, headed to Applebee’s to celebrate and have dinner. I ended up getting a dollar Halloween themed mixed drink, along with the four cheese Mac and cheese, which was SO good.

We finally returned back to the suite and relaxed for a bit, as we all started to get tuckered out. Maddy went to bed, and Cat (aka my friend Cassidy aka my wife) finally got back from work at a haunted farmhouse. A bit later her boyfriend Andy (such an amazing guy, also one of my friends) stopped by for a bit, before we all headed to bed. I’m now on the suite’s couch, typing out this blog before I pass out. I gotta be up tomorrow so I can head back for work, but we may wake up for breakfast bagels if anyone’s up for it. For now though I’m gonna pass out. I truly love my friends.

Until next time,


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