A Day to Get Things Done (10/18/18)

Today I had one thing in mind that I needed to get done– I needed to buy an air freshener to make my room not smell like a locker room, (as my roommate chose to point out), and I needed to do some laundry… actually right as I was typing this, I turned to my bed and realized I had never gotten any of my laundry out of the dryer, so I had to quickly run and grab them real quick, but now we’re back. I’ll talk about that later in the blog though. Now I rolled out of bed around 1PM, and after an hour of hanging out in my bed, I finally got up and started the day. I checked on my computer, left on from last night, updating to the latest version of Mac OSX. After going through the basic procedures, I shut down my computer to let it rest, and I left to go downtown.

I hopped on the A train and took it all the way down to Penn Station, where I got out, prepped to head to Target. Since I was in Penn, I decided to make a pit stop to grab some lunch, which ended up being at Shake Shack, because I love me some Shake Shack. After gobbling down that burger and fries, I left Penn and headed a few blocks over to Target. I had one thing in mind to buy- an air freshener. There was one from that I used in school that had gel beads in them, so I kept my eyes out to hopefully find that specific type of air freshener. As I entered the building, I took the escalator down, and quickly found the air freshener and cleaner aisle. There was a small selection to choose from, but luckily they had the gel bead air fresheners, so picked up the one that smelled like morning mist. After glancing around and promising myself I would not buy anything else, I headed back up the escalator, bought the air freshener, and headed back out. As I headed back to the subway, I decided to stop in the H&M right next store, debating if I wanted to buy any long shirts or anything from there; I’m not really the best prepared for colder weather. I have almost solely short sleeved shirts. After a brief look, I decided I would take a longer look another day, and headed back out and started back home.

A subway ride later, I was finally back home. I headed inside and opened up the air freshener, and the effect was almost instant honestly. It’s been about 6 or so hours since it’s been opened, and I think my room already smells so much better. Since I had some time to kill, I played two games of League, only to find myself lagging from what I expected to be the update. I gave my sister’s boyfriend a call– he knows his way around computers; plus he’s just an overall amazing guy– we ended up discussing helping me build a gaming computer when I come home for Christmas. Again, this is a few months away, but I still can’t wait. My computer is now 6 years old, and for a computer, that is ancient. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my Mac, and it has served me beyond well, but I really need a new computer at some point. After a good talk with what to do, we hung up, and I started making myself some dinner. Before starting, I made sure to get all my laundry and throw it all in the washer, dropping $20 on my laundry card so I could get everything done. After my laundry was going, I headed back in to the kitchen to make my dinner. I decided to make something simple and easy- rice and chicken with green beans and teriyaki sauce, along with a sliced apple and chips. The chicken that I had in the fridge seemed to be starting to go bad, so I made sure to use all of it up. I put half of my food in some Tupperware and chowed down on the rest of it, as began watching the final episode of the Shane Dawson Jake Paul docu-series.

Honestly if you’ve been keeping up with that series, it has only gotten better. I told myself I would not feel bad for Jake Paul by the end of the series, but seriously it’s hard not to. Dude’s done some fucked up shit, but Jesus this documentary series was eye opening. After eating and finishing up the video, I threw my laundry in the drier and hopped back on League to play with my sister. After we played a game, I was messaged by a friend that I met through League, that I hadn’t heard from in a good month, who was finally back on– back from the dead! My sister, her boyfriend, our League friend, and I all jumped in a game together, and ended up playing 2 or 3 games, which was definitely a lot of fun. Once my sister got off, my friend and I played two more games, and in the second game his internet dropped, which led to us losing the game. Talk about bad timing haha. I decided that was a good queue for me to get off as well, and that was when I started to write this blog.

As you saw from the beginning of this blog, I totally forgot that my laundry was in the dryer, so I ran to go and get it ASAP. That was an hour ago. Within this past hour I have- Put all my sheets back on my bed, folded and hung up all of my clothes, and I even grabbed a broom from the hall, and swept up all the little bits of lint lying around on my floor. Finally I am back and have been finishing up typing this blog. It’s now 3:29 and I need to get to bed. Not sure the plan for tomorrow; maybe I’ll go watch a movie. Either way that’s it for me today! I don’t mind doing nothing on my days off, but I always feel so much better after a day spent getting shit done. Also! Today is Day 7 of the musical theater thing, so today I had to go with Wicked. It was one of the first shows I saw on Broadway, and got me so excited about Broadway and New York.


Until next time,


Wicked Broadway.jpg

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