The Second Day of Brunch, Some Bongos, and a Relaxed Evening (10/21/18)

Today seemed to play out somewhat like yesterday. I rolled out of bed at 8AM, hopped in the shower, got ready, and headed off to work. I ended up catching the 8:58 A downtown towards Brooklyn, and made it to work by 9:50. When I went to go buy a BLT from the Deli next store, something interesting happened though. When I walked in, the guy who’s always there sees me and says “The usual?” I know it’s something small, but I think it’s nifty that he remembers me and my order at this point. After buying my sandwich, I headed into Emma’s Torch to eat and start the day.

After greeting our sommelier who was also working today, I sat down and quickly ate the BLT before helping get the restaurant ready for today’s Brunch service. I will say though, that I wish I had slept on the train today. I normally don’t sleep heading into work, but today, it probably would’ve been smarter. Just an hour into the service, I was already starting to get exhausted. I’m normally fine and last until I get on the train and head home, but today, I dunno, I was just really tired. Things were a little slow in the beginning, so I needed to constantly keep moving and continuously rub my hands together, in an attempt to keep my energy flowing. Luckily before long more and more people started showing up, and I was able to catch my second wind, and ride it through to the rest of the service. All in all, service was alright today; there were no issues on our end per se, but there was an instance where a check was lost and we had two different tables waiting a while for their food. I’ve definitely seen this happen plenty of times at the other restaurant I worked at, but we are almost always very good at getting all of the food out at a very quick pace. I could tell our sous chef working with the students today was not happy at all.

Despite the hiccup, the service went alright, and we ended up with 67 covers, (we debated counting it 70 instead, since we had a few tables with little kids that weren’t counted), so definitely a solid Brunch. Even though we had more covers than yesterday, it felt much steadier. I think we were able to keep a better handle on everything, instead of yesterday where it felt, at least to me, like our grasp on the service was slipping slightly, because so many people came in at once, in the middle of Brunch. Finally the hours ticked by and we made it to the end of service. As the final customers left, we cleaned up all of the tables, put away the dishes and silverware, and began cleaning the restaurant before eating. I ended up folding so many napkins it was ridiculous. I waited a while to eat, because I wanted to basically be done working, but because of this, most of the food, at least the salmon made for everyone, was gone by the time I was able to make myself a plate. The sommelier and I ended up splitting the last slice of salmon, and a chowed down on the fish, some lentils, rice, and guac. I ended up taking home a tub of guac and veggies, which was really nice! (As well as an opened bottle of one of our red wines)

I finally clocked out, and after a nice chat with our sous chef and our sommelier, actually first about New York pizza versus Chicago pizza pie, and then about New York, and how it has become a much safer place then it was 10-20 years ago, I hopped on the train headed home. When I transferred to the A, there ended up being a group of guys playing bongos, spreading positive vibes to everyone. Now normally I don’t give anyone money, but today we got a cash tip, so I got $10 in ones, so I gave them a dollar before getting off. I always love when performers are kind, and spread happiness to everyone in the car. I really think that everyone needs some more happiness and positivity in their life– including me. I mean look at yesterday’s blog, that shit is depressing. I finally closed my eyes, and fell asleep.

When the train finally arrived at my stop, I had been awake for a few minutes, and I picked up my things, and headed out of the car and back home and to my room. I had been having a conversation with my ex, and she seemed very happy that I reached out. I even had a talk with my twin about today. My sister says that my ex doesn’t deserve my attention, because she broke my heart. But at the end of the day, she is more than just my ex, she’s my friend. She is my friend who is going through a really rough time, and needs someone to reach out. I know we should all ask for help, but I think we also depend on our friends to reach out and see what’s going on; if everything’s okay. I know this because there are times when I want people to reach out, but because I’m not crying out for help, no one checks in. And I don’t do this with anyone, but especially when I know something’s going on, I just want to be there for my friend, and make sure they’re not going through this alone.

The rest of the night went as expected. I played League for the rest of the night, pausing to heat up some dinner, consisting of chicken, rice, veggies, and guac. Also you know those two bags of Kit-Kats I JUST bought yesterday? Yeah already all gone. I have a problem. I know this. Luckily today I actually won all but one of my games, so I’m not going to bed tilted, which is definitely the norm. It is now 3:09 AM and I am exhausted, so I am going to get ready for bed and pass out. I don’t have anything planned for tomorrow, so I may just play League with my sister’s boyfriend all day, or I will actually get some things done. What things you may ask? I have no idea, but I definitely want to try and be productive; though League is productive in its own right. Ranked season ends on the 12th of November and I have a long way to go. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Also– My 10th and final day of the musical theater thing! My final musical I chose was Little Shop of Horrors. I love the score of the show, and the opening is just so incredibly powerful. Also Seymour is another absolutely perfect role for me. Even more interesting is that Little Shop was the first musical I saw FDU do. It was Fall semester my freshman year, and the production was so much fun. Alright, now I’m gonna get some sleep.

Until next time,


Little Shop of Horrors.jpg

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