A Day of Binging and a Surprising Night of Celebrating (10/23/18)

Today I awoke at 1PM, to a text message from a friend in the city. She messaged me around 9:30AM, asking if I wanted to grab brunch with some other friends at 11. Of course by the point it was too late, but I was surprised they invited me. I haven’t heard much from them since I moved to the city, but even still the fact that they thought to invite me to something was really kind. I’ve been feeling so lonely as of late, just going through the motions of working, sleeping, and staying in my room; sometimes going out to shop or see a movie. I haven’t actually gone out with friends in a good while, so I began to beat myself up about not being awake to see this text. I keep telling myself that I am going to get up earlier, and actually do things with my day, but then the end of the day comes and I do the same shit, day after day. I go to bed at 4 or 5AM, and wake up around 12 or 1PM, only to stay in bed for another few hours, before finally deciding to get up and do something. What I want to do is go to the gym and start getting fit. I want to go to dance classes, or acting classes or something; I want to begin to hone my craft again. It feels like it’s been so long since I’ve actually done any acting, at least since my auditions for the two showcase companies a couple weeks ago. Of course I begin rehearsing in November, but I should be doing more with my time than just going to two rehearsals a month.

After lying and bed and basically having this existential crisis about what I’m going to do with my days, I finally decided I should probably get up and start my day. I got out of bed, did some push-ups to warm up my muscles, and hopped in the shower, trying to clear my head. After I got dry and dressed, I headed over to the Subway to grab some lunch, before heading back to my room to eat my sandwich, and binge more of the anime Parasyte. By last night I had watched four episodes; by the end of tonight, I just finished episode 17. I wasn’t kidding when I said “binge watching”. Though to be fair that’s 13 episodes in a day, so maybe I’ll watch one more to even things out some…. Finally I decided to take a break and make some dinner for myself, so I headed into the kitchen to make some food. One of my roommates was there, and told me that I woke him up last night with my laughing. I have grown to find that I have a very loud laugh. I like to think it’s not obnoxious under normal circumstances, but late at night… yeah that would be annoying. I feel bad because I don’t want to upset my roommates; we’re all living under the same roof, and I want to get along with them. And I do! At least, I think we get along well enough. I apologized, but he didn’t seem to worked up about it. He said he didn’t want me to feel bad, but to just be more mindful of it in the future. I then got to work making dinner. I decided I’d have pasta again tonight, and decided to mix two different types of pasta, as well as two different types of sauce, into my dish. Still not complex, but at least it was something new, you know? After putting everything together: the pasta, sauce, mixed veggies, and meatballs, I made sure to separate half of what I made into a Tupperware container for tomorrow, and chowed down on the rest of it.

As I ate dinner, (the time striking around 9PM now), I decided to play some League. I played one game and lost, and was about to begin a second game when I got a text; it was from one of my friends, asking if I wanted to go out tonight, to celebrate another one of our friend’s birthday. Honestly, I’ve avoided using names in most of my blogs up to this point, but if I don’t use names now, shit’s just going to be confusing. So my friend Brant texted me, asking if I wanted to come out for our friend Sam’s birthday. He was with our friend Spencer, and Sam and our friend Lauren were both coming from rehearsal. Brant told me to meet them at Lauren and Spencer’s apartment, and then we would all go to a local bar around 11. Now I started to get excited. I mean as I’ve said already, I haven’t really had much human interaction besides work since I’ve been in New York, so I was definitely down to spend the night with some friends. After getting ready, I went to the Subway to head down to their apartment. Unfortunately the 175th St. station was not running for some reason, so I needed to walk a few blocks to 168th St., and catch the next train from there. After a quick walk, I made it to the station, and waited a few minutes before getting on the next train. I was carrying a bottle of wine with me that I got from work, since that’s really the only alcohol I have nowadays. I finally made it to the apartment and met up with everyone, and finally got a brief tour of Spencer and Lauren’s apartment. After a few minutes of catching up, we all started out towards the bar, called At The Wallace.

At The Wallace is this cool little bar that had games inside, as well as some really interesting hot dog combinations; aka right up my alley. Luckily it wasn’t too packed, so we all bought a drink (I got a rum and coke) and sat down to chat– well we sat down for a hot second before we decided to check out the games this place had to offer. There was a giant version of Jenga, so of COURSE we had to play! Honestly we were all sweating by the time the game ended and the blocks crashed to the ground. At first we were all joking, but after a few rounds, we all started to take the game more seriously; not wanting to be the one who made the blocks fall. After the game ended, we sat at a nearby table, and Lauren grabbed Cards Against Humanity, as we all ordered more drinks, and some food this time around. I ended up ordering a mixed drink and a hotdog which had mac ‘n’ cheese and bacon on it. Talk about a great combination! I put everything on my credit card, and everyone Venmo’d me back the money they owed. I will say that I just found out that they gave me back the wrong card, but I didn’t notice, either because it was dark or because I was a bit tipsy. Hey man, three drinks can do that to ya.

Finally after we had all gotten our full, I paid the tab, (now accidentally getting the wrong credit card), and we all headed out. I took the train back with my friend Brant, and I got off at 168th St., and headed back home. I ended up stopping by the local Rite Aid, and picked up bought two packs of cookies for $4, which I am realizing now that I bought them with the other person’s credit card. Definitely not good, to say the least. I got home just past 1, and have been watching a few more episodes of Parasyte. I really need to go to bed now, since I have to go back to the bar tomorrow and get back my Credit card. I’m also going to leave $4 with this card I have, just so the guy doesn’t get annoyed when he sees a random charge on his card for $4 at a Rite Aid. I do have to say that I am so thankful that the waitress actually found me on Facebook and reached out. She actually found me through my professional Facebook, so I guess it is good that I have one lmao. Alright, now I really need to get some sleep. Tomorrow will begin with a trek to return the missing Credit card. **Just found out At The Wallace opens at 5PM, so it looks like I’ll be hanging out until then lmao.

Until next time,


Friends Lighting the Dark

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