Working Full Throttle, and Some Wine and a Show to Finish Out The Day (10/14/18)

Today was an early day, but I am happy to say that I woke up full of life and vigor, in comparison to yesterday, where I woke up tired and less motivated. Honestly, I’m not sure why I had so much energy to start off the day, but I definitely needed it. I got up, hopped in the shower, and headed out at a decently reasonable time, making sure I had everything I needed before leaving my apartment– keys, wallet, phone, Tupperware, and of course, my apron. I hopped on the 8:55AM train and headed towards Brooklyn, music playing loudly in my ears. Unlike other days, I felt too energized to take a nap, so I just played a game on my phone called Best Fiends the entire way there; definitely a nice way to kill some time. I made it to Jay Street, and waited a few minutes for the F train, before hopping on and heading once more to Carroll Street. Like every Brunch, I headed over to the Deli to grab a BLT with mayo, before heading in to Emma’s Torch. I sat down, finished my sandwich, and began prepping for the day with the other two working front of house with me today.

We had 35 on the books to start out, so we knew it was going to be pretty busy, but I don’t think any of us were prepared for how busy it was going to be. It started off at a decent pace at 11AM, but as the shift went on and it got later in the day, more and more people showed up. I am thankful that there weren’t any major screw-ups, and everything went smoothly, but I think most of us were in auto-pilot by the end of the shift. Now normally it will get busy and we will had 2 tops walk in all day; Not today. Today we had constant 4 tops coming in, asking to be sat, with no reservation. Now we are a small restaurant, and we do get very busy, especially on the weekends. And I get you may just be passing by and our food looks good, but damn did it hit us hard. I think one of my coworkers summarized it perfectly when she said she felt just she just couldn’t get a handle on everything. People kept coming in, one after the other, from around 12:00 to just before 2PM. I honestly don’t remember much from today, because I didn’t have time to think! I was too busy. Honestly it all felt like a blur, and before I knew it, the entire shift had flown by.

Finally, closer to the end of the shift, we begin slowing down, and we manage to get all of the tables out of the restaurant by 3PM– not to say we forced them out or anything, because of course not, but they were satisfied with their meal and left, all before 3PM. Now the other server needed to leave exactly at 3PM, so I was happy that it didn’t get crazy right before she had to leave. She clocked out and left, and our sommelier and I finished cleaning up and closing the front of the restaurant. We finally finished, and I sat down to eat some of the family meal before leaving. As I left, I took with me 3 bottles of opened wine, (gotta love working Sundays), and was on my way. I gotta say, when I finally got on the A train, I passed out so incredibly fast. I mean I knew I was exhausted from the day, but damn I conked right out. I groggily awoke two stops before mine, and when my stop finally arrived, I got up and headed out of train station.

I made it home and have been relaxing for the past few hours, playing League and eating the leftovers from the family meal for dinner. I talked to one of my roommates about the window situation, and after he took a stab at trying to close it, he said that the superintendent would need to come here tomorrow to fix the window. Thank goodness. I also started a new series on Netflix called Maniac! I’m still trying to wrap my head around the storyline, but I’m only two episodes in and very curious what’s going to happen. Finally, of course today is day 3 of the musical theater thing, so of course I had to go with Be More Chill. I mean I started listening to that musical earlier this year, and have been hooked ever since. So incredible and I am so excited that it’s premiering on Broadway early next year. I can’t wait to go and see it. Now I am going to do some more push-ups (I did 40 last night), and I am going to pass out. Tomorrow I have the day off, so let’s see what’s in store for me then.

Until next time,


Be More Chill Off Broadway.jpg

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