A Very Late Start to the Day, Rushing to do Something (10/15/18)

Today was a day off. This is true. I didn’t have anything planned to do today. This is also true. This being said, I still aimed to wake up at a reasonable time. I did go to bed very late last night, but I aimed to get my eight hours, and wake up at around 1PM. This seemingly worked when I woke up at 1PM to my first alarm. I thought it had worked. I turned off my alarms, and rolled back on my side, thinking I would get a few more minutes of rest before getting up and starting the day. However, a few minutes turned into a few hours, as I groggily arose at 4:30PM, shocked at how late it was in the day already. I thought I was going to get something done today! Instead I’m barely getting out of bed late as all hell in the day, having accomplished nothing. I was not pleased in the slightest, to say the least.

I checked my phone, and made sure catch up on my Snap streaks for the day, because I made it a rule for myself that I would not and will not break a streak. Obviously there are exceptions to that rule, like when you break up with someone, but other than that I stay true. As I lay in bed, think about what I was going to do now, I decided that even though it was late, I might as well go see a movie; That seems to be one of the only things I really do nowadays, besides play League and work. I checked to see what movies were playing tonight, and decided to get a ticket to go see Bad Times at the El Royale. It was sitting at a 71% on Rotten Tomatoes, but it had a good cast, and I was interested in what the plot would be, so I got my ticket for the 7:10 show and waited.

Finally the time drew near to leave, so I headed off to my local Subway to grab some food to eat during the movie. Now I haven’t eaten yet today mind you, but I figured if I ate a large dinner, I would be alright for the rest of the night. With that in mind, I bought a footlong sub with two cookies and a drink (Chocolate Chip M&M cookies and a blue Gatorade), placed everything in my backpack, and headed to the subway. As the train finally arrived, I got on, sat down, and listened to some music as I waited for my stop. After a good 10 minute ride, we arrived, and I got off, stepping out once more into the evening breeze. It felt warmer than yesterday, and as I walked towards the theater, I relaxed, taking in the evening and just enjoying the weather we were blessed with today. I got to the movie theater, printed out my tickets, and headed inside to theater 6. When I walked in, I looked around to find that I was the only one there! Now, I have not ever been to see a movie where I was the only one in the theater, so I sat back and was ready to enjoy my personal show. Then, a few minutes before the movie began, one man walked in- my movie buddy, I guess? I stepped out to use the bathroom, and when I came back, I was followed in by a few more people. Less exciting than seeing the movie by myself, but honestly I didn’t care. I sat down, got out my sub, and started chowing down as the trailers began– Mostly horror movies, which I not a fan of, so not really anything that interested me, save one or two movies.

Finally after 20+ minutes of trailers, Bad Times at the El Royale finally began, and I have to say, what a ride to the movie. It was a very interesting choice to show the same events happening from different angles, with different people reacting to the events transpiring, and how they got there. (Spoilers Ahead!) Like when the undercover cop gets shot, it starts with his angle, with him finding out the dark secrets of the hotel, like the fact that all of the mirrors in the rooms are actually one way glass windows, and then in one of the rooms he sees what he thinks is a kidnapping. He is on the phone with his superiors and is told not to interfere. It later cuts to the room where the supposed kidnapping is taking place, and shows him knocking on the door, asking to be let in, then breaking in, only to end of being shot and killed. You then see all of this take place again from the perspective of the hotel bellhop and the priest. The movie felt so fast paced, and kept me guessing what was going to happen next. There were so many twists and turns, that I never knew what was going to happen. I assumed the priest wasn’t actually a priest, but the fact that he was a criminal just released from prison is very interesting. Then you have the vacuum salesman, who actually turns out to be an undercover cop.  And then you have the sisters, who are running from a cult. Well, one is running, and is attempting to save her sister from the cult leader’s grasp.

It is such a wild ride, and it surprised me just how willing they were to kill the main characters, on what felt like the flip of a coin. Like I expected the undercover cop to continue forward with his investigation and push further into whatever the fuck is going on behind the scenes of this place. Nope! Shot in the first 30 minutes of the movie. Maybe the sister will save her younger sister and kill the cult leader? Nope! Shot dead. The bellhop has to die soon, dude got glass in his face, and seems to be a quivering worker, who cannot seem to catch a break. Nope! He lives for almost the entire movie, and it turns out he was a soldier who fought in the war, and is an incredibly good shot, killing the cult leader and his followers who came to collect the girls. Feels bad that he got stabbed by the younger sister though… Seriously, I felt like I couldn’t look away from the screen, or I would miss something important. Definitely worth a watch if you’ve got time.

The movie finally ended and I headed home, stepping out into what felt to be warmer weather than when I walked in. As I headed to the subway, I called my friend up, since she asked me to give her a call if I could, just to catch up. We talked for a hot second, but I told her I’d call her back once I got home, since I was about to be on the Subway. I got on the train, and of course it was running local, and got delayed a few times. But it was alright. I was jamming to my music and was in a good mood, so I was fine with relaxing for a bit. Well, I was in a very weird mood. Like I was happy, but also not? It felt introspective; like I was happy enough, but I was missing something. I dunno, I get that feeling sometimes, like I’m okay, but I want more out of life. It’s such a weird feeling, and I wish I could explain it better than that.

After 20-30 minutes, I made it to my stop, and walked home talking to my friend again. We talked for a few minutes, before I told her I would call her back in an hour, after I was done playing League with my sister. I hopped on, and after an hour of gaming, I called the friend back, and we chatted for a good two hours; some of the time I was playing League, some of it I was doing dishes, some of it I was eating. She did help me a bit with my website, which is now live!(https://saundersmichaelm.wixsite.com/michaelsaunders) It’s just in its beta stages, but I figured it was okay to make the website live, and move from there. Check it out if you’d like, and if you have any ideas on how to change it and make it better, please let me know!

Finally the night is coming to a close. I’m working tomorrow at 4:30, so I should definitely get some sleep. Fingers crossed I don’t have a repeat of today– that was not a good time. Also! Day 4 now of the musical theater thing, and today I went with Damn Yankees. Really fun musical, and was the first show I did in high school. A lot of fun, and made me feel more like part of an ensemble, partly because I was part of the ensemble. It was the first show I did which had choreography and had a huge cast; definitely a huge difference in comparison to middle school. Anyway, I’m gonna get some sleep.

Until next time,


Damn Yankees.jpg


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