Back at Work with the Same Old, Same Old, Late Night Cooking, and Feeling Low (10/20/18)

Today I awoke unsure of what to expect out of the day. Last night I fell asleep watching the World Championship going on with League, and woke up today to find that the two top teams had been beaten and are out of the tournament. Exciting things, but not much to do with my day. As I slowly got out of bed, I finally jumped in the shower and got ready for work, heading out and catching the subway by 8:51. Not the most exciting things, but that what happens with work I guess.

I made it to Jay St., and ended up waiting for the F for a good 10 minutes or so, but I still made it to Emma’s Torch by 9:50. Of course I made a pit stop at the Deli next store, and picked up a BLT, came back to the restaurant, ate my breakfast, and started off my day right. Now as I worked to get the restaurant ready for Brunch, I checked the reservations and found that it was seeming to be a nice and steady shift– not too slow, but not crazy either. Boy was I wrong. Brunch started off fine enough, but for some reason, halfway through the shift, everything went into another gear, and we got flooded with people. Even though we started off with 30 or less on the books, we ended up with 60; It was damn busy. Don’t get me wrong, nothing went array during the shift; though there were some small details that I forgot to do that I got reprimanded for, but other than that the service was fine. I talked with all my customers, and had a fine time. Before I knew it, it was already 3PM and we were closed.

We spent the next 30-45 minutes cleaning up and prepping for Dinner, and then I clocked out and sat down to eat. Today’s food was rice, a mushroom sauce, and a chicken broth with squash. Now I really don’t like mushrooms, and the broth was alright, but I mostly just had some rice; not the greatest meal, but it’ll do. I ended up even taking a bunch of rice home with me, said goodbye to everyone, and was on my way. I stopped by the local Rite Aid, and while I was in the store, I went on the website so I could finally make a Rite Aid account and get those sweet sweet deals, and I bought two bags of Kit-Kats. Not the best idea I’ve had, but I am addicted to chocolate. After paying, I headed onto the Subway and made my way home. Once I finally got on the A train, I decided to close my eyes for a few minutes, and ended up waking up a solid 30+ minutes later. I saw that the same dance group was performing in between 59th and 125th street, and I closed my eyes again. Finally we made it to my stop, and I got out and headed inside.

And you know most of the rest of the story. I hopped onto League, and got incredibly tilted because the season ends on November 12th, and I keep losing game after game. It really gets to your psyche at some point. I hate feeling so frustrated, but I am and it sucks. I did, however, take some time out of being tilted to get some things done, which is nice. I prepared some frozen chicken, seasoned it, and threw it in the oven to cook for a while. After flipping it, cooking it some more, and making sure it was just right, the chicken came of the oven, and I cut it up; some went on my plate, and the rest went in some Tupperware and into the fridge. I had the chicken with some mixed veggies and the rice from Family meal, and it was damn good. After cleaning everything up, I have spent the rest of the night playing League and being tilted; great night!

I did, however, have a nice chat with my friend who’s going through a rough time right now. I feel like there are times when I see friends going through some shit, and I feel like there’s nothing I can do for them. I always let them know that if they need to talk to someone, I’m here, but I know they’ll never reach out. I feel like all I can do is reach out and hope that someone responds, because it gets lonely here in the city. My friend told me a month or two ago, either right before I moved into the city, or shortly there after, that she felt the most depressed she’s ever felt when she first moved into the city. At first I didn’t get it, but I’m starting to. I don’t really hang out with anyone. I know some people who live in the city, but they’re all living their own lives. If I want to hang out with them, I need to make a push to see them. I doubt they’d make that push to see me. Maybe that’s just a really negative way of looking at things, and it sucks because I work damn hard to be a positive person, but sometimes things just build up. I’m lonely and it sucks. People asked me if I was doing anything for my birthday, which is actually coming up in 8 days now (the 29th), and I’m really doing nothing. My friends are either at school in New Jersey, or across the states/ the globe, and I’m here by myself in New York. I know things will get better, but all I can do for the time being is walk in the darkness, and try and feel around for a light switch.

In happier news, today is day 9 of the musical theater thing, and I went with Company. I think it is a show that can be very hard to pull off, but I love the music for it, and honestly Bobby is one of my dream roles, even though it’s not the likeliest thing that I would play him. I would love to take on the challenge that is that character. Plus I kind of relate to him, and really feel for the struggles that occur throughout the story. Anyway, I really need sleep. It’s 1:40 and I work at 10AM again tomorrow. Another day, another grind. Here’s to a better tomorrow.

Until next time,



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